Asana Social Media Calendar Template: Key Tips, Advantages

Sherly Angel • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Have you ever felt pressurized juggling between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, Snapchat in delivering the right content at the right time? Keeping your social media accounts active with new posts at frequent intervals, planning for those posts, interacting with the audience and, pulling new audiences are all the challenges faced in social media marketing. Planning and organizing every work can resolve this chaos and help you climb the ladder of achieving your target in a much smoother and better way.

You need to track a lot of things to implement your social media strategies. Asana Social Media Calendar Template makes your work much easier. You can track every story, post, tweet that you post in your social media accounts and also get a bird’s eye view of your strategy with the Asana Social Media Calendar Template.

In this blog, you will get to know more about Asana Social Media Calendar Template and some key tips to create and manage your Asana social media calendar Template. You will understand the advantages of the Asana Social Media Calendar Template. Before diving into all these, a brief introduction to Asana and its features will be discussed.

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Introduction to Asana

Asana Logo
Image Source: Asana

Asana is a Project Management tool that helps business teams manage, organize, and plan their workflows. It is designed in both Software-as-a-Service( SaaS)  platform as well as a Mobile Application. Asana helps the team manage projects and tasks in one tool. This project management tool will allow you to easily assign tasks to team members, set task priorities, and track project progress, keeping everyone on the same track. 

Asana will automate some of your cumbersome communication and collaboration tasks. Asana provides you customizable dashboards, project history & permissions, communication portals, unique views, and secure storage. All these features make Asana one of the best project management tools.

Key Features of Asana

The Asana platform is enhanced by taking regular Customer Feedback. The developers at Asana have brought the most intuitive features to make Asana unique:

  • Asana Timelines: You can split your project into different blocks and verify the status of the tasks in each block. 
  • Remote Access: This feature allows you to access Asana from anywhere across the globe at any time.
  • Asana Calendar View: The Calendar View shows you and your team an overall clear picture of the work done and the ongoing and upcoming tasks. This will help you and your team to stay on track and complete the tasks before the due date.
  • Customization: Based on your style, you can customize and design your workflow process. You can start building Asana Calendar, Boards, Timelines from scratch or use the templates provided already.
  • Asana Workload: You can build various portfolios and see an overview of each team’s performance. The Workload tab lets you see the amount of work assigned to each person on your team, allowing you to distribute responsibilities in the future carefully.
  • Collaboration: With each task mentioned in the Asana Calendar View, you and your team members can attach files, leave comments, and appreciate someone’s work using the Like button.

Introduction to Asana Social Media Calendar Template

Asana Social Media Calendar Template will hold all the information related to your social media posts. You can plan your social media strategies, communicate your ideas with your team, schedule your social media posts and keep a track of your content. Asana Social Media Calendar Template helps you to organize your social media marketing activities on different social media platforms.

You can leverage your social media marketing to the next level by building a single source of truth using Asana Social Media Calendar Template. To start with it, you have to create a social media project and invite all the stakeholders. Using Asana Social Media Calendar Template, you can create sections to break up priorities and types of content you are planning to post. Everyone in your team will stay on track about the happenings and share their ideas and thoughts through the calendar.

Asana Social Media Calendar
Image Source: Asana

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Features of Asana Social Media Calendar Template

Based on different aspects, every Asana Social Media Calendar Template varies. It depends on the social media channel your team is posting on, how frequently you are posting, the information you track. A very generic Asana Social Media Calendar Template is shown below.

Asana Social Media Calendar Template
Image Source: Asana

Using this you can visualize your content work in a single calendar. You can assign tasks and just drag and drop them on the date you want them to be done.

Asana Social Media Calendar Template
Image Source: Asana

With this template, you can track who is taking up the task, the due date, and the post format to be published. Along with this, you can also plan on the social media channel you wish to publish and the publish time with the relevant hashtags and descriptions. All these data can be captured in the Asana Social Media Calendar Template.

