HubSpot Gmail Integration: Easy Steps & 4 Distinct Use Cases

Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Google offers different products, including Google ads, Google Cloud, G Suite, and Gmail, which are all good for modernizing organizations. The good news is that you can integrate these products with HubSpot CRM and have a great experience when using HubSpot.

By bringing Google and HubSpot together, you can understand your customers better and get a more effective strategy for growth. Most businesses spend a better part of their day in Gmail. That’s why HubSpot Gmail Integration is very important. If there is better communication between your inbox and CRM, you will spend more time with your customers, and very little time will be needed for manual data entry. You will also be able to log emails from Gmail into HubSpot CRM easily, see how your prospects open and click your emails in real-time, and see everything within your CRM.

In this article, you will get to know about HubSpot Gmail Integration and its use cases in detail.

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  • A HubSpot Account.
  • A Google Account.

Introduction to HubSpot

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Hubspot is a platform used by businesses to interact with their Customers, Leads, and Evangelists. It comes with tools that businesses can use for Sales, Marketing, and Services. These tools can also assist businesses in hosting their websites and landing pages, creating email sequences and blogs, and managing their interactions with customers and leads. Businesses may also use HubSpot to track user behavior and analyze the success of their Marketing Campaigns.

Key Features of HubSpot

  • Enterprises may use HubSpot’s drag-and-drop capabilities to build their websites, saving them money on hiring a designer or IT support team to handle the design and functionality.
  • HubSpot’s website builder enables businesses to tailor content for each web visitor and publish material that is mobile-friendly.
  • HubSpot is a program that helps businesses improve organic search results by allowing them to identify, track, and organize keywords.
  • HubSpot allows businesses to track clicks, impressions, and ROI (Return on Investment) from digital marketing campaigns.
  • HubSpot allows you to develop and personalize Email Marketing programs, as well as track their results.
  • The data provided by HubSpot is a valuable source of information that businesses can utilize to make informed decisions.

For further information on HubSpot, check out the official website here.

Introduction to Gmail

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Gmail is a free email service offered by Google. It is similar to other email services. With Gmail, you can send and receive emails, create an address book, block spam, and complete other basic email tasks. Gmail also comes with many other special features that make it a great online email service. 

To access Gmail, you must have a Google account because Gmail is just one of the many services Google provides to its registered users. It’s free to sign up for a Google account, and you can name your Gmail address during the signup process. 

Gmail comes with many useful features to improve your email experience. Examples of these features include spam filtering, conversation view, built-in chat, and calling phone.

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Steps for HubSpot Gmail Integration

The following steps will help you to perform a HubSpot Gmail Integration:

Step 1: To begin with HubSpot Gmail Integration, log into your HubSpot account and click the Settings gear from the menu bar.

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Step 2: A new page will be opened. Click the “General” option from the navigation bar shown on the left. 

HubSpot Gmail Integration - step 2
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Step 3: Click the “Email” tab on the new window.

HubSpot Gmail Integration - step 3
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Step 4: Click the “Connect personal email” button located in the middle of the page. 

HubSpot Gmail Integration - step 4
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Step 5: A new window will pop up showing you the various types of email services that you can connect to. Choose the “Google/Gmail” option.

HubSpot Gmail Integration - step 5
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Step 6: Read through to know what you will be able to do after the step in HubSpot Gmail Integration. Click the “Connect your inbox” button.

HubSpot Gmail Integration - step 6
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Step 7: On the next window, click the “Continue” button. You will then be taken to a new page where you will be prompted to choose your Google account to log in with or enter your Google credentials. Enter your Google account credentials to log in.

Step 8: Review all the required permissions and click the “Allow” button to grant HubSpot access to your Google account.

You will get a message that the HubSpot Gmail Integration has been done.

Using HubSpot Gmail Integration

Once you connect HubSpot Gmail Integration is complete, HubSpot will gain access to all your emails. Some of the information that Hubspot will gain include your email address, the email address of your recipients, the subject line, and the body of the email.

Below are some of the ways through which you can use the HubSpot Gmail Integration:

1) Conduct Sales Prospecting

The HubSpot Gmail Integration will bring all your productivity tools into your Gmail inbox, giving you access to templates and snippets that you can use for various prospecting situations. This will save you from having to type every single email.

It will also streamline your work and make it easy for you to reach many prospects in less time.

2) Run Email Marketing Campaigns

With the  HubSpot Gmail Integration, you can set up a sequence of emails to be sent on specific dates under certain conditions through your Gmail inbox. 

For example, if you need to nurture a prospect and you don’t want to forget to send them emails and attachments, you can schedule some emails to be sent out at specific dates and times.

3) Schedule Meetings

The HubSpot Gmail Integration will make it easy for you to schedule meetings. You simply have to click the calendar icon on the menu bar and you will see a list of meeting options. You can show them when you will be available, and the prospect will be able to choose the date and time that is appropriate to them. 

4) Track Communications

Normally, the sales team communicates with more people within a day than they can remember. They can also forget what they discussed with prospects, which may see them lose potential buyers. 

With the HubSpot Gmail Integration, you can log in and track their emails and conversations. They can also see how prospects interact with their emails through clicks, downloads, and more.


In this post, you have learned the main features of HubSpot and got a deep understanding of HubSpot Gmail Integration. If you want access to a robust CRM, you may want to choose the Starter plan from HubSpot. But, if you are heading the marketing arm of a larger corporation with multiple sales channels, HubSpot might be the better pick. You can use Hevo to pull B2B customer data into your data warehouse.

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