Best Shopify Stores in 2023

Amit Phaujdar • Last Modified: January 16th, 2023

Shopify Stores FI

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows you to sell products in-person, on Facebook, or anywhere online. It is backed by powerful tools that help you drive sales, find customers, and manage your day-to-day.

This blog talks about the different Shopify store categories and Shopify store examples in great detail. It also gives a brief introduction to Shopify before diving into the different Shopify Stores. 

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Introduction to Shopify

Shopify Stores: Shopify Logo
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Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses to create online stores and sell their products. They also have an online retail point of sale system (Shopify POS) where merchants can sell their products in person. It is designed for all businesses regardless of their sizes. Shopify provides a set of tools and services such as payment gateways, shipping, marketing, and customer engagement so that users can grow their business easily.

Shopify has built-in capabilities that allow users to analyze customers’ data. However, businesses/organizations need to store this data in a database because it allows them to gain in-depth insights by combining other organizational data with Shopify. This allows them to leverage the power of a full-fledged database (or sometimes a data warehouse) and overcome the limitation of Shopify analytics. 

Various products or services that you can sell on Shopify:

  • Physical Products: Shopify supports door-step delivery of your manufactured products such as jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, etc. You can schedule the delivery of various products using Shopify.
  • Digital Products: With Shopify, you can provide digital services such as e-books, audio files, course materials, etc. to your customers.   
  • Services and Consultation: If you provide services like Life consultation, home-cooked delicacies, event planning, or anything else, Shopify has got you covered.
  • Memberships: Various memberships such as gym memberships, yoga classes memberships, event memberships, etc. can be sold to the customers using Shopify.
  • Experiences: Event-based experiences like adventurous sports and travel, mountain trekking, wine tasting, events, and hands-on workshops. You can use Shopify to sell tickets for these events as well.
  • Rentals: You can also promote and advertise various types of rental services such as rental taxis, furniture, gadgets, etc. using Shopify and engage with customers in a better and more efficient way.
  • Classes: You can advertise online tutorials on Shopify, allowing customers to subscribe to various online courses such as studies, fitness, yoga, etc.

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Top Shopify Stores

Here are the top Shopify Stores you can use in this year:

Food and Drink

Shopify Stores Examples: GetVineBox

Shopify Stores: GetVineBox
Image Source

GetVineBox is a prime example of a Shopify store that focuses on solving a problem for its target audience. It also offers a premium experience to its customers with an affordable budget to let wine lovers relish global gourmet wines from the comfort of their own homes.

The website uses sophisticated and soft background colors to complement the premium delivery experience being offered by GetVineBox. On the homepage, you’ll see information on how to get started with VineBox and the advantages of the wine delivery service. GetVineBox’s blog helps provide useful insights into a wine lover’s paradise. This can allow you to combine your by-the-glass Wine Tasting with professional tricks, tips, and bonus information to feel like a connoisseur in a flash. 

A key feature of the website is the disability-friendly button that can be found at the bottom of the page, which makes the online store genuinely inclusive and accessible. It is also the first monthly wine-by-the-glass subscription service that allows you to explore three wines in perfectly measured pours every month.

Shopify Stores Examples: Death Wish Coffee

Shopify Stores: Death Wish Coffee
Image Source

Death Wish Coffee was introduced in 2012 by Mike Brown in Saratoga Springs, New York. It claims that its coffee has double the caffeine of an average cup of coffee and still doesn’t taste acidic or bitter. The intense tone adopted by Death Wish Coffee is consistently explored throughout the site’s blog, right down to the invitation to sign up for the newsletter.

All these elements culminate to provide a hardcore touch and an irresistible sense of rebelliousness that can’t be ignored. On top of this, it also gives you a veritable solution to a problem you weren’t aware of in a no-nonsense manner (your coffee doesn’t quite cut it, so try this super intense caffeine hit in its place).

The hardcore persona is complemented by a user-friendly store. The entire website happens to be significantly simpler to use, with straightforward navigation between merch, coffee, and subscriptions. Death Wish Coffee places its latest release on its homepage to further improve the customer experience. You can then scroll down to find the product that began their journey, complete with an easy-to-add subscribe option or cart button. With over 10,000 customer reviews, and a ‘100% No-BS guarantee’, this is one website that has left an indelible mark in its niche.

