HubSpot Office 365 Integration: 2 Easy Steps

Aman Mishra • Last Modified: April 19th, 2023

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Office 365 is a great tool that will help you in working best on documents. Office 365 provides a lot of storage for storing documents, PowerPoint, Excel, E-Mail in one folder. One of the best advantages of having Office 365 is that you can work on different documents at the same time. You can also access your documents from different systems or mobiles (if you have the correct user id and password). So there is no need to worry if the file is present on the device which is not working.

Office 365 also offers the features of transferring and sharing unlimited files, let it be either document of contract, deal, or papers regarding your presentation. You can also do Skype or video calls by using Office 365 software. As much as you can exploit Office 365, there are limitations to it as well. Therefore, it is best to set up HubSpot Office 365 Integration. This not only enhances the features of individual platforms but helps you boost your Sales production and business.

In this article, you will read the basic idea and features of HubSpot and Office 365. Also, you will understand why there is a need to set up HubSpot Office 365 Integration. You will also learn what are the different methods and steps for HubSpot Office 365 Integrations. It also discusses the troubleshooting and resolving errors of HubSpot Office 365 Integration. It also provides the limitations of HubSpot Office 365 Integration.

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Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot is one of the bonafide Content Optimization Systems. This is one of the Marketing Software platforms, which helps your company to attract more customers, visitors and converts Lead. This Marketing tool tracks and segments customers. That includes features like a Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management. The HubSpot E-Mail system is a very advanced system for their customers. 

With this tool, you can actively gather and update Sales information for Marketing. By sending the right message at the right time, you can enhance your Leads. In HubSpot Integration, you can do Video Marketing very amazingly. In today’s world, videos are shared 12 times more than links or any other Marketing campaigns. Managing customer services is the main part of every business. To do this HubSpot provides you different business operations and that have enough flexibility.

Application by HubSpot

  • Marketing Hub: This software helps you to grow traffic on your product as well as attract more visitors. It includes popular features like Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Analytics.
  • Sales Hub: It provides you with a service to get deeper insights into prospects, automate the task you hate as well as choose more deals speedily. It includes popular features like Advanced CRM, Meeting Scheduling, etc.
  • Service Hub: This is specially introduced for customer services. It has Tickets, Customer Feedback, and Knowledge base-like features. This helps you promote your business through your customers.
  • CMS Hub: It includes a Drag and Drop Editor, SEO Recommendations, and Website Themes. This provides customers a personalized and secure experience.
  • Operation Hub: With this, you can sync your apps as well as clean customer data. This automates the process. There are also features of Data Quality Automation.

For more information on HubSpot, click here.

Introduction to Office 365

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Office 365 was firstly introduced in 2011. They keep their login method single, simple and specific. In that, you can commonly use this for the storage of documents. You can access this from all devices. This special feature helps you a lot to work on the same file