Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Best 6 Themes in 2023

Abhinav Chola • Last Modified: January 16th, 2023

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As the need for online shopping increases, many Ecommerce stores have been developed. The stores provide sellers with a platform to display their products to a wider audience. The sellers also accept orders, process payments, and initiate shipment of products to buyers. 

User experience is a key aspect of the development of an Ecommerce store. Therefore, an elegant and convenient Website will help a business in retaining its visitors. Moreover, your store visitors will first notice the design, thus, your website should look inviting. This will also help you to provide the best experience to customers. 

WordPress is an ideal platform for businesses who are seeking to publish content or build Ecommerce stores. It is liked due to its ease of use and the availability of many themes that increase the attractiveness of websites. If you run a WordPress Ecommerce site or you are planning on starting one, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to WordPress and WordPress Themes and will explain the main features of the WordPress platform. It will also explain the top 6 best Ecommerce theme WordPress have for you. Read along to decide, which theme suits your business the most! 

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Introduction to WordPress

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: WordPress Logo
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WordPress is a popular online tool that allows you to publish highly customized content and create Websites to promote your online business. The number of features that this open-source tool contains, outnumbers its counterpart tool by a huge margin. Moreover, it is one of the simplest publishing tools out there in the market. This powerful Content Management System can upgrade your company’s Marketing Campaigns to collect more Leads and increase your Reach. You can also enhance your written content by using the WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and rank higher in customer searches. This tool is also a feasible and complete option to build Commercial Websites.

Using WordPress, your Development Team can add new functionalities to your Website via multiple Plugins. Moreover, it provides in-built Themes for free which enable you to design your Website according to the latest trends. WordPress is also popular for its no-code approach. You can utilize its drag and drop tools to develop a fully functional Website. This way, you can benefit from this tool even if you are from a non-technical background. WordPress provides a flexible architecture that allows you to simultaneously carry out multiple online transactions. Furthermore, you can customize WordPress’s code to suit your business needs and even update your published content without any hassle.

Key Features of WordPress

The following features of WordPress make it a great Website Builder tool:

  • Convenient Publishing: The WordPress platform provides a user-friendly interface for publishing content. After adding your content and applying the various widgets, you can smoothly publish the content with a couple of clicks only. Furthermore, in WordPress, you can modify even your published content in a simple manner.
  • Simplicity: The WordPress User Interface is easy even for non-technical professionals. It has in-built tools and features for you to customize your Websites. Also, you can modify its custom code to upgrade the themes and plugins to optimize your Website further.
  • Flexibility: WordPress enables you to build any type of Website from scratch. Ranging from Personal blogs & Marketing Content to Commercial Stores, WordPress will support them easily. Moreover, it offers thousands of plugins using which you can easily extend the features of your Website.
  • SEO Tools: WordPress offers robust SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. This way, you can ensure that your published work will have a higher ranking in Search engines.

To get a more thorough understanding of WordPress, visit here.

Introduction to WordPress Themes

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: WordPress Themes Logo
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WordPress Themes allow you to style your Website by choosing a design from its large set of templates. Some of these in-built Themes are free of cost and can be sufficient for new businesses. However, to upgrade your Websites, you need to purchase the advanced WordPress Themes for a cost of $ 50 to $ 200. Companies can also modify the WordPress code to develop their own customized Themes if they have the necessary resources.

The WordPress Themes play an important role in deciding the structure and appeal of your Website. A Theme will set the appearance of Headers, Footers, Font, Background, Images, Text, and many more features that will ultimately improve your Website’s user experience. Themes are the fastest approach for you to create and launch an elegant professional website in minimum time.

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Most Popular Ecommerce Theme WordPress

Below is the list of the most favorite Ecommerce theme WordPress that you can use to run your simple or multipurpose online store:

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Botiga Pro

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Botiga Theme
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This Botiga Pro is a premium version WooCommerce theme with a clean design. The Botiga Pro Ecommerce theme has a neutral design, making it a versatile Ecommerce theme. Its demos are for specific types of shops, but they should work for a wide variety of shops. 

