Aircall HubSpot Integration Simplified: 8 Easy Steps

Ofem Eteng • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Aircall HubSpot Integration

There are a lot of reasons why businesses place great emphasis on satisfying customers by meeting their specific needs because this affects the relationship they have with them positively. There are many tools available in the market today to help several departments in corporations to effectively reach out to customers and manage their records efficiently but there is also an emerging need for joining these tools to offer an improved method for better management as these tools have specific areas of strength and integration provides a robust stage for greater effectiveness.

Having a platform like Aircall for making enriching calls to customers and HubSpot a viable all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, gives your Customer Care, Sales, and Marketing Teams a stable base to create, build, and maintain a great customer experience for clients. 

With Aircall Hubspot integration, every call that goes in and out of a call center or an office can be monitored, customized to the barest specifics in real-time to make for a great customer journey as the customer’s status and details will be made readily accessible.

Upon a complete walkthrough of this article, you will gain a decent understanding of the importance of Aircall HubSpot Integration. You will also learn about the steps involved in setting up Aircall HubSpot Integration.

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  • An active Aircall account.
  • An active HubSpot account.

Introduction to Aircall

Aircall Logo
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Aircall is a Cloud-based call center and phone system solution for today’s businesses as it empowers organizations to have rich, insightful conversations with customers to thoroughly close deals efficiently and leave the clients happy.

The Aircall phone system is completely cloud-based as all of your operations are carried out in the cloud and you can make and receive calls with an application on your computers or smartphones to strategically position your business. It is extremely easy to set up and does not require any hardware, it syncs information between different business tools, and performs clear analytics. 

Aircall allows the integration of its services with most of the popular productivity tools such as CRM Systems, Helpdesk Solutions, and other relevant apps found in the computing industry because its primary aim is offering phone support to organizations to help them easily manage and access customers, prospects, candidates, colleagues, etc and be highly collaborative when communicating with them.

For further information on Aircall, click here to check out their official website.

Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot is an industry-leading automated software product used for inbound services such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, and Operations as it has the tools necessary for handling Customer Relationship Management, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Web Analytics, Live Chat, Search Engine Optimization, and Customer Support. 

HubSpot is an effective Marketing tool for managing customer communications by personalizing interactions to further strengthen the relationship that exists between client and customers, reaching out to prospective customers by trying to create a bond with them, hence, having a seamless integration with Aircall is very profitable to improving customer relationships. Hubspot has different offerings such as CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub.

HubSpot CRM which is a powerful, simple to use tool has become a predominant force for managing customers and it is used by over 100,000 companies in over 120 countries. HubSpot’s approach and dedication to businesses have made it attractive in addition to other solution tools such as Aircall whereby the Aircall HubSpot Integration offers an avenue that companies can drive success and provide a hassle-free experience for prospects and customers in real-time.

For further information on HubSpot, click here to check out their official website.

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Steps to Set up Aircall HubSpot Integration

Integrating Aircall and HubSpot into one entity will enhance your relationship with your customers as you will benefit from what is on offer from both platforms to build and improve your organization. The Aircall HubSpot Integration allows you to connect all your call information to HubSpot, surface all caller data during a call and save it into your client records instantly, create tickets, access customers information, etc, but before doing this you will need to have Admin rights in both Aircall and HubSpot and make sure that all Aircall users are using the same email addresses for their Aircall and HubSpot accounts because if the same email is not used, information will not be logged in HubSpot correctly.

To commence with the Aircall HubSpot Integration, carry out the following steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to the Aircall Admin Dashboard.
  • Step 2: Select Integrations from the left sidebar menu.
  • Step 3: Select HubSpot from the list of integrations.
  • Step 4: Click on Install to install the HubSpot integration.
Install button
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  • Step 5: Authorize the Integration by clicking on the option Authorize.
Authorization for Aircall HubSpot Integration
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  • Step 6: Click Add Number to connect an Aircall Number to the integration. This step can be skipped for now if needed but no calls will be logged in until a number is connected. The number can be added, changed, or even more, numbers added to the integration in your Aircall Dashboard after the integration has been installed.
Add Contact Number
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  • Step 7: After entering the number, you will be directed to your HubSpot login page where you will put your HubSpot admin credentials and login to your HubSpot account to complete the integration.
Sign In Page
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  • Step 8: Once you have logged in, the Aircall HubSpot Integration will be completed and ready for use. To test the Aircall HubSpot Integration, click on Let’s create a test call and Return to the Dashboard to configure the integration settings. 
Test Call
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Configuring the Aircall HubSpot Integration