Shopify Stores Examples: Chocolate Alchemy

Shopify Stores: Chocolate Alchemy
Image Source

Despite Chocolate Alchemy not having a professional-looking website that resembles its counterparts mentioned in previous examples, it is still a highly successful eCommerce store with a decent following. Chocolate Alchemy’s brand focuses on users who wish to make their chocolate and is filled with tips, hints, tricks, and recipes to improve your chocolate-cooking skills.

You can also easily find all the tools and products you need to make your chocolate from home, right from molds to cocoa beans. Chocolate Alchemy has crafted all the SEO-friendly information on making your chocolate in a very elegant manner. On top of this, Chocolate Alchemy’s hero banner is beautifully designed to garner the attention of chocolate lovers. Chocolate Alchemy makes use of the Shopify theme, Cocoa.

Diet and Fitness

Shopify Stores Examples: PartakeFoods

Shopify Stores: PartakeFoods
Image Source

PartakeFoods was founded by a mom who just wanted to bake delicious cookies free from the top 8 allergens since she was weary of buying allergen-packed cookies her kids couldn’t eat. With PartakeFoods, she is creating a healthy, tasty treat in a vast range of flavors that children could enjoy without the risk of allergy. This heartfelt message and story of inclusion are beautifully reflected in Partake’s marketing and web design.

PartakeFoods utilizes a customized theme that can best be described as wistfully sweet. Its brand conveys the message that anyone can enjoy their favorite cookies without worrying about potentially dangerous allergens or nasty additives.

The uncluttered layout adopted by PartakeFoods with minimum copy lets the products speak for themselves, with passionate customer reviews incorporating social proof on every product page. From brownies to birthday cakes, PartakeFoods does a fabulous job of highlighting the brand’s USP (“top 8 allergen-free and school safe”) at every opportunity.

PartakeFoods also has a very insightful blog, that is very friendly and is a perfect place for dads, moms, or anyone interested in these human-healthy, planet-healthy, and risk-free desserts.  

Shopify Stores Examples: Huel

Shopify Stores: Huel
Image Source

Huel, a culmination of the words human and fuel, was started by Julian Hearn with the simple mission of making nutritionally convenient, affordable, and complete food with minimal impact on the planet and animals. Today, Huel stands tall as a leader in nutritionally complete supplements and meals and is a well-reputed name in the Diet and Fitness industry. Similar to Death Wish Coffee, it gets right down to brass tacks without indulging in fluff campaigns, more mildly.

As you make your way to Huel’s homepage, you understand that you’ve got your hands on a winning product, with hefty claims including “over 150 million meals sold” and “the world’s no.1 complete food”. An engaging copy that’s also simple and short garners the attention of their target audience easily. Extra information on how Huel can help you achieve your fitness goals cements their USP (Unique Selling Point).

Huel’s Trustpilot score (Trustscore 4.6 | 8000+ reviews) is conveniently placed to instill a sense of trust in the brand of Huel and its product. 

Shopify Stores Examples: SkinnyMeTea

Shopify Stores: SkinnyMeTea
Image Source

SkinnyMeTea puts social proof right at the center of this successful eCommerce example. It beckons visitors to “join 400K+ happy sippers and save up to 50% storewide”. SkinnyMeTea, the “original natural detox tea” company made over $600K in less than a year back in 2012 and has made steady strides to becoming one of the most reputed Shopify stores in this niche.

SkinnyMeTea’s online store leverages straightforward navigation categories (“everyday tea” vs “detox tea”) and options, and customer reviews (featuring helpful before and after pictures). The customer reviews help provide a personal touch while showing that the product works. SkinnyMeTea utilizes the Shopify theme Pipeline to establish its brand presence. 

Apparel and Accessories

Shopify Stores Examples: Tentree

Shopify Stores: Tentree
Image Source

Despite not being able to boast the fastest loading speeds for a Shopify store, Tentree performs reasonably well with its assortment of incredibly stylish products backed by ethical business practices that make it an obvious choice among customers.

