Setting Up HubSpot Eventbrite Integration: 2 Easy Steps

Orina Mark • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Data is king; If you are not yet familiar with this statement, then you are yet to dive into the world of E-Commerce, where information is the currency and the client is the ultimate prize. The shift to online platforms for businesses has been both rapid and revolutionary. Online ticketing services and event management platforms delivered a very interactive user experience to both users and customers. Now, people don’t need to stand in long queues to buy tickets. With Eventbrite, a widely used website for online ticketing which allows people to buy tickets and save companies the cost of setting up ticket counters. 

One is HubSpot that helps companies advertise and manage all their Sales and Marketing in one place. HubSpot Eventbrite Integration helps event organizers and companies to manage and optimize their Marketing Campaigns to generate more Sales. Companies all over the world have understood the importance of mobile devices to the average citizen. To put this into perspective, a recent study by Statista shows that the average person spends 4 hours and 23 minutes on their mobile phone daily. 

With this in mind, online Marketing has quickly evolved into a multibillion-dollar business empire, with corporations developing different innovative methods of seeking and attracting new customers. In the midst of all this, one factor has remained constant. Data is the ultimate tool for keeping current clients and attracting new ones. To help companies get more ticket Sales through Eventbrite. Many Marketing and CRM platforms came to help them. In this article, you will learn the steps to HubSpot Eventbrite Integration and its benefits.

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  • An active HubSpot account.
  • An active Eventbrite account.

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo
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Over the years, different tools have helped companies manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer data collection. Among these is HubSpot, created in 2006. This software is designed to help companies build and execute Inbound Marketing strategies. Today, the platform has racked up a diverse customer base spanning 90 countries and 30,000 companies. Why? It all boils down to the core functionality and benefits users stand to gain by using the tool. For instance, you do not need significant coding expertise to utilize the software. 

One of the most significant features of HubSpot is that it is a flexible platform that constantly evolves to meet the needs of the modern buyer. The developers follow the buyer journey and add tweaks to meet the needs of both the clients and the buyers. 

However, it is worth noting that working with HubSpot demands a significant level of technical know-how. Furthermore, The software doesn’t necessarily do the work for you. Instead, it gives you all the tools you require to carry out successful Marketing Campaigns.

Key Features of HubSpot

HubSpot comes with a user-friendly interface. If you can handle a mouse and keyboard, then you can build a functional website using HubSpot. What’s more, the website builder makes it easy to personalize content for new visitors and offers straightforward optimization for mobile users. A few more features of HubSpot are listed below:

  • Ads Retargeting: HubSpot allows users to retarget their audience who left the conversion process in the middle and show Ads to them whenever they are active on the internet.
  • List Segmentation: HubSpot makes it easy for users to divide their audience into distinct groups based on age, gender, demographics, or other metrics available in data. It helps them to interact differently with every segment of the audience.
  • Conversational Bots: HubSpot comes with interactive chatbots that engage with customers, gather data, book meetings, and send all data to the rightful salesperson.

To learn more about HubSpot, click here.

Introduction to Eventbrite

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Eventbrite is an online ticketing and event management website. It is a marketplace where people can book tickets for shows and events in a few clicks. The website was created with the sole purpose of simplifying event management and ticketing. If you are in the events and Marketing business, you have probably heard of Eventbrite, a website that allows users to create, promote, and browse local events. 

It charges organizers a fee for online tickets unless the event is free. What’s more, it has very few restrictions and is available for use by anyone at no monthly fee or subscription cost. Eventbrite only charges fees when organizers sell their tickets to users. 

The estimated value is 2.5% of the ticket value plus 0.99% per ticket. The website is safe and does not sell your data to third parties. What’s more, you can get paid via cheque, direct deposit, or PayPal.

Key Features of Eventbrite

Eventbrite helps people save time by letting them book their favorite event from a desktop or mobile app. It also offers many flexible features to companies and event organizers. A few features of Eventbrite are listed below:

  • Reporting and Analytics: Eventbrite allows you to get real-time updates on ticket sales and revenue. Also, you can analyze the Marketing strategies with your data.
  • Customizable Listings: You can create customizable listings at every stage of your event, which allows you to attract more customers and deliver them a seamless user experience.
  • Effortless Marketing: Eventbrite allows you to better interact with your customers with personalized E-Mail Campaigns. Even one can engage with customers in online workshops, events, and courses.

To know more about Eventbrite, click here.

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Steps to HubSpot Eventbrite Integration

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of HubSpot Eventbrite Integration, why do you need to perform this process? What benefits does it pose for your Marketing Campaign? It all boils down to one essential factor, data.

Finally, you can efficiently perform HubSpot Eventbrite Integration to manage your Marketing Campaign and ticketing. A quick web search will reveal numerous event and Marketing websites, but Eventbrite provides you with the necessary tools to harvest this data. However, Eventbrite is quite limited when it comes to storing this information, and this is where HubSpot Eventbrite Integration comes in handy. The following steps to HubSpot Eventbrite Integration are listed below:  

Step 1: Installing the Eventbrite

  • Log in to your HubSpot account here.
  • Click the Marketplace icon found in the main navigation bar. 
  • Once this is done, select the “App Marketplace” button. 
HubSpot Marketplace
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  • You can locate the Eventbrite app in the search bar and select it.
Eventbrite App in HubSpot Marketplace
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  • Now, click on the “Install App” to install the Eventbrite in your HubSpot account. 

Step 2: Accessing Eventbrite Account

  • After installation, input your Eventbrite E-Mail address and click “Get Started” to start with HubSpot Eventbrite Integration. You will now be prompted to log into your existing account or create a new one.  
  • Next, click the “Allow” button to permit the HubSpot Eventbrite Integration access account.
Allow Button
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  • You will be redirected to your Eventbrite account, where a list of your current events will be available. 
  • A new contact group named Eventbrite will automatically be created. This contact group will include two new properties: Last Registered Event Name and Last Registered Event Date.
  • If you have synced an event with Eventbrite, you will see a new Eventbrite contact for every new registration. If the user is not a contact, then a new one will be automatically be created. 
  • You will notice that sync is disabled for all your events by default. You can fix this by clicking the Sync button to start flowing HubSpot Eventbrite Integration data, shown in the image below.
HubSpot Eventbrite Integration Settings to Enable or Disable Sync
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  • You should also note that the process will only sync standard Eventbrite Properties such as cell, names, and addresses to HubSpot. Custom properties will not get synced. 

That’s it! You completed HubSpot Eventbrite Integration.

Benefits of HubSpot Eventbrite Integration 

Companies use HubSpot Eventbrite Integration mainly to sync data from between the two and optimize their Sales and Marketing. There are other few benefits listed below:

  • You can improve event engagement and visibility. Every new event registrant is enrolled as a Hubspot contact, so they always know about the event. 
  • With the help of HubSpot Eventbrite Integration, you can transform event information into leads. You can turn event information into leads and personalize content for your audience. 
  • You can create automated E-Mail lists from event information to better improve event promotion. 
  • HubSpot Eventbrite Integration allows users to create segmented lists of Eventbrite contacts and create workflows.


In this article, you learned the steps involved in HubSpot Eventbrite Integration. You also learned about its benefits that help companies effectively optimize Marketing Campaigns through HubSpot and increase Sales through Eventbrite. HubSpot Eventbrite Integration opens up new opportunities for your business, such as improved event promotion and engagement. Syncing data from Eventbrite to HubSpot makes smooth workflow and saves a lot of time. 

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