DocuSign HubSpot Integration Simplified 101

Pratik Dwivedi • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

DocuSign HubSpot Integration

Signing paper contracts is becoming outdated, while E-signing solutions are getting their attention. No more hassle with printers that are out of ink or don’t work, or using a bunch of papers and clipboards, or having to deal with any of the other frustrations that come with paper agreements. Everything is becoming digital, and the same applies to signing contracts as well. DocuSign relieves you from the burden of implementing digital signature programs and maintaining them. DocuSign HubSpot integration creates, customizes, sends, and tracks DocuSign envelopes from a contact, company, or deal record to your HubSpot account easily.

This blog gives you the steps you need to follow to integrate DocuSign and HubSpot seamlessly. Following these steps, you will also understand how to use this integration. You will also understand the pros and cons and other features of DocuSign HubSpot Integration. Before all these, a brief introduction to DocuSign and HubSpot is discussed.

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Introduction to DocuSign Service

DocuSign Logo
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DocuSign is one of the world’s leading digital signatures and approvals companies. DocuSign provides a service through which you can send your contracts/agreements which require digital signatures to make them legally valid, to all your signees. The signees will receive a link in their email, using which they can go to the DocuSign service, review the contracts and sign it by giving some details about themselves, and the contracts become legally binding. These signed contracts can then be downloaded/emailed to all the concerned parties. DocuSign is the most reliable and globally trusted service for electronic signatures and approvals.

Introduction to HubSpot

Image Source: HubSpot

Hubspot is a cloud-based CRM offered as SAAS. It’s a Marketing, sales, and service software that allows you to store all your business development data like leads/contacts/deals/activities/reps, etc. on the cloud and run analytics on it.

Benefits of DocuSign HubSpot Integration

If you can integrate DocuSign with Hubspot, you can send your contracts directly from Hubspot to the proposed signees. Since the contracts are sent via Hubspot, it’s easy to track and manage them. You get a single unified view of the stage your deal is in, and the participation of your Hubspot contacts/companies. This reduces the friction for the sales team as they no longer need to leave Hubspot to send the DocuSign envelopes, moreover they get a single point of execution and management of their deals/leads.

Steps in DocuSign HubSpot Integration

To integrate both, you will have to fetch and install the DocuSign integration app, which is readily available in the Hubspot marketplace. To move ahead, you must have Super Admin rights in your HubSpot account or have App Marketplace permissions.

Step 1:
In your HubSpot account, click the “Marketplace icon” marketplace in the main navigation bar.  
Step 2:
Select the “App Marketplace” option, you will see many Hubspot-related apps here.
Step 3:
Search for the Docusign integration app, and select it. 
Step 4:
Click Install app, it will ask for your DocuSign credentials. Provide those credentials.
Step 5:
The app will now try to verify your Docusign credentials. If they are correct, it will create the bridge between your Hubspot and your Docusign.
Step 6:
If everything goes well, you will be redirected to your Connected apps page.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration: Connection App Page
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Working of DocuSign HubSpot Integration

A DocuSign template is a pre-defined template that holds the same or similar set of documents frequently used by/sent to a similar group of people. Assuming you already have at least 1 template defined in your Docusign, the steps will be as follows:-

Step 1: Select a contact/company/deal in Hubspot and from the right panel, locate the DocuSign section, select “Send from a template”.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration :Template
Image Source: knowledge.

Step 2: This should open up and show your Docusign templates, select one of them.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration : Template
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Step 3: Customize your template, make sure it contains the documents that you need to send.

Step 4: Select recipients for sending the DocuSign envelope, using Hubspot. Use “+” to select and “X” to remove recipients. 

DocuSign HubSpot Integration: Adding recipients in DocuSign
Image Source: knowledge.

Step 5: Customize the email message that you want to send with your DocuSign envelope, add details of why you need their signatures, and how it will help both parties in closing a mutually beneficial deal.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration : Message Customized in DocuSign
Image Source: knowledge.

Step 6: The next screen will allow you to review what you are just about to send. You can always edit your recipient/message/documents before sending them. IN “Advanced Options” you can set reminders, set expiration dates, define recipient privileges, and put in any comments.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration : Review before sending DocuSign
Image Source: knowledge.

Step 7: Use “Recipient preview” to get a glimpse of what your recipients will see. Click “Send”. When all recipients have signed the document(s) the status of your record will change to Completed.

Limitations of DocuSign HubSpot Integration

  • It does not allow all the data to be synced between HubSpot and DocuSign, only some data fields can be shared. 
  • It just allows you to select and send DocuSign envelopes from inside Hubspot, and track their status. 
  • Any reminders, clarifications, or nudges can be sent directly via Hubspot. 
DocuSign HubSpot Integration shared data
Image Source: ecosystem.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration Features

On the DocuSign side of things, DocuSign integrates with Hubspot CRMs contacts, deals, and activities.

DocuSign HubSpot Integration Features
Image Source: ecosystem.

Hence, any change to your DocuSign envelope, like signatures received or overdue, can be tracked in Hubspot, letting you know if your deals are on the right track at the right speed or not. You can easily input your Hubspot CRM data into your DocuSign templates. 


The article introduced you to DocuSign and HubSpot. It provided a step-by-step guide that you can use to set up DocuSign HubSpot Integration. It also provided the advantages of DocuSign HubSpot Integration. With the complexity involved in Manual Integration, businesses are leaning towards Automated Integration. It is hassle-free, easy to operate, and does not require any technical background. In such a case Hevo Data is the right choice for you!

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