Integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot Data: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

By: Published: September 18, 2020


Are you trying to integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot data? Do you want to analyze this data for better understanding of your marketing strategies? If yes, then this blog will answer all your queries. Facebook has become one of the most popular social media marketing platforms in the world. You can find users of different age brackets and from different locations on Facebook. These users spend a considerable amount of time on the platform. Due to this, most marketers have realized that Facebook is the right platform to find potential customers for their products and services. 

Facebook marketing has been made easier by Facebook Ads. One can create Facebook Ads to market their brands to segmented audiences to increase the chances of conversions. When running Facebook Ads, a lot of data generates. This data will be about your marketing statistics, meaning that it has very meaningful information. When such data is analyzed properly, you can draw insights that can help you customize your Facebook Ads for more conversions. 

However, Facebook doesn’t have the tools for data analysis. Thus, you need to export such data to other tools, such as HubSpot for further analysis. While in HubSpot, such data can be exported and analyzed in other advanced data analytics tools. In this article, you will be learning how to integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot data conveniently. 

Let’s see how this blog is structured for you:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. What is HubSpot?
  3. Steps to Integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot Data
  4. Limitations
  5. Conclusions


This is what you need for this article:

  • A Facebook Account. 
  • A Hubspot Account. 

What is HubSpot?

Hubspot is a software tool that helps businesses to communicate with their customers, leads, and evangelists. It comes with a suite of tools that businesses can use for sales, marketing, and services. You can use these tools to host your website and landing pages, create email sequences and blogs, and manage your interaction with your leads and customers. At the same time, you can also analyze the success of your marketing campaigns and track user behaviour. 

With HubSpot, you can build a website for your business using the drag and drop functionality. It means that you will not need a designer or IT support to have a working website for your business. The HubSpot’s website builder makes it possible for you to personalize content for each visitor and publish content that is optimized for mobile. It also has a tool that can help you discover, track, and organize keywords that drive your organic search results. 

If you are running ads on social media platforms, HubSpot can help you to measure impressions, clicks and ROI (Return On Investment) of your ad campaigns. You can also create personalized email marketing campaigns and track their performance. All these activities performed in Hubspot generate a lot of data. This data is a rich source of knowledge that can help businesses to make sound decisions such as how to design and run user-targeted ad campaigns, where to make improvements to attract and retain customers, etc. The overall result of this will be business growth and the generation of more revenue. 

The first step to using Hubspot is getting a Hubspot account. 

Click the “Get HubSpot free” button located on the top right corner of the screen. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Get HubSpot for free

You will be taken through an on-screen process to set up a HubSpot account. You can use your Google account to sign up. The HubSpot’s navigation bar is made up of 7 elements, namely:

  • Contacts
  • Conversions
  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • Service
  • Automation 
  • Reports

These are shown below:

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: HubSpot navigation bar

To add and manage your contacts and companies, use the “Contacts” menu. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Contacts

The “Conversions” menu can help you see the chats that you have had with your visitors. You can also create bots that can engage your customers, even in your absence. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Conversations

All your marketing stuff can be found under the “Marketing” menu. Here, you have an all-in-one place that can help you access all your ad campaigns. 

If you are running ad campaigns on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., the Marketing menu will make it easy for you to manage them. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Marketing

The “Sales” menu can help you know how you are turning prospects into customers and the amount of revenue that you are making from sales. It can help you build a winning sales process. It is where you can create reminders/tasks to remind you to send follow-up emails, make discovery calls, or anything that should be done. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Sales

The “Service” menu allows you to create tickets and assign them to your team members to provide customers with the right services at the right time. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Service

The “Automation” menu is where you can automate most of your marketing tasks. It has the “Sequences” tool that you can use to automate your customer follow-up process. You have to create a series of emails and tasks to keep your contact engaged. It also has the “Workflows” tool that marketers use to automate things.

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Automation

The “Reports” menu has tools that marketers can use to perform analytics tasks. It is the menu that you can use to track the pages, sources, campaigns, and topics that are driving traffic to your website. You can also get more info about your contacts like lifecycle stage, country, and how they found your website. It is the same menu that you can use to create a sales, marketing, or service dashboard. You can also generate and view your reports. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Reports

Hevo Data: Integrate and Analyze your Data Conveniently

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Steps to Integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot Data

You can perform the integration by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Log into your HubSpot account and click the settings icon from the main navigation bar. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Settings

Step 2: Click the “Marketing” option from the left navigation bar then choose “Ads”. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Marketing

Step 3: In the next window, click “Connect account”. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Connect account

Step 4: A new dialog will appear showing the various platforms that you can connect to your HubSpot account. Choose “Facebook”. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Facebook

Step 5: A window will pop up and prompt you to log into your Facebook account. Just log into your Facebook account. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Login to Facebook

Step 6: Click the “Continue as …” button. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Continue as

Step 7: Facebook will ask you to authorize various permissions including Manage your ads, Manage your business, Manage your Pages, Show a list of the Pages you manage, and Access leads for your Pages. HubSpot requires them to integrate with your ad account. Click “OK” to authorize these permissions. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Ok

Step 8: In the next dialog box, you will be prompted to choose the Facebook Ads to account that you need to connect. Note that you can choose up to two ad accounts. Select the ones you need to connect and then click the “Connect” button. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Click Connect

Step 9: If the process was successful, then you will see a message stating the number of connected accounts. 

Facebook Ads and HubSpot: Connect Ad account

Congratulations! The integration was successful. 


Although it is possible for you to integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot data, you will encounter a limitation. You cannot pull data from Facebook Ads into HubSpot in real-time. It means that you won’t monitor and analyze your Facebook Ads statistics in real-time.


In this article, you have learned why you need to integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot data and how to integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot data. You also saw the limitations of this method. But if you want to automate your integration process, then try Hevo.

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Hevo is a No-code Data Pipeline. It supports pre-built integrations from 100+ data sources. Hevo can integrate Facebook Ads and HubSpot data automatically without writing any lines of code.  It helps transfer data from HubSpot, Facebook Ads, etc., to a destination of your choice for free.

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Share your experience of integrating Facebook Ads and HubSpot data in the comment section below.

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