Key tips to manage your Social Media with Asana Social Media Calendar Template

1)Plan your publication schedule ahead of time: You can create and manage a clear publication schedule using the Asana Social Media Calendar Template. You can have a check on the posts going out on different social media platforms and their publish dates and time. You can have a very clear picture of your marketing strategy and share the same with your team and stakeholders.

2)Plan your content posting pattern: With the Asana Social Media Calendar Template, you can plan how frequently you will be able to post your content. When you plan the date and time you want to publish your post, you can plan and write your content and if it’s an image, you can intimate your design team and organize other accompanying things like hashtags, etc. This will avoid last-minute chaos and team burnouts.

3)Take action on trends faster: When all your important dates and posts are already marked and you are clear with the upcoming social media strategy, you will have the liberty to move on to the new topics that are currently in trend and catch up with it.

4)Get it all in one place: You can create and publish content and visuals faster by assigning, reviewing, and approving work in a single spot. All the members of the team can look at the Asana Social Media Calendar Template to know their tasks and the overall workflow.

5)Review your social media trends: One main advantage of having a social media calendar is that you can have a track of your progress. This will become your single source of truth when you include the analytics information here. You can analyze the number of likes and impressions you get for a post. You can also figure out certain audience engagement metrics. When you review your social media profiles, check for the following:

  • The time when the majority of your audience is active
  • Which post does well in each platform
  • Which type of post attracts your audience the most
  • Audience demographics

Advantages of Asana Social Media Calendar Template

Asana Social Media Calendar Template unveils the hidden potential of your social media team. With this, you can give life to all your social media plans and strategies. The advantages of using this Asana Social Media Calendar includes:

Maintain a consistent posting schedule: With Asana Social Media Calendar Template, you can plan to post your content at regular intervals. You can visualize what content is going out on each social media platform. With this, you can work consistently on all your platforms without any hassle. Having your social media account active improves your engagement metrics. When you sustainably plan your content, you can easily achieve this and leverage your social media marketing strategies.

Schedule your posts beforehand: Planning prior takes you big steps ahead. Behind every post, there will be a lot of thought processes and hard work. So you need to make sure that your post is not lost in the newsfeed. You need to amplify your posts, for which you need to schedule your posts to be published at the right time. You must focus on the prime time and schedule your post to capture your audience’s attention.

Centralized source of truth: You can organize your posts with the appropriate content, images, link to Blogspot, your new video, and hashtags. This centralizes your content planning and helps your entire team stay on track of all the ongoing and upcoming plans and strategies. Asana Social Media Calendar Template helps you decide what you need and source the appropriate material from your marketing team.

Prevent big mistakes: Since you’ll have an overall view of all the upcoming posts. You can make sure that everything you are going to post is error-free. You can check every post to avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, correct links and images, and hence prevent big mistakes beforehand.

Increase cross-functional visibility: Without Asana Social Media Calendar Template, not everyone in the team will know about your social media planning. Only when you have a single source of truth, you can provide a clear picture of all your plans to your team members and include their ideas as well. Your cross-functional team members will be able to help you in amplifying your post.

Get started with social media analytics: To climb the ladder of success through social media marketing, looking back at your posts is as important as creating a new post. You need to see how well each of your posts did on every platform. You must be aware of what worked for you and what didn’t work and the reason behind them. You must know the engagement metrics for each of your social media posts. Updating all these in your Asana Social Media Calendar Template will help you tackle your inefficiencies and reach your targets.

Mark the approaching important date: Make sure you keep a track of the relevant company dates like product launches and important occasions. By knowing this, you can share special content on those days and plans. You can mark these special dates and your post for that day in the Asana Social Media Calendar Template.

Blend current trends and evergreen content: As you plan everything for the upcoming month using the Asana Social Media Calendar Template, you can focus on other aspects of your social media marketing strategies. You can focus on the current trends in social media to align your content accordingly and also plan for evergreen content to delight your followers.


This blog has given you a basic understanding of Asana, its key features, and a complete understanding of the Asana Social Media Calendar Template. You got to know about the advantages and tips. You are now ready to start working on your Asana Social Media Calendar Template for managing your Social Media accounts. So go ahead and enter your information and enjoy the smooth workflow using Asana Social Media Calendar.

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