Tentree is primarily focused on being environment-friendly, with responsible goals (to plant 1 billion trees by 2030) that guide the sales. This is what is focused throughout the website to give you an idea about their principles. Proof of their ethical status is mentioned on the homepage and beyond (Climate Neutral, certified B Corp, etc.), which makes the writing on the wall crystal-clear for every visitor. Tentree isn’t all talk, and it is here to stay.

Tentree’s navigation is pretty straightforward, with clearly defined categories and a lot of helpful information on projects, products, and more. 

Shopify Stores Examples: United By Blue

Shopify Stores: United By Blue
Image Source

United By Blue has been making steady inroads and is one of the most well-reputed Shopify stores today. The small banner along the top of the homepage gets straight to the point by telling you exactly how much has it done so far – “ 3.5M+ pounds of trash removed so far”. It continuously refreshes and updates so that you can track the real-time positive impact shoppers and sales are having through this brand.

United By Blue understands that ocean pollution is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It believes that the only way to make a tangible impact is by getting their hands dirty and removing them from the waterways. They aim to mobilize the community to join them in not just cleaning up shorelines of litter, but also inspiring individuals to lead less wasteful lives.

United’s products are made in GOTS-certified factories from sustainably sourced materials. These are created to last, which ties in with their goal of making customers more environment-conscious. They do this by designing products that facilitate new ways to generate less waste, like reusable coffee cups and take-it-with-you meal kits. 

For different products, you can look at the hero banner that displays seasonal offerings. You can find newer arrivals if you scroll further down the homepage. If this still doesn’t pique your interest, the easy-to-use navigation bar is packed full of other items, conveniently categorized into “men’s”, “bags and accessories”, “women’s”, and “sustainable living” with various subcategories to help improve your shopping experience. 

Shopify Stores Examples: Taylor Stitch

Shopify Stores: Taylor Stitch
Image Source

From the time Taylor Stitch was founded, it has more than tripled its annual revenue, which puts it in a league of some of the most successful Shopify stores to don the internet. Taylor Stitch is optimized for mobile browsing, with a stylish, smart, professional look and feel. The scrolling hero images are captioned with a tone of voice that complements the brand perfectly (“handcrafted in Los Angeles”, “a classic reborn”, etc.).

Apart from this, Taylor Stitch also focuses on sustainability with links to their “responsibility journey”. Taylor Stitch is an exciting business model since shoppers crowdfund to raise the money to have designs made into products that they can buy. This eliminates the problem of overproduction, which eliminates the problem of wasteful excess inventory.

Taylor Stitch embraces ethical practices, ensuring benefits and fair wages for workers. They have also made a good effort to improve the sustainability of their manufacturing over the last few years, utilizing organic cotton among other sustainable materials.


Shopify Stores Examples: Helm Boots

Shopify Stores: Helm Boots
Image Source

Helm Boots focuses on providing high-quality products with uncluttered yet elegant imagery that places the product first. The brand emphasizes how the footwear is all handmade in the USA. It also provides free exchanges and shipping to help you find the “perfect pair”.

This commitment to customers and quality is what makes this store so successful. Their “style quiz” is sure to grab your eyeballs too. They also provide links to their shoppable Instagram feed.

Although the layout and background of this Shopify store feel professional, you will be surprised to know that it has been built with the default, free Shopify theme, Debut. This elicits the fact that you don’t need to spend a fortune for a sophisticated brand image or a stylish website. 

Shopify Stores Examples: Allbirds

Shopify Stores: Allbirds
Image Source

Allbirds was founded by engineer Zoey Zwillinger and footballer Tim Brown as an eCommerce store that combined style, sustainability, and comfort. The site features an easy-to-navigate layout with a personal feel throughout to help you feel right at home.

This Shopify store emphasizes the brand’s use of sustainable, natural materials. It also provides a lot of information on how the company acts as a force of good. Allbirds also runs an insightful blog that includes some fascinating stories about Allbirds and upcoming collaborations. This is a fabulous way of getting visitors excited and inspired about new releases. Allbirds was built with the Shopify theme, Duppit.

With the help of Allbirds Flight Plan, their bold list of sustainable commitments, they plan to cut their carbon footprint in half by 2025 and reduce it to almost zero by 2030.