Botiga Pro Ecommerce theme WordPress comes with many features that can help you to take your Ecommerce site to the next level. For example, product swatches allow your site visitors to see all the available colors, sizes, and other variations of your products, and a selection for header layouts to help you change your store headers. The Botiga Pro theme costs $69 per annum and gives users the ability to add items to their wish list and a sticky add-to-cart feature. 

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Metro

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Metro Theme
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This is another Ecommerce theme WordPress with 7 different designs for the homepage. It also comes with a number of premium add-ons for WooCommerce. 

This helps you to add more functionality to your Ecommerce site for which you would have paid extra to access. Examples of such add-ons include the product variation gallery module and the product variation swatches extension.

The different homepage templates offered by this Ecommerce theme WordPress can help you to create different online stores with WordPress. The theme also has a minimal design, making it suitable for use for any type of product. 

Metro supports a rich combination of templates and tools that will enhance your Online Store and help you develop an appealing Website. 

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Divi

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Divi Theme
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Today there is an abundance of Ecommerce websites, each offering different functionality. However, only functions can not attract customers. A commercial Website should be attractive to look at. The Divi theme can help you to create an attractive online store. 

Divi is one of the most popular Ecommerce Theme WordPress that we have today, and it is suitable for use in all types of applications. You can also achieve a lot by combining this theme with the WooCommerce plugin. It has a drag & drop page builder known as the Divi Builder that helps you to create layouts effortlessly. 

Divi also comes with a number of pre-built layouts, which include portfolios, homepages, Ecommerce storefronts, etc. 

Thus, Divi is a very versatile Ecommerce theme WordPress that you can use to create a powerful Ecommerce website. 

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Flatsome

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Flatsome Theme
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This is currently the best-selling Ecommerce theme WordPress on ThemeForest, the largest MarketPlace for WordPress themes. It has attained over 100,000 purchases. 

Flatsome comes loaded with numerous features that can make it easy for you to run your Ecommerce shop. One of these features is the Live Page Builder, which you can use to create the type of online shop that you need and customize it using over 30 modules that are available. These modules can simplify your task of designing the Webpages for your Online business. 

Other than the Live Page Builder, the theme also comes with an excellent Live Theme options panel that you can use to change any detail about the theme appearance. This feature has proved to be very good for Ecommerce purposes. Its shortcodes are beneficial if you wish to connect with Google Maps and other such platforms. Flatsome provides you with 300+ pre-built layouts and page designs at a price of $59 per Theme. 

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Neve Shop

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Neve Shop Theme
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This is a multipurpose Ecommerce theme WordPress that comes with multiple page designs ready for your use after installing the theme. 

Its “ready to go” feature promotes a user-friendly interface and is the main reason behind its popularity. When installing the theme, you will be asked to select your design, and it will select the other tools required to make the design work. Moreover, it will automatically install the WooCommerce plugin for your Theme. 

The Neve theme gives you a fully-functioning Ecommerce website that is SEO friendly, translation ready, optimized speed, and with a good look. 

If you need to get a classic Ecommerce WordPress theme, choose its “shop” design, but every Neve design works well with WooCommerce and WooCommerce plugins. 

Neve Ecommerce theme WordPress has a free version that works perfectly. Its paid version costs $39 with additional features and upgrades. 

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Storefront

Ecommerce Theme WordPress: Storefront Theme
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Storefront forms the official WordPress WooCommerce theme. This means that this Ecommerce theme WordPress will work with the WooCommerce plugin with no issues. 

Storefront comes with a basic design and few customizations, thus, it gives you the bare minimum that you need to run an Ecommerce shop on WordPress. It also comes with good typography. 

Storefront is a good WordPress theme for any store that wants to experiment in creating its own designs by hand. It may not be the best final theme for running an online shop because of its limited features. Those are some of the best Ecommerce themes WordPress. 


This article introduced you to WordPress and explained its major features. It further discussed WordPress Themes and explain the top 6 Ecommerce Themes that WordPress offers. Each Theme offers something different, and now, you have to decide which WordPress Themes you should use for your work.

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