Gorgias Shopify Integration: Easy Steps

Orina Mark • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Before diving deep into Gorgias Shopify Integration, let’s get back and understand why we need this. E-Commerce from 2020 and beyond has become a goldmine for entrepreneurs. Why? Technology has grown over the years, and digitization reached almost every corner of the globe. This means that more and more users have access to smartphones and, by extension, the internet more than ever before. 

So, what exactly does this mean for business-minded individuals? Simply put, eCommerce is an invaluable tool for enterprises for many reasons. First, innovations are making online transactions more and more secure for the convenience of users. Second, with the internet, you get access to a vast pool of clients, not just from your locality, but worldwide. Lastly, you do not need to invest in office space as you would with a regular business. With eCommerce, you can handle everything from the comfort of your home. In summary, online platforms guarantee a higher Return on Investment for your business. 

Now that you have a brief idea of just how vital eCommerce is, which platforms are popular with businesses today? Truth be told, you cannot talk of eCommerce without mentioning Shopify. One might even argue that this company started the online business revolution. 

When using Shopify to reach and engage with your customers, one thing is critical; organization. You need to have everything in order and respond to customer requests accordingly. Most people hire Virtual assistants to handle such tasks. However, did you know there was an even easier way to deal with such responsibilities? Using Gorgias, you can take customer service to the next level and boost client loyalty, boosting sales. 

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to integrate Gorgias and Shopify and the benefits of Gorgias Shopify Integration.

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Introduction to Shopify

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In simple terms, Shopify is a website that gives you all the necessary tools to build an online store. Pioneered in 2004 by Tobias Lutke, it has become one of the biggest online platforms synonymous with successful companies worldwide. 

As a SaaS solution, Shopify requires a monthly subscription for access. The software has become popular with small and medium enterprises due to the relatively low startup cost and benefits. With the cloud-based tool, you can perform various procedures such as storing data, adding products, and processing customer orders. Furthermore, the software is pretty easy to use and has a smooth learning curve. You do not need technical coding expertise to navigate the website. 

With the Shopify subscription, you get access to various beneficial features that guarantee business success. For instance, the software offers access to beautifully designed templates for your selected brand. What’s more, Shopify provides access to a stable web hosting service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about crashes during peak season as you would with a standard website. Below are some of the key benefits of working with Shopify. 

Benefits of Shopify 

  • Quick Setup- You do not have to worry about server and development costs when launching an online store. 
  • No technical expertise needed- Shopify offers all software and hosting capabilities; hence you do not need technical expertise to use the tool. 
  • Secure- As an eCommerce store, you handle sensitive information such as customer data, meaning you need a secure and reliable platform such as Shopify. 
  • Mobile ready- Statistics show that mobile website users outnumber desktop users, meaning you need a mobile-optimized site for your business. Luckily, this is precisely what Shopify offers. 

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Introduction to Gorgias 

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Image Source: Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer support tool with one straightforward mission: to be the ideal support desk for small and medium-sized companies. While this puts it significantly behind when compared to other companies such as Zendesk, it still has a lot to offer if it falls within your needs.  

So, what exactly does Gorgias do? Well, it acts as a support for your customer service team and allows them to handle customer requests efficiently. The tool enables you to take orders from different CRM channels all from one convenient location. This way, you reduce response times, which increases efficiency, boosting client loyalty. 

When using the tool, your team takes more of an advisory role in customer support, providing excellent output. Below are some of the key benefits of working with Gorgias. 

Key Benefits of Gorgias 

  • Access to instant integrated live chat. 
  • Automated inbox management 
  • Edits and Refunds can be done right from chat 
  • You can create rich customer profiles

Gorgias Shopify Integration: Why it’s important

Now that you have a rough idea of Gorgias and Shopify benefits, let’s get down to the Gorgias Shopify integration. Just why should you perform this process? One of the most significant merits is boosted efficiency when it comes to customer support. For instance, you can update your Shopify orders directly from Gorgias, which saves on time. What’s more, you can detect the nature of customer requests from the conversations. Yes, Gorgias uses advanced machine learning to detect the intentions of each customer request. That’s pretty cool! Let’s dive deep into the Gorgias Shopify Integration process.

Gorgias Shopify: The Integration Process

Given Gorgias was created with applications such as Shopify in mind, the integration process is relatively easy. Follow the steps outlined below: 

For this process to be a success, you need an existing Shopify and Gorgias account. 

  • Once this is done, navigate to your Gorgias account. 
Gorgias Shopify: Gorgias account
Image Source: Self
  • Right on the first page, you should see an option to add Shopify on the right. 
  • After clicking on this, you will be redirected to a different page with basic information on what Gorgias does with Shopify data. 
Gorgias Shopify: Integrate with Shopify
Image Source: Self
  • On the top right section of the page, there is the ‘add Shopify’ button. Click this button, after which you will be redirected to a different page that will ask for your shop URL.
Gorgias Shopify: Adding integration
Image Source: Self
  • Fill in these details to add the integration. 

That’s it! Gorgias Shopify Integration is done!  


From this article, you would have got a complete knowledge of Gorgias Shopify Integration and the benefits of Gorgias Shopify Integration. Customer service is an integral part of any business, and by using software such as Gorgias, you are bound to take this aspect of your enterprise to the next level. Stand apart from the rest by performing the Shopify Gorgias integration today. This straightforward process will leave your customers satisfied, boosting loyalty, a factor that is bound to improve sales. Get on board today!

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