Shopify Stores Examples: ParklandMFG

Shopify Stores: ParklandMFG
Image Source

ParklandMFG focuses on creating a sense of premium and exclusivity by not offering the products for sale directly on the website, therefore, it’s not an online store after all. Instead of opting for a content-heavy homepage, ParklandMFG keeps it remarkably clear and clean, with tons of SEO-friendly and relevant information on quality, sustainable practices, and manufacturing.

Established in 2015, Parkland Design and Manufacturing creates accessories and bags for everyday life. The exterior fabric of all Parkland products is made from 100% recycled water bottles. Parkland’s leather diamonds are now manufactured using apples. This unique manufacturing process combines apple waste, polyurethane, and solvent to form an animal-friendly material with properties similar to genuine leather.

The recycled polyester used by Parkland is supplied by their partner in Shanghai, China who is a global leader in producing recycled fabric. Their products are then manufactured by their trusted partners in Vietnam. ParklandMFG is committed to ensuring that its factories follow international standards regarding wages, labor, and safety practices. ParklandMFG believes in being very hands-on with its manufacturing process and working very closely with its factories. 

Shopify Stores Examples: Minaal

Shopify Stores: Minaal
Image Source

Minaal was built with the help of the Shopify theme, Prestige. Despite standing in a saturated market, Minaal has done a splendid job of finding a niche they can relate to (digital nomads). From the moment you load the website, it becomes evident that the creators are involved in the niche themselves.

Minaal’s clever marketing isn’t just meant to inspire and help travelers or nomads, but the high-quality products themselves fulfill a vital need in the target audience’s life, within the niche. Every component of Minaal, from the blog to its product pages focuses on instilling a sense of like-mindedness and familiarity. This is a good driver of the impressive engagement Minaal continues to receive.

Shopify Stores Examples: Wolf Circus

Shopify Stores: Wolf Circus
Image Source

Wolf Circus has made a name for itself as one of the most successful dropshipping Shopify stores out there. It does this with the help of a stylish website that’s easy to navigate and showcases its best products.

Wolf Circus’s navigation bar is well categorized, with a handy gift finder that will certainly spark an interest among newcomers. The whole site is uncluttered and clean, with a huge hero image featuring one of the company’s best-selling products. It also offers an easy link to a help center/ live chat to improve the consumer experience. A small downside is its slow-loading features, mainly the email subscription popup that must be acknowledged before you can sift through its products.

Homeware and Kitchenware

Shopify Stores Examples: Package Free Shop

Shopify Stores: Package Free Shop
Image Source

Package Free Shop is built using the Shopify theme, Pipeline. The key message on Package Free Shop’s homepage is “sustainable swaps for everyday essentials” along with a few examples of the available “essential” products to help you understand their brand vision better.

In layman’s terms, Package Free Shop offers swaps for almost anything in your household. The site provides a personal touch, with everything (including the categories – “Lauren’s Essentials”) focused on making you feel like an important part of the zero-waste brand story. As far as social proof goes, you can find trusted publications that have mentioned the brand, along with an Instagram feed with an invitation to connect with them.

Shopify Stores Examples: Made in Cookware

Shopify Stores: Made in Cookware
Image Source

Made in Cookware was built with the help of the Shopify theme, LeArts. It is considered as one of the top websites for kitchen essentials and cookware, with easy navigation on every page and an impressive Alexa ranking. When you visit the store for the first time, you’ll be greeted with an eye-catching hero image that features seasonable products. It also consists of alternative CTAs inviting you to either “shop all” or “shop sets”.

Made in Cookware focuses on craftsmanship and high-quality materials, with social proof from professional publications and chefs to build trust. Made in Cookware is mobile-optimized as well, to further improve the consumer experience.

Shopify Stores Examples: Hem

Shopify Stores: Hem
Image Source

Hem is one of the most good-looking Shopify stores in the Homeware and Kitchenware category. It utilizes a clear yet quirky design that suits the homeware brand. Its featured product is displayed at the center of the page and is followed by “trending products”, “news” and unique categories that are an absolute treat to browse.

Hem stays true to its brand slogan (“Imaginative Designs of Obsessive Quality”) and does an excellent job of showcasing interesting and unique home and furniture products that anyone looking to redesign their home can’t help but be inspired by. To top it off, Hem also provides an easy link to connect with customer support. Hem’s customer support provides helpful opening hour information on the homepage, an invaluable aspect that is largely overlooked by brands.