Once the installation is completed successfully, you will need to configure your settings in the Dashboard. You will be automatically directed to the Settings tab or you can also click on the Integration tab in your Aircall Dashboard and select HubSpot Integration to configure the settings for the Aircall HubSpot Integration. The following can be configured:

  • Integration Status and Connected numbers: You will be able to see your Aircall HubSpot Integration status on the Dashboard as well as Activate or Deactivate your Integration at any time. When the Integration is active, the call logging and other functionality will be logged in but will be paused when the integration is inactive. You can also add or remove numbers connected to the Integration from here
Connected Numbers
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  • Call Outcome: A Call Activity/Engagement is created for every call made and you will be allowed to choose the Call Outcome for that activity.
Call outcome
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  • Ticket Creation: For each call, a Ticket is created and subsequently managed. This is achieved by selecting the HubSpot Ticket Pipeline and once a Pipeline is selected, you will be able to decide if you want to create a  Ticket or not, and they are created for the following call types: Outbound answered call, Outbound un-answered call, Inbound answered call, Missed call without voicemail, Missed call with left voicemail.
Ticket Creation
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  • General Settings: You can tweak some General Settings for the Integration like selecting if you want call activity to create logs in HubSpot only during each number’s business hours or for any call, select numbers/contacts you are calling with Aircall that is not already saved in HubSpot to create a new contact, selecting numbers/contacts you are calling that are saved in HubSpot to create a contact directly in Aircall and keeping the synchronized contact updated, decide who the Owner of a call activity or new Contact will be should no Owner be found, and lastly customize your integration name to make it easier for identification.
General Settings
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Advantages of Aircall HubSpot Integration

Aircall HubSpot integration gives a pathway in which you can put your customers at the center of your business by enabling support agents, sales teams, marketers, etc. to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track the customer journey during acquisition. There are various benefits of this integration as listed below:

  • Improved Data: Aircall allows you to track phone conversations within your company with information such as Call Duration, Phone Number, Outcome of the Call, and more. With Aircall HubSpot Integration, all the call data is now available on HubSpot and it can be used for native reporting and workflow triggers.
  • Access to Customer History: Customer’s history from HubSpot can be easily accessed by your Sales representatives and support agents before answering calls on Aircall as the Aircall’s Call-Pop automatically delivers this vital information when there is an incoming call to your teams, therefore, giving your team the maximum context to enhance the customer experience and have a very good conversation with them.
  • Flexibility: The Aircall HubSpot Integration greatly increases flexibility. You can use Aircall’s mobile app to keep your HubSpot data up to date regardless of your location when you are working remotely. This will ensure that your call quality is not reduced and the risk of loss of data is eliminated when working outside the office as important information is logged in in real-time.
  • Time-Saving: The Aircall HubSpot Integration helps you save time while delivering great customer service or closing sales deals by having time-saving tools such as Tag syncing used to tag logs into call activity in HubSpot fully integrating your Aircall workflow with your HubSpot records, Automatic ticket creation for creating new tickets and a specific ticket status in pipelines for each cell type used, Click-to-call for starting conversations instantly on your screen, Insight Cards to see context on every inbound call automatically from HubSpot CRM into your Aircall Phone, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to set up a smart directory that will route a customer to the correct team on their first try automatically, Omni-Channel Capability for the minimizing of distractions from agents and monitor calls status in HubSpot for optimal customer satisfaction.


This article talked about integrating two software solutions Aircall and HubSpot for a better and improved customer service delivery, and the benefits derived from this integration were detailed. The Aircall HubSpot Integration process was discussed starting from the installation of HubSpot on Aircall to the configuration steps involved in the integration.

The overwhelming benefits of Aircall HubSpot Integration can not be overemphasized but it can also be challenging for one who is not conversant with these tools to set them up properly and this is where Hevo Data comes into the picture.

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