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Sherly Angel • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Social media is one of the powerful tools in building relationships with contacts. By connecting your social media accounts to HubSpot, you can spend less time switching between one another. Using HubSpot, you can publish posts on the go or you can schedule future posts for individual social platforms or collectively for all your social media accounts. HubSpot Instagram Integration opens a lot of new features for you to leverage your marketing activities using Instagram

In this blog, you will get introduced to HubSpot and Instagram Business account followed by HubSpot Instagram Integration. A detailed step-by-step tutorial on HubSpot Instagram Integration along with its features and benefit.

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Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot is a marketing automation platform. HubSpot is a complete marketing suite that includes everything from tools for email and SEO, a repository for managing leads generated from the campaign to tools to track social media engagement metrics with an additional schedule for response and outgoing posts. Its products and services aim to provide tools for CRM, social media marketing, content management, lead generation, web analytics, SEO, live chat, and customer support. HubSpot is usually integrated with another source of truth, like Salesforce, since HubSpot default contacts have different lifecycle stages than a typical CRM setup.

HubSpot consists of different hubs like:

  • Marketing Hub– This Hub helps you to increase traffic, convert leads and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.
  • Sales Hub– This Hub allows you to dig deeper into prospects to get more insights and automate tasks.
  • Service Hub– Using this Hub you can connect with customers.
  • CMS Hub– Content Management Software gives you a secure experience.
  • Operations Hub– Operations software automates the processes of syncing and cleaning customer data.

Introduction to Instagram Business Account

Instagram Logo
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Instagram’s version of a Facebook Page is an Instagram business account. You can use this amazing platform with millions of active uses to market your business. Instagram Business accounts have some exciting features which are not available in personal profiles.

The features include:

  • You can add links to your stories (you need to have 10,000+ followers).
  • You have access to native analytics.
  • You gain features like shoppable posts using which you can directly sell your products.
  • You are allowed to add partner accounts as branded partners and they can post on your behalf
  • Additionally, you have clickable CTA options to drive people to your site, to book appointments in-app.
  • You can run Advertisement Campaigns to reach your target audience.

Introduction to HubSpot Instagram Integration

HubSpot Instagram integration is in simple terms joining both platforms to avail the benefits of both the platforms. Using HubSpot Instagram integration you can manage all your Instagram campaigns within HubSpot, and get a very profound insight into how your company is performing and how the audience engage with your content. You can publish your Instagram posts within HubSpot very quickly and also repurpose your content across several networks.

With HubSpot Instagram integration, you can bulk upload your posts, or schedule them out in advance. The social calendar option in HubSpot will give you a birds-eye view of your marketing strategy and hence, you can review and revamp your plan to increase your engagement metrics.

HubSpot’s social reporting tool lets you report on your success on Instagram and compare it to other social platforms regardless of where you originally made your post. With HubSpot Instagram integration, no matter from where you publish your content, your performance will be still recorded in HubSpot. You can take actions of improvement by looking at these trends.

Features of HubSpot Instagram Integration

With HubSpot Instagram Integration, the following features are added.

  • Multi-Account Management
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Post Scheduling
  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Social Campaigns

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Steps in HubSpot Instagram Integration


For HubSpot Instagram integration, it is necessary that your Instagram account must be a business account. Additionally, your business Instagram account should be linked to your Facebook page.Personal Instagram accounts, Instagram Creator accounts or Instagram business accounts not linked to a Facebook page cannot be connected to HubSpot.

Step:1 Click on the settings icon in the main navigation bar of your HubSpot account.

Step:2 Then navigate to Marketing and click on Social. You will land on the Published page.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: marketing dashboard
Image Source: HubSpot

Step3: In the top right, click on Create Social post

HubSpot Instagram Integration: create social post
Image Source: HubSpot

Step4: Select the social network here as Instagram.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: select social network instagram
Image Source: HubSpot

Step5: After selecting Instagram, you can type the post in the space provided there.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: space content to post
Image Source: HubSpot

Step6: Just below that, you can find icons for adding an image, video, emoji, or link.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: icons
Image Source: HubSpot

Step7: On the right side of the post, click the Timestamp. You can click on Publish now to publish the post immediately or you can schedule your post for publishing later.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: scheduling post
Image Source: HubSpot

Step8: You can also Schedule multiple posts on your connected network.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: scheduling bulk posts
Image Source: HubSpot

Step9: Lastly, on the bottom right, click on the Campaign drop-down menu and select a campaign to associate your social post with. After this select, Schedule post.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: create campaigns
Image Source: HubSpot

Step10: Under the Create Social post, you have the option to Export (To export your published post) and Schedule in bulk(Schedule post in bulk using excel file).

HubSpot Instagram Integration: options to export
Image Source: HubSpot

Step11: You can use these filters to view posts by network, timeframe, campaign, and users.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: filter options
Image Source: HubSpot

Step12: Under Publishing in the left corner, you will find the calendar icon using which you can have a monthly, weekly, and daily post status will all the past information and future schedules. You can just drag and drop to adjust your posts schedule.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: social media calendar
Image Source: HubSpot

Benefits of HubSpot Instagram Integration

Using HubSpot, you can easily view the last 60 days of engagement data reports as HubSpot pulls in the data automatically from Instagram. With HubSpot Instagram integration, you will be able to use your reports right from here. You can visualize few metrics of everything like the number of posts published, interactions, clicks, impressions, shares and etc with the help of HubSpot Instagram integration. You can further see the new contacts you get and sessions with HubSpot Instagram integration.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: reports
Image Source: HubSpot
HubSpot Instagram Integration: reports
Image Source: HubSpot

When HubSpot Instagram integration is done, Instagram integrates with some of the marketing features of HubSpot like Contact activity, Reporting dashboards, and Social media.

HubSpot Instagram Integration: features
Image Source: HubSpot

With HubSpot Instagram integration, the data flow between Instagram and HubSpot is shown below:

HubSpot Instagram Integration: shared data
Image Source: HubSpot


In this blog, you would have got a very clear understanding of HubSpot Instagram Integration along with its benefits and features. HubSpot and Instagram are two very powerful tools in their domain, and when they are combined, it creates the best results.

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