Best Free and Paid Asana Alternatives in 2023

Preetipadma Khandavilli • Last Modified: February 20th, 2023

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Asana has established itself as a top Project Management Tool. It is used by businesses to help their teams remain on top of their duties, whether they are project tasks or daily business chores. However, Asana, like any other platform, has its advantages and disadvantages. It performs admirably as a collaborative tool, but it falls short regarding reporting, budgeting, and billing. To remedy that you can try out several Asana Alternatives and select the best according to your business requirements.

The following is a hand-picked list of the best Free and Paid Asana Alternatives, along with their popular features.

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What is Asana?

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Asana is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Project-Management Platform, launched in 2008, for managing, collaborating, tracking, and organizing work and teams. With Asana, you can manage initiatives, create projects and tasks, allocate work to your team, and interact with other groups quickly. By centralizing your team’s work in Asana, organizations can assist their teams in enhancing job productivity, saving time, and eliminating distractions.

Asana minimizes the need for emails and meetings while also simplifying and streamlining job activity monitoring. It provides a single space for teams from many professions to collaborate and work on complex projects. Asana can be used for Project Management with Kanban-style boards, planning and scheduling with Gantt Charts, and more, making it a flexible tool.

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  • Understanding Project Management tools.

Top 7 Asana Alternatives

1. Jira

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One of the common Asana Alternatives is Jira, which is primarily a collaboration platform. Jira focuses on optimizing your project execution experience, and as a result, it has a variety of task planning and management styles to choose from, viz., Kanban boards, critical path approach, Scrum methodology, content management templates, and many more.

Jira leads you through a step-by-step setup process as soon as you sign up for the software, which will help you choose the best management style for your project and show you how to use it. This onboarding process is complemented by a diverse set of support materials, ranging from user guides to a comprehensive knowledge library.

Jira is considered as the DevOps leader among Asana alternatives as it supports Lean, Kanban, and Scrum Project Management. Despite the fact that both Jira and Asana lack financial management tools, Jira has the advantage in reporting. Although Asana has solid reporting tools, Jira is one of the most intuitive Asana alternatives that offers straightforward and user-friendly reporting functions.

Jira offers a freemium model, which consists of features like fully customizable workflows, apps, and integrations as well as can accommodate ten team members. Its premium edition, meanwhile, starts at $14.50 a month per user.

2. Wrike 

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It is one of the smartest Asana alternatives that enable you to quickly engage and collaborate with your team while also allowing them to manage projects, workloads, and procedures by turning their ideas into actionable plans. Teams may utilize Wrike‘s collaborative workspace to prioritize tasks and workflows. Apart from that, the team members can see each other’s activities more clearly in a shared workspace, allowing them to plan more effectively with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and shared calendars.

Wrike’s AI-powered tools help you increase your business performance by automating your workflow, processing documents, and using advanced communication capabilities like voice commands and smart answers. In addition, features such as centralized intake and online proofreading help streamline incoming requests and speed up the review process. Wrike’s Dynamic Reports also provide up-to-date information, allowing stakeholders to make timely decisions.

Similar to other Asana Alternatives, Wrike offers a free plan for teams of up to five users. If you want full-fledged Project Management, you’ll need to subscribe to their paid plans, which start at $9.80 per user per month.

3. Trello 

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This is a productivity tool that helps members of a team stay on track with their work. Trello‘s primary benefit is quick and easy onboarding, thanks to its clean and straightforward Kanban-style user interface. Each project is displayed as a “board,” with “lists” and “cards” subdivided into it. Cards can be dragged between lists using drag and drop features.

Tasks can be assigned and received using boards, lists, and cards, giving you more freedom when organizing and prioritizing. Consequently, this tool is ideal for keeping track of project activities in one place.

Among other Asana alternatives, Trello’s free plan makes it perfect for small enterprises and startups. Its premium subscriptions provide advanced capabilities such as Dashboard, Timeline, Map, and Calendar Views, which allow users to see their work in several formats. Users can also integrate custom fields, complex checklists, and an unlimited number of Power-Ups.

Trello’s free plan is ideal for small teams, but the subscription plans also provide excellent value. Trello’s paid plan is affordable when compared to other Asana Alternatives, costing $5 (standard plan) and $10 (premium plan) per month per user.

