Although Google Analytics 360 provides access to advanced capabilities of BigQuery, in a few cases, tooling support outside of the GCP environment is lacking. And, if you are looking for a tool to improve collaboration on data projects, Databricks could be a better option.

You can experience the essence of AI/ML-based website data analysis with Databricks — a one-stop solution for all of your data science and machine learning needs. It enables you to use tools like ML Flow and BI Reporting on delta lake for real-time business analytics, as well as the Databricks Workspace, where several teams engage — to communicate and collaborate at once.

You can supplement your Google Analytics 360 data with data from other sources to gain more detailed insights. 

This article explains, in 3-easy-steps, how to connect Google Analytics 360 to Databricks using Hevo’s Automated Data Pipeline Platform.

How to Replicate Data From Google Analytics 360 to Databricks Using Hevo?

Step 1: Configure Google Analytics 360 as a Source

Authenticate and Configure your Google Analytics 360 Source.

Google Analytics 360 to Databricks: Configure your Google Analytics 360 Source
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Step 2: Configure Databricks as Destination

In the next step, configure your Databricks Destination.

Google Analytics 360 to Databricks: configure your Databricks Destination
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Step 3: Finish Up Creating Your ETL Pipeline

You need to do nothing in this step. When your Google Analytics 360 to Databricks ETL Pipeline is set up, Hevo will replicate new and updated data from Google Analytics 360 every 1 hour(the default pipeline frequency). 

Data Replication Frequency

Default Pipeline FrequencyMinimum Pipeline FrequencyMaximum Pipeline FrequencyCustom Frequency Range (Hrs)
1 Hr15 Mins24 Hrs1-24
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Why Replicate your Data from Google Analytics 360 to Databricks?

  • Use Multicloud Service: Google Analytics 360 allows users to export raw data to Google BigQuery, which causes sturdy annual charges. And even with the upgrade, the native integration is only with BigQuery, which means users still can’t use their existing cloud services. This prohibits organizations from using other cloud services. This is where Databricks comes to the rescue. With Databricks, you can use multiple cloud services and not just be restricted to BigQuery. It is available on three popular cloud service providers, i.e., AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It also offers discounts after committing to a particular usage level.
  • Improve Predictive Analysis With Machine Learning: Google Analytics 360 is a suite of tools that are more commonly used to evaluate the ROI of marketing campaigns and online PPC. The tools of Google Analytics 360 are more frequently used to evaluate the effectiveness of online PPC and marketing initiatives. It offers a restricted insight, mostly web-based transactions, and cannot incorporate “enterprise” data — such as sales, CRM, or customer support data. Google 360 does not provide any built-in machine learning or predictive capabilities. To acquire machine learning capabilities, you must utilize different products with Google 360.
    But in the case of Databricks, you have the support of a machine learning-powered predictive analysis including Apache Spark, Python, Scala, Delta Lake, ML flow, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, and much more.
  • Get a Clear View of the Attribution Model: The technique of following a customer’s path to a website or mobile app is known as attribution tracking. The Data-driven model in Google Analytics 360 is black-box in function. There is no way to check attribution model logic and customize the settings. Marketers and Analysts might face problems in getting more profound insights. With Databricks, you get the opportunity to Measure Ad Effectiveness With Multi-Touch Attribution. You can harness the Databricks attribution model to get fine-grain insights with real-time dashboards.

Why Use Hevo?

As the ability of businesses to collect data explodes, data teams have a crucial role to play in fueling data-driven decisions. Yet, they struggle to consolidate the data scattered across sources into their warehouse to build a single source of truth. Broken pipelines, data quality issues, bugs and errors, and lack of control and visibility over the data flow make data integration a nightmare.

1000+ data teams rely on Hevo’s Data Pipeline Platform to integrate data from over 150+ sources in a matter of minutes. Billions of data events from sources as varied as SaaS apps, Databases, File Storage, and Streaming sources can be replicated in near real-time with Hevo’s fault-tolerant architecture. What’s more – Hevo puts complete control in the hands of data teams with intuitive dashboards for pipeline monitoring, auto-schema management, and custom ingestion/loading schedules. 

All of this, combined with transparent pricing and 24×7 support, makes us the most loved data pipeline software on review sites.

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Here’s how Hevo challenges the normal to beget the new ‘exceptional.’

  • Reliability at Scale – With Hevo, you get a world-class fault-tolerant architecture that scales with zero data loss and low latency. 
  • Monitoring and Observability – Monitor pipeline health with intuitive dashboards that reveal every stat of pipeline and data flow. Bring real-time visibility into your ELT with Alerts and Activity Logs 
  • Stay in Total Control – When automation isn’t enough, Hevo offers flexibility – data ingestion modes, ingestion, and load frequency, JSON parsing, destination workbench, custom schema management, and much more – for you to have total control.    
  • Auto-Schema Management – Correcting improper schema after the data is loaded into your warehouse is challenging. Hevo automatically maps source schema with the destination warehouse so that you don’t face the pain of schema errors.
  • 24×7 Customer Support – With Hevo, you get more than just a platform, you get a partner for your pipelines. Discover peace with round-the-clock “Live Chat” within the platform. What’s more, you get 24×7 support even during the 14-day full-feature free trial.
  • Transparent Pricing – Say goodbye to complex and hidden pricing models. Hevo’s Transparent Pricing brings complete visibility to your ELT spend. Choose a plan based on your business needs. Stay in control with spend alerts and configurable credit limits for unforeseen spikes in the data flow. 
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Winding Up with Final Words

In this blog, we discussed how you could replicate your data from Google Analytics 360 to Databricks using Hevo, an automated ETL data pipeline solution. Moreover, we walked through reasons that could be considered for replicating data from Google Analytics 360 to Databricks.

Don’t forget to share your experience employing a data pipeline from Google Analytics 360 to Databricks using Hevo in the comment section. Also, check out this video to know how Hevo seamlessly replicates data from wide data sources.

Hevo Product Video

Initiate your journey with Hevo today and enjoy fully automated, hassle-free data replication for 150+ sources. Hevo’s free trial gives you limitless free sources and models to pick from, support for up to 1 million events per month, and a spectacular live chat service supported by an incredible 24/7 support team to help you get started.

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