Beauty, Cosmetics, and Grooming

Shopify Stores Examples: Beauty Bakerie

Shopify Stores: Beauty Bakerie
Image Source

Beauty Bakerie lends a unique approach to an already saturated cosmetics market. It does this by associating its products with baking ingredients. For instance, lollipop liner, milk, and honey highlighting palette, and breakfast in bed eyeshadow pallet.

Beauty Bakerie’s website copy and design have a very friendly, approachable, and appropriately sweet feel that can be seen in its blog, product pages, FAQs, and more.

Prominent social media buttons offer opportunities to its customers to connect with the brand. As far as social proof is concerned, you can find helpful customer reviews and mentioned publications. It also showcases the personal story of the founder which goes the extra mile in making shoppers feel involved in the brand’s focus on being a force for good.

Shopify Stores Examples: NCLA Beauty

Shopify Stores: NCLA Beauty
Image Source

NCLA Beauty is built on top of the Shopify theme, Prestige. NCLA Beauty specializes in providing “vegan and cruelty-free beauty” solutions. It has been making steady progress since its inception, showing a high demand for sustainable beauty and a testament to the effort that has been put into this online store.

NCLA Beauty’s website is well-designed with a friendly feel, that features a simple yet effective color scheme that matches its assortment of products. It also provides an easy link to Facebook Messenger for customer support, along with a shoppable Instagram feed with details to connect on the respective platforms.

The priority/order of products displayed on the homepage (featured new products, bestsellers, “handpicked for you”, other categories) helps create a sensible, clear, and personalized shopping experience that not many Shopify stores have yet mastered. 

Shopify Stores Examples: Fresh Heritage

Shopify Stores: Fresh Heritage
Image Source

Fresh Heritage is known as a male “grooming products” brand with a unique tone of voice and story that they’re proud to share. The USP of the brand, “all-natural, organic products inspired by ancient African traditions” is visible when you load the homepage. You can find sufficient social proof with trusted publications and helpful real customer reviews throughout the site to improve trustworthiness.

The simple and clean layout lets the high-quality products do the talking, with consistent branding, easy navigation, and a product-focused, professional color scheme. The ‘about us’ story of Fresh Heritage is particularly personal and engaging, complete with a video for an added personal touch bound to be loved by the visitors.


Shopify Stores Examples: Pure Cycles

Shopify Stores: Pure Cycles
Image Source

Back in 2012, Pure Cycles made a fortune (almost $4M in 2000 bicycle sales) spearheading their growth as a hugely successful eCommerce business. Pure Cycles has a simple mission, “to get more people on bikes”- is visible throughout the website, with a lot of eye-catching imagery and engaging copy on every landing page.

On their homepage you can find tailored recommendations and best-selling products front-and-center, along with links to the “Pure Cycles Store” and “Why Choose Us?” sections. The convenient links and straightforward navigation make this website feel immediately accessible; irrespective of whether you’re just learning to ride or you are a pro-cyclist. Pure Cycles has something for everybody and is very helpful to all the visitors, to say the least.

Shopify Stores Examples: Quadlockcase

Shopify Stores: Quadlockcase
Image Source

Quadlockcase has steadily risen through the ranks, which is a testament to the high-quality product and creative marketing that is being utilized by this shop owner. The homepage leverages a video slider that demonstrates how the device-holding products are the perfect solution for every scenario.

The navigation on Quadlockcase is pretty straightforward, with handy categories that allow you to sift through by device or activity, and there’s plenty of social proof from trusted publications to cement their trustworthiness. Quadlockcase is a cool website that matches an equally unique product with an uncluttered yet engaging design that suits their users’ “active lifestyles”. Here the definition of “active” is open for interpretation. 

Shopify Stores Examples: Bebemoss

Shopify Stores: Bebemoss
Image Source

Bebemoss has made a name for itself with its sweet brand message and personal story. The SEO-friendly, engaging, and genuinely helpful content and copy throughout the website help shoppers feel at ease immediately.

Bebemoss’s founder’s story shows images of the real family behind the company, which goes a long way in establishing a strong bond with the visitors. Despite the toys being a tad expensive, the website works diligently to demonstrate the premium quality of the toys and how profits work to do good in the community.

