Are you a Zendesk user? Do you want to export all your tickets from your Zendesk software for analysis? If yes, then this blog will answer all your queries. This blog introduces you to Zendesk, Zendesk tickets and how Zendesk export tickets conveniently. Zendesk supports ticket to improve your interaction with your end-users. At times, you need to analyse these conversations to get better insights and remove your shortcomings. In that case, you need to export these tickets. Let’s dive deep into this topic and explore how Zendesk export tickets.

Let’s see how this blog is structured for you:

  1. Introduction to Zendesk
  2. Introduction to Zendesk Tickets
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Zendesk Export Tickets Using In-Built Export Option
  5. Zendesk Export Tickets Using Views
  6. Conclusion

Introduction to Zendesk

Zendesk Export Tickets: Zendesk
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Zendesk is a popular customer service software. It provides live chats, ticketing system, a sales-based CRM, knowledge base, call centre solution, etc. It is a cloud-based Saas application. It will help you track customer journey in detail. It also supports integration with numerous social media applications, marketing applications, etc. Zendesk offers a fantastic pricing model. You can either subscribe to a monthly plan or an annual plan as per your need and team size. Know more about Zendesk pricing here

Introduction to Zendesk Tickets

Zendesk supports ticket which helps you communicate with your end-users. You can generate tickets from emails, Facebook, Twitter, chats, phone calls, etc. Every ticket can have a requester and a submitter. A person who is making a request or asking for support through a ticket is a requester. A person who created this ticket is a submitter. By default, the requester is also the submitter. However, a submitter can also create a ticket on behalf of a customer. 

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  1. Basic Zendesk knowledge.
  2. You need to have a basic idea of CSV and JSON files.
  3. Zendesk with a data export enabled on your account. 

Zendesk Export Tickets Using In-Built Export Option

To export your Zendesk tickets, you need to have a Professional or Enterprise plan so that you have data export option enabled. 

Zendesk keeps your data export option disabled. To enable this service, you can reach to Zendesk Customer service. You should have a Professional or Enterprise plan. After the data export is allowed, you can export your data using the email id of the domain. By default, the domain is the owner’s email id. You can modify the domain using the following steps:

  1. Select the “Admin” option from the sidebar on the left and go to “Manage”. Choose the “Reports” option. 
  2. Replace the domain in the approved email domain option.
  3. Click “Save”.

Zendesk can export your data in CSV, JSON and XML format. Follow these steps to export your Zendesk tickets in your desired format:

  1.  Select the “Admin” option from the sidebar on the left and go to “Manage”. Choose the “Reports” option. 
  2. Click “Export” and select the export option.
    For JSON Export: Select the data range, the type of data that you want to export and click “Export”. You can use JSON export when there are more than 2,00,000 tickets. 
    For CSV and XML Export: You need to click “Request file” beside the export option.
  1. You will be notified through an email once the export completes.
  2. You will receive an email that contains the link to download your zip file.

Zendesk Export Tickets Using Views

If you don’t have a Professional or Enterprise plan, then you can use this method to export your ticket data. Follow these steps to ship your Zendesk tickets:

  1. Log in to your Zendesk account, and navigate to “View”.
  2. Select the type of ticket you want to export from “Views”.
  3. Select the ticket that you want to export by clicking the checkbox next to them.
  4. Click the dropdown on the right side of the screen and click “Export to CSV”. 
  5. You will receive an email that contains the link to download your zip file.


If you are a standard user and exports Zendesk tickets using Views, then you are forced to export it as CSV. If you want your exported data in an XML or JSON format, then you need to have a Professional or Enterprise plan to access in-built export option.


In this blog, you have learned about Zendesk, Tickets and how Zendesk export Tickets. If you have a Professional or Enterprise account, you can easily use the built-in export, but if you are a standard user, then you can use the export option available in the Views. If you want to export your Zendesk ticket to a database or data warehouse, you can try Hevo.

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