Highspot Salesforce Integration: Get Better with Customer Interaction in 5 Steps

Divyansh Sharma • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Every Company wishes to improve its Customer Interactions in order to generate strategic growth. Highspot’s Platform, with its intelligent Content Management, Recommendations based on AI and ML technologies, and Training and Contextual Guidance, can help your Sales and Marketing Representatives perform exceptionally well and have the most effective Content at their fingertips to close more deals faster.

While your Sales and Marketing Teams prefer Salesforce CRM for Lead Nurturing and Prospect Management, with Highspot Salesforce Integration, your Teams can achieve more, with the additional capabilities of:

  • Using Predictive AI-based Relevant Content Recommendations
  • Saving time by automatically associating Sales Activity with Salesforce Records and 
  • Accessing the whole Highspot Platform without leaving your Salesforce Workflow.

all of which is possible through Highspot Salesforce Integration.

Read on to learn more about Highspot Salesforce Integration and how you can configure it, using the Highspot Salesforce Connector. Here’s a quick outline to make your navigation easy:

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Prerequisites for Configuring Highspot Salesforce Integration

Any User or Business Team looking forward to Highspot Salesforce Integration should have:

  • A Highspot Account
  • A Salesforce Account.

Highspot Salesforce Integration uses the Salesforce AppExchange Highspot Connector- “Highspot Sales Enablement” which is available for free but requires Highspot License to function.

Highspot Platform: A Quick Tour

Highspot Logo: Highspot Salesforce Integration
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Highspot is an AI-Based Sales Enablement Platform that assists Sales Teams in increasing Sales and Purchases. Highspot’s Platform includes:

  • Intelligent Content Management, 
  • Training, 
  • Contextual Guidance, 
  • Customer Engagement and 
  • Actionable Analytics 

to help drive strategic growth for your Business Organisation.

Highspot differs from other solutions in that it provides context and guidance around the Content through integrated Sales Plays, Real-time Communications, and Dynamic Training, allowing Sellers to engage with their Buyers more effectively. It also allows Teams to share Content with their Customers and provides Insightful Tracking Information on their Engagement. Using HishSpot’s Advanced Analytics and Powerful Content Management features like Intelligent Search and Semantic Search, you can tune your Content and Sales to work together harmoniously and produce the best results.

All Sales Content in Highspot is housed in a Single Repository with powerful searching and browsing features that allows both Sales and Marketing Teams to easily and quickly find what they need. Highspot can be readily integrated with CRM like Salesforce; through Highspot Salesforce App to organise and feature the best pieces of Content with the most Engagement and Impact and drive Business in a profitable way.

Key Features and Benefits of Using Highspot

Single Source of Truth

Highspot acts as a single source of truth for all your Sales, Marketing, CX, Legal and Service Teams. Highspot lets you store all your Business Documents, Manuals,  Key Content for Sellers, Presentations, Onboarding/Training Program Content and Sales Plays, all in one place. This eliminates information mismanagement, the need to search through different files, and lets your Teams save time.

Easy to Use UI

Highspot’s Powerful Searching Capability, extremely User-friendly Interface and Organisation makes it easy for everyone to search through and find relevant Content Pieces. It’s easy for Marketers to maintain and update the existing Business Materials like Brothers, Sales Plays or Product Information Notes. 

Users can also create Smart Pages to organise information neatly, with the look and feel of a Website for a better user experience and understanding of their Product or Service. Marketers and Sales Representatives may easily build engaging and enticing pitches for their Products or Services this way.

Highspot Easy to Use UI: Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Highspot

Powerful Integration Capability

Adding Gmail, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook or LinkedIn Sales Navigator is quick and seamless with Highspot’s Integration Capabilities. With over 70 certified integrations, Highspot can fit into your daily Business Operations and can optimise your Workflow.

Highspot Salesforce Integration, i.e. with the World’s No.1 CRM Salesforce, can help Sales and Marketing Teams understand a big picture of their Sales Processes and how Content aids in their Business functioning. With Highspot Salesforce Integration, users can see optimised Content, guidance for Customer Interaction with Real-time knowledge of what to reply and follow-up with. Users can also push specific Highspot Resources into Salesforce Opportunity, at each stage of the Deal or against specific Competitors.

