HubSpot Integrations Simplified: 3 Critical Aspects

Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

HubSpot Integrations

When working on some projects, you are required to toggle between different software applications. Probably, you have to pull data from another application or rewrite the same content, again and again, to ensure it is in different locations. 

This could have been easier if you had a way to connect all the applications with your software to bring them together. This would mean that all your data would be stored in a single and central location without the need for manual data entry, even though those apps don’t come with your software. 

When using HubSpot, you need this functionality. The good news is that HubSpot supports integrations with different apps. In this article, we will be discussing HubSpot integrations in detail.

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This is what you need for this article:

  • A HubSpot Account.

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo
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Hubspot is a platform used by businesses to interact with their customers, leads, and evangelists. It comes with tools that businesses can use for sales, marketing, and services. These tools can also assist businesses in hosting their websites and landing pages, creating email sequences and blogs, and managing their interactions with customers and leads. Businesses can also use HubSpot to analyze the success of their marketing campaigns and track the behavior of their users. 

Why should enterprises use HubSpot?

  • Enterprises can use HubSpot’s drag and drop functionality to create their websites, which would save them from recruiting a designer or IT support team to look after the creating & functioning of their websites
  • HubSpot’s website builder helps enterprises to personalize content for every web visitor and publish mobile-friendly content. 
  • HubSpot helps enterprises to enhance organic search results by providing a tool for discovering, tracking, and organizing keywords
  • Clicks, impressions, and ROI (Return On Investment) for the enterprises from the digital ad campaigns can be measured using HubSpot 
  • Email marketing campaigns can be created and personalized using HubSpot and their performances can also be tracked 
  • The data generated while using HubSpot is a rich source of information, that businesses can use for decision-making

Understanding the Importance of HubSpot Integrations

As your business grows and evolves, there will be a need for more software. HubSpot Integrations will make this easy. They will allow you to extend the functionality of your current system by connecting it to third-party software. You can also continue to use your software for a long period and get additional features that it doesn’t have. 

By using HubSpot integrations between systems, you can power your business to achieve a wider range of tasks. This will be especially useful to your business as it expands since its needs will change.

Your software may have all the necessary functionality as you start your business, but you are more likely to want other applications to provide additional functionality that you will need later.

HubSpot supports different integrations, each with specific functions to meet different needs. These HubSpot integrations are useful to all businesses regardless of size or industry.

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Understanding the HubSpot Integrations Use Cases

Integrations are normally found in some form of a marketplace to help customers do a review of all available options. HubSpot comes with an app marketplace to facilitate this. The app marketplace allows its visitors to search for the available integrations and learn more about them. The visitors can then integrate HubSpot into their integrations or apps of choice. 

The following steps can help you to find the app of your choice to integrate with HubSpot:

HubSpot Integrations Process: Locate the App to Integrate

  • Step 1: Log into your HubSpot account and click the marketplace icon on the upper right.
HubSpot Integrations Process: Locate the App to Integrate Step 1
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  • Step 2: Select “Connected apps”. 
  • Step 3: This will open a web page that shows the list of connected apps. Click the “Visit App Marketplace” button. 
HubSpot Integrations Process: Locate the App to Integrate Step 3
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  • Step 4: Search or browse for the app of your choice. Use the provided search bar to search for the app that your business needs to use. 
HubSpot Integrations Process: Locate the App to Integrate Step 4
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Use the vertical navigation bar shown on the left side of the screen to browse and filter the apps by category. 

HubSpot Integrations Process: Marketplace
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  • Step 5: Identify the app of your choice and click it to view more information. 

The app details page will be opened. You will be able to see an overview of the app, a video describing how the app works,  pricing information for the app, and more. To use the app, click the “Install app” button shown on the upper right.

HubSpot Integrations Process: Locate the App to Integrate Step 5
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You will then be guided through on-screen instructions for the app to be installed. Follow the steps and grant permissions where it’s necessary.

HubSpot Integrations Process: Data and Permissions

You should know data will be synced between the app that you’ve selected and HubSpot. You should also know the permissions that will be needed for this to happen.

  • Step 1: Click the “Shared Data” tab to get this information.
HubSpot Integrations Process: Data and Permissions Shared Data Tab
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  • Step 2: This should show you how data will be synced between HubSpot and the app after connection. 
HubSpot Integrations Process: Data and Permissions Data Flow
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  • Step 3: The bidirectional arrow under data flow shows that data will be synced back and forth between the app and Hubspot. If the arrow was unidirectional, it could mean that data will only be synced in one direction. 

If the app will need some permissions to access your HubSpot account, you will find these permissions under the “Permissions” section. 

HubSpot Integrations Process: Connecting App in Workflows

HubSpot allows you to connect the apps that you have integrated with your HubSpot account to workflows. The following steps can help you to connect an app through the workflow tool:

  • Step 1: Log into your HubSpot account. Click the “Automation” menu and choose “Workflows”.
HubSpot Integrations Process: Connecting App in Workflows Step 1
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  • Step 2: Select the name of the workflow or create a new one.
  • Step 3: Click the “+” icon to add the workflow action.
  • Step 4: Click the “Connect an app” tab on the upper right.
  • Step 5: Search for the app to be added, and click its name.
  • Step 6: On the dialog box that appears, click the “Connect” button and continue with the connection process.

You may be taken to the app’s App Marketplace listing page depending on the app. To continue from the listing page, click the “Sign in to connect app” on the upper right.

After connecting the app, you will see its available actions in the “Choose an action” sidebar.


You’ve learned about HubSpot and the importance of HubSpot Integrations in this article. The article also explains how you can find and use the various integrations in HubSpot in great detail.

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