Shopify Stores Examples: Tsuno

Shopify Stores: Tsuno
Image Source

Tsuno is built on the Shopify theme, Ira. Tsuno’s unique marketing and product easily earn it a spot as one of the best Shopify stores out there. While sanitary products are generally considered taboo, these natural, organic tampons and pads offer an essential product to women with a difference guided by a dedication to doing good.

50% of profits go to “charities working to empower girls and women around the world.” The scrolling hero banner does a great job of depicting the brand’s three main advantages: profits to charity, good value, and unique artwork on the boxes to bring a bit of beauty to your period.

Shopify Stores Examples: Tattley

Shopify Stores: Tattley
Image Source

Tattley is built on top of the Shopify theme, Debut. Tattley reportedly shipped 2.6 million customized temporary tattoos back in 2015 and has been steadily rising through the ranks with ever-increasing traffic. The vibrant, bright, and uncluttered website displays various products to suit a wide target market. The color scheme and branding of Tattley does a great job of complementing Tattley’s vision.

To attract customers and help them feel part of the story, Tattley has a simple yet engaging ‘about’ section right on the homepage. There’s an overall carefree attitude and a feeling of fun on this website, which works wonders for a temporary tattoo seller ( it’s rebellious albeit fun and lighthearted).  

All the Shopify stores mentioned so far have helped provide some valuable insights about what goes into making a splendid online store and what buyers are attracted to. Studying these stores can help you understand how to make your target audience engage with your brand. A common feature across these stores is that every store is easy to navigate, and a majority of them provide convenient contact buttons that can take you to an email, live chat, or FAQ section without leaving the landing page.

Although several top-performing Shopify stores opt for custom themes, it is interesting to note that a lot of these stores were built on standard Shopify themes, some of them even sticking with the default free themes. This means that you don’t need to spend a fortune to create good-looking Shopify stores or gain success.

Reviewing these top stores also sheds light on the changing priorities of the customers. While once it might have been sufficient to offer a high-quality product with an eye-catching website and design, today, the customers also want to learn about how your business engages in cruelty-free manufacturing, sustainable practices, and how you are positively impacting the environment.


What are the most Successful Shopify Stores?

The best Shopify stores sell products that have a wide variety, but some common themes provide valuable insight into what makes a successful eCommerce store in this day and age. It all comes down to having an easy-to-navigate, attractive website, plus a business model that focuses on ethical practices and sustainability.

Irrespective of whether your site sells dog collars or herbal teas, it is integral to find a way to connect with your target audience to thrive in this competitive economy. Shoppers want to know who you are and why should they be buying from you. This means that you can’t answer this question with a simple “we have a great product”. You need to offer a valuable USP and a positive impact to make an impression on everyday people and in turn, convince them to buy from you. 

Is Starting a Shopify Store Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it, because there are numerous success stories from businesses who successfully scaled their Shopify store to make over a thousand bucks a day, or much more as well. According to Shopify, for every 1 dollar of revenue generated by Shopify, merchants leveraging Shopify pocket an average of $40.82. Even better, these aren’t just one-off figures. Shopify has been reporting growth year on year, which is proof enough to show that Shopify is a valuable marketing platform for your eCommerce business.

Are Shopify Stores Profitable this year?

2020, 2021, and 2022 have been tough years for businesses worldwide in pretty much every industry. However, it is possible to start and maintain a successful online store using Shopify today.

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of shoppers buying from merchants on Shopify increased to a staggering 52%. On top of this, over 50% of Shopify merchants benefit from customers coming back for more.

These encouraging figures show that customers are certainly browsing through and buying from Shopify stores worldwide. Armed with creative marketing, a high-quality product, a user-friendly website, and an engaging and ethical message, Shopify stores will be hugely profitable going forward. 

Is Shopify Safe to Buy From?

Any merchant should be cautious to ensure that they are providing a safe shopping experience for their users. With Shopify, every website is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate as a standard. To top it off, Shopify is level-1 PCI compliant.

These security features help ensure that your business data and your customers’ credit card data and information are 100% protected and safe at all times.


This blog talks about the top Shopify stores that can be found in the marketplace for your business use case. It also gives a brief introduction to the various features of Shopify before diving into the best Shopify stores examples from various categories.

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