4. Airtable

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It is a database application that enhances functionality by presenting data and information in an easy-to-understand style and allowing for collaborative work. Users can save information in the form of aesthetically beautiful and simple-to-use Customized Spreadsheets. They can leverage Airtable to create databases, add entries, link tables together, and sort records. Compared to other Asana Alternatives, this user-friendly Spreadsheet platform also allows businesses to Develop Customized, Low Code Apps that can organize and manage their ideas, data, materials, projects, and more.

One significant distinction is that Airtable provides custom reports and budget templates, but Asana does not. Airtable also offers a variety of displays (grid, calendar, gallery, and Kanban) as well as “extends its solution” using Airtable Apps.

In comparison to various other Asana Alternatives, Airtable even has a free alternative with no user limit. The free Airtable plan allows you to build infinite databases but only has a maximum of 1200 records per database. It also has vital Project Management functions, but to acquire the advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan, which starts at $24 per user every month.

5. ClickUp

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ClickUp is a user-friendly Project Management tool for managing projects and teams of all sizes. It is one of the finest Asana alternatives since it not only has virtually identical capabilities as Asana but also has a lot more customization choices.

Project Management, Team Collaboration, and Work Productivity are all essential functions of ClickUp, just like other Asana alternatives. To save time, you can divide your project into tasks, create different locations for departments, and automate a few operations.

While Asana, of course, has a plethora of customization options, ClickUp distinguishes out by allowing for a great deal of personalization. It allows you complete creative control over your project and includes over 35 click apps to customize your workspace. The application also comes with a variety of workspace styles for simple monitoring. You can view your assigned, ongoing, and finished activities in a list format, on an aesthetically appealing chart board, or in a timeline format.

ClickUp’s free plan allows you to add an unlimited number of users and tasks. However, it does not provide much. Meanwhile, the business plan starts at $19 per user per month and includes all premium features.


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Although Asana is a user-friendly program, few Asana alternatives compare to in terms of overall usefulness, simplicity, and intuitiveness. is a visual work platform that can be used to Manage Projects, Sales Pipelines, Customer Accounts, Marketing Campaigns, and Product Development, among other things. It’s simple to use, scalable, and adaptable to a wide range of workflows and teams. provides consumers with an easy-to-use user interface and a customizable visual table. Similar to other Asana alternatives, this covers all of the features that teams require to plan, organize, and track all of their work in one place. They can begin with templates, drag-and-drop tasks between columns indicating their status, and sync various work parts. This guarantees that all projects, workflows, and processes are up to date. Some of the key features include various views, a collaborative work document, and automation to help expedite procedures and simplify chores.

Although you can try it out for free,’s paid plans begin at $8 per user per month. However, to properly manage your projects, you’ll need to upgrade to their Standard subscription, which costs $10 per month per user.

7. Teamwork

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Teamwork is a Project Management solution that can help your team become more productive by providing simple-to-use modules that are powerful enough to manage a variety of projects.

With Kanban boards, you can quickly organize your workflow and steer your task and Project Management in any manner that is appropriate for your team and project requirements.

This software is also one of the free Asana alternatives available, and it works on both Windows and Linux. The best aspect about this Project Management solution in comparison to other Asana alternatives is that instead of exploring integrations from other vendors, Teamwork provides Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Chat that are readily integrated with Teamwork projects. 

Teamwork Desk assists you in providing excellent customer service, monitoring user traffic, and enabling teams to collaborate more effectively. On the other hand, Teamwork Chat uses messaging and discussions to help your team work together in an efficient manner.

Teamwork has a free plan that allows you to handle basic project and task management activities. Premium plans, like Grow ($18/user/month) or Deliver ($10/user/month), on the other hand, include enhanced collaborative tools.


This article provided a brief overview of Asana. The article also enlists some of the most popular free and paid Asana Alternatives. The highlight of this blog is to inform you about many similar applications to Asana so that you can choose the best Project Management solution for your company. These Asana alternatives offer a huge collection of features such as Real-Time Customizable Reporting, Budget Management, Resource Management, etc. Taking the advantage of these Project Management Softwares you can achieve high profits by optimally using your resources with maximum efficiency.

As you employ these Asana Alternatives to simplify your Project Management, huge volumes of data is generated associated with your employees, projects, products, customers, clients, and suppliers. Integrating this data with all the applications across your enterprise can help you harness meaningful insights into your business performance. To effectively handle this massive amounts of data you would require to invest a section of your engineering bandwidth to Integrate, Clean, Transform and Load your data into your Data Warehouse for further business analysis. All of this can be comfortably solved by a Cloud-Based ETL tool like Hevo Data.

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Share with us your experience of learning about the various Asana Alternatives. Let us know in the comments section below!  

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