Salesforce CRM: A Quick Tour

Salesforce Logo: Highspot Salesforce Integration
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Undoubtedly, the World’s #1 CRM needs no introduction. Salesforce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that does not require the installation of Software or the use of a Server. Salesforce, founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez, now comprises over 150,000 Companies, including prominent data giants such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Sony, Vodafone, and L’Oreal.

Salesforce CRM Application aids in the administration of Marketing Activities and integrates the Marketing Team with the Sales Management and Account Management Teams of the firm, ensuring that the whole Organisation is reaching out to Customers in a unified manner. Salesforce can manage your Contacts, monitor Opportunities, provide Custom Reports, automate Marketing Campaigns, and much more.

Along with the Customer Relationship Management Service, Salesforce also provides many other Salesforce Products like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Process Automation, etc. (more details are covered later in this article). Salesforce ensures a personalized experience with its Customer 360 Platform. 

If you are a Small Business Owner and use Salesforce as your CRM Solution, you can explore our comprehensive guide on Salesforce for Small Business here.

Key Features and Benefits of Using Salesforce

Provides a Bird’s-Eye View of the Entire Sales Pipeline

Salesforce’s unique proposition comes from its ability to lay the entire Sales Pipeline into a single intuitive Dashboard. You can check on all aspects of your Sales Pipeline at one glance, from Customer Activity to Conversion Rates. Not only this, your Teams can also build Customised Reporting and Data Visualizations to view only the necessary details that matter.

Salesforce CRM Dashboard: Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Salesforce

Salesforce AppExchange: The Powerful Integration Channel

Salesforce AppExchange: Highspot Salesforce Integration
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The Salesforce AppExchange is an ecosystem of over 5000 ready-to-install Apps that enable Organisations to increase Salesforce Capabilities throughout their Customer-facing Teams and Departments. All these supported Applications are carefully designed to integrate and help Businesses work smoothly over their Salesforce Platform without any hassle.

The only disadvantage Salesforce AppExchange has is that not all Apps are free. So, it’s recommended that you check User reviews and ratings before making a purchase.

Advanced Analytics Tools

Organizations may get useful insights through the Salesforce Platform’s simple functionality, and with the aid of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Your Business can now empower Support Agents, Analysts, Marketers, and Sales Reps by simply allowing them to click on the visual interface and get insights rather than building Mathematical Models or Coding Algorithms.

Simplify Salesforce ETL and Data Integration using Hevo’s No-code Data Pipeline

Hevo Data is a No-code Data Pipeline that offers a fully managed solution to set up data integration from Salesforce (one of the 30+ Free Data Sources) and 100+ Data Sources and will let you directly load data to a Data Warehouse or the destination of your choice. It will automate your data flow in minutes without writing any line of code. Its fault-tolerant architecture makes sure that your data is secure and consistent. Hevo provides you with a truly efficient and fully automated solution to manage data in real-time and always have analysis-ready data.

Get Started with Hevo for Free

Let’s look at some of the salient features of Hevo:

Fully Managed: It requires no management and maintenance as Hevo is a fully automated platform.

Data Transformation: It provides a simple interface to perfect, modify, and enrich the data you want to transfer.

Real-Time: Hevo offers real-time data migration. So, your data is always ready for analysis.

Schema Management: Hevo can automatically detect the schema of the incoming data and map it to the destination schema.

Scalable Infrastructure: Hevo has in-built integrations for 100’s of sources that can help you scale your data infrastructure as required.

Live Monitoring: Advanced monitoring gives you a one-stop view to watch all the activities that occur within Data Pipelines.

Live Support: Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls.

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Understanding the Significance of Highspot Salesforce Integration

Highspot Salesforce Integration will surely improve the performance of your Sales and Marketing Teams. Whether it is uncovering the top-performing Content, Training, Guidance, or understanding the Engagement through Highspot’s Intelligence for each Salesforce Contact or Lead every activity monitoring is achievable with Highspot Salesforce Integration.

Moreover, Highspot Salesforce Integration comes with additional features like:

  • Highspot’s patented AI to assist with the best Content.
  • Contextual Enablement to enable Reps land the right strategy at the right moment.
  • Deeply Integrated Analytics providing Rich Reporting and Strategic Insights.
  • Training, Content and Guidance for every Sales Representative.
  • Optimising and Scaling features across all your initiatives.

For leveraging Highspot’s capabilities in your Salesforce CRM, you’ll be required to use the Highspot Sales Enablement Integration App available in the Salesforce AppExchange. 

This Highspot Salesforce Connector is made available for free but requires a Highspot license which is made available on a user request basis. Highspot’s standard cost appears to be approximately $600/user/year, which equates to $50/user/month, the pricing mentioned alongside the Highspot Salesforce Connector.

Guide to Configure Highspot Salesforce Integration

Step 1: Visit Salesforce AppExchange

Highspot Salesforce Integration starts with Highspot Connector for Salesforce. The Highspot Sales Enablement lets you access Highspot functionality within your Salesforce Dashboard, along with information about Leads, Contacts. Tasks, Accounts and Opportunities.

Step 2: Add Highspot Sales Enablement Connector

Search for Highspot Sales Enablement Connector in Salesforce AppExchange. Click on the “Get It Now” button to add Highspot to your Salesforce CRM Dashboard.

Salesforce Highspot Enablement Connector: Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Self

Step 3: Select your Salesforce Environment

Highspot Salesforce Integration would ask you for your Salesforce Environment where you would like to enable Highspot functionality. Choose your desired accounts you wish to enable Highspot features for, and from the options of installing in Production or in Sandbox.

Selecting Salesforce Environment : Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Self

Step 4: Confirm your Installation Details 

After Salesforce Environment selection, you’ll be prompted to confirm your installation details on a screen. Once verified, check to agree to terms and conditions and choose Confirm and Install to proceed ahead. 

Confirming Installation Details: Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Self

Step 5: Pick your Highspot Connector Access

You can choose to install Highspot Salesforce Connector either for Admins, or for all users, or for a select few. A window will appear asking you to choose from these options. 

Installing Highspot Connector: Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Self

Once you have selected access, Highspot Salesforce Connector will install Highspot features for your select option and on successful completion, you’ll be confirmed of Installation Completion.

Installation Complete: Highspot Salesforce Integration
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And you are now ready to utilise all Highspot Salesforce Integration.

Highspot Salesforce Integration in Action

Highspot can analyse the parameters of any deal and can recommend both internal and external Content for a better selling advantage to your potential Customers. 

Once a Sales Representative identifies a Customer Contact or Opportunity in Salesforce CRM, Highspot Salesforce Integration from Highspot’s ML and AI Algorithms identify the best bets or Content that can provide to be the most effective in your Current Customer Journey. 

Highspot Salesforce Integration in Action : Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Highspot Resources

Highspot identifies the best Content using historical data, like times when the Content was found useful or effective against a similar Pitching Session, how often was Content was associated to Salesforce Records, Prospect Engagement with the Content, how quickly the Deals in which the Content was used progressed through stages and closed revenue associated with those deals.

All the Highspot recommendations make the process of informing fast and effortless for Sales Representatives. You can also preview the Suggested Content by skimming through the thumbnail just the way you can view it in Highspot. 

You can even pitch the Content to your Lead using either Email or Link or Live through an Online Session. With so many options, Highspot makes the entire procedure incredibly simple.

Pitching to Customers: Highspot Salesforce Integration
Image Source: Highspot Resources


Overall, Highspot Salesforce Integration is a crucial functionality extension for Businesses relying on Highspot’s Intelligent Content Recommendations that guide and engage Customers to the Product Offerings and makes it easy for Sales Representatives to sell to. Sales and Marketing representatives relying on Salesforce Powerful CRM can utilise Highspot features right within the CRM Dashboard, and can access Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts simultaneously to pitch to. With Highspot Salesforce Integration your Sales and Marketing Teams can:

  • Ensure relevancy with your Buyers using Predictive AI-based Content Recommendations. 
  • Save time by auto relating sales activities to Salesforce Records.
  • Access the entirety of Highspot without leaving your normal Workflow in Salesforce.

As a matter of fact, being an expert or recurring Salesforce CRM User, you are most likely working with a large number of data sources, both internally and through external Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. Having all of this data in one location like Data Warehouse facilitates analysis and speeds up the decision-making process. This necessitates integration with all third-party Apps and Services. 

When you work with Hevo, you get this superpower to load your aggregated Data from various SaaS Applications and CRMs such as Salesforce (Free Source Connector with Hevo), HubSpot, Zendesk to Data Warehouses like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift Google BigQuery in a completely hassle-free & automated manner. 

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