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Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: January 13th, 2023

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Project Collaboration is very important in organizations. Different employees will always need to collaborate on a project right from its start to the finish. The team members will want to see the project they are working on, the members working on the project, the members assigned to work on specific areas, the progress made so far, the amount of work remaining, and more. 

It may be challenging for the Project Teams to do all the above manually. That’s why there is a need for a Software tool to help Project Development Teams collaborate and track the progress of a project. Trello is a good example of such a tool. However, some Project Development Teams will not find Trello an effective Project Collaboration tool. That’s why it’s important to know the alternatives to the tool. In this article, you will be taken through some best open-source and paid alternative apps like Trello.

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Introduction to Trello

Trello is a Project Collaboration tool that helps you to organize, track, and coordinate work. It tells Project Teams what is being worked on, who is working on what, and the progress. Trello organizes projects into “Boards”, facilitating collaboration between internal and external teams. 

Apps like Trello: Trello
Image Source: www.trello.com/tour

Trello does not come with resources for rebalancing and managing projects across many projects, thus, it’s not a suitable tool for traditional Project Development. Some of its features are only accessible through Add-Ons.

In the next section, some of the best open-source and paid apps like Trello are discussed.

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Best Open-Source and Paid Alternative Apps like Trello

Although Trello is a great tool for managing your work, it comes with a number of limitations. Trello offers a limited number of “Labels” and restricted Email Integration, along with limited Keyboard Shortcuts. So, it’s important to explore other similar Project Management apps like Trello.

Given below are the best alternative apps like Trello:

1) ClickUp

ClickUp is first on the list of similar apps like Trello. ClickUp is a Software tool for managing tasks, chats, documents, goals, and much more with ease. You can assign tasks, make comments, and resolve them using ClickUp. It also allows its users to set priorities for their work without difficulties.

Apps like Trello: ClickUp
Image Source: www.scrumexplainer.com/scrum

Other features offered by ClickUp include:

  • Searching and filtering of tasks with ease. 
  • Assigning many tasks with just the click of a button. 
  • Syncing with Google Calendar. 
  • Collaboration with other people. 
  • Sorting tasks by project.

ClickUp has a Free Edition that offers 100MB of Storage Space and an Unlimited Plan that costs $5 per month with Unlimited Storage Space.

2) Monday.com

Monday is a great tool for collaborating on a project. It provides the tools necessary for managing a Project Team in one place and analyzing its performance. With Monday, Project Teams can automate their daily tasks. You can also visualize your data using Monday.

Apps like Trello: Monday.com
Image Source: www.monday.com

The tool also offers the following features:

  • Integration with Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Gmail, and more. 
  • It enables teams to work remotely. 
  • Facilitates the tracking of completed and remaining work. 

Monday offers 5 Pricing Plans namely Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Apps like Trello: Mondya.com Pricing
Image Source: www.support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles

The Individual Plan is free forever but is only suitable for individuals who need to track their projects. For Project Collaboration, you should upgrade to the paid plans.

3) Asana

Third, on the list of alternative apps like Trello is Asana. Asana has been a great alternative and competitor to Trello. It is a Task and Project Management tool that makes Team Collaboration easy. You can use it to assign tasks, hold conversations, and track progress in one place. It is a fast, beautiful, and feature-rich application.

Apps like Trello: Asana
Image Source: www.asana.com/product

Other features offered by Asana include:

  • Sharing notes and attachments. 
  • Following and liking tasks. 
  • Adding due dates. 
  • Configuring Email notifications. 
  • Uploading files of up to 100MB to tasks. 

Asana is free for up to 15 users but its Pro Version starts at $10.99 per month.

4) ProofHub

You’re halfway through the list now. After discussing 3 similar apps like Trello, next up is ProofHub.

ProofHub is a Project Management, Task Management, and Team Collaboration Software and another alternative to Trello. When using Trello, you will have to spend on a Chat tool, but ProofHub replaces many tools with one. 

Apps like Trello: ProofHub
Image Source: www.socialchamp.io/blog

ProofHub also offers the following features:

  • Different views for tasks including the Board view, List view, Gantt Chart view, and Calendar view. 
  • Advanced features for adding tasks, prioritizing them, and assigning them to multiple people. 
  • Setting the start and due times, estimated time, and tracking times spent on tasks. 
  • Customizing access levels and roles for teams. 

You can choose Essential Plan which costs $45/month when billed annually or its premium plan, Ultimate Control, which costs $89/month when billed annually. It comes with a 14-day trial period for users to try its premium plan.

5) Jira

Jira is another alternative to Trello and it was designed and developed for Software Teams. It helps Software Development Teams to plan, track, and release quality Software. The teams can also evaluate the progress and timelines of their projects and generate automatic reports. 

Apps like Trello: Jira
Image Source: www.uctoday.com/collaboration

Other features offered by Jira include:

  • Assigning and distributing tasks to project teams. 
  • Tracking projects with full visibility. 
  • Generating real-time reports to improve the efficiency and performance of teams. 
  • Integration with thousands of Add-Ons including Bitbucket, Confluence, and others. 

Jira also has mobile apps, which allow the Software Team to collaborate regardless of their location. 

Jira comes with a 7-day free trial and it costs at least $10/month for teams of between 1-10 members.

6) Airtable

Last in the list of similar apps like Trello is Airtable. Airtable is also a great tool that helps you manage your work and it can be used as an alternative to Trello. It has a customizable interface to make it easy for all teams to work with the tool. It has strong searching and filtering features, making it a powerful Database for Project Management.

Apps like Trello: Airtable
Image Source: www.pcmag.com/reviews

Airtable also offers the following features:

  • It offers a Spreadsheet that is more robust and flexible when compared to ordinary Spreadsheets. 
  • Easy to use colorful User Interface (UI). 
  • Different views for your data including the Spreadsheet view, Grid view, and Gallery. 
  • Ability to add different types of content including long text notes, attachments, and links to records in other Databases.

Airtable comes with a Free Plan that offers limited features with 1200 Records per Base. To add more features to your Software, you can switch to their paid plans like Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.

That’s the end of the list, you have now been briefed about the 6 best Project Management apps like Trello.


Working with the Project Management tools can be rewarding as it improves Workflow and Project Management. The ability to Manage and Design Workflow according to your convenience makes helps you hit all the deadlines making your Project Management much simpler.

In this article, a brief overview of Trello was provided. After that, you were taken through some of the most widely used Project Management apps like Trello. This article was aimed at detailing you about various similar apps like Trello so that it gets easy for you to decide on the right Project Management tool for your business.

Hevo Data with its strong integration with 100+ Sources & BI tools (such as Trello, Airtable, Asana, Jira, etc) allows you to not only export data from sources & load data in the destinations, but also transform & enrich your data, & make it analysis-ready so that you can focus only on your key business needs and perform insightful analysis using BI tools.

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What do you think about different Project Management tools, what tool you’re using for your project, and what struggles you’re having when using your Project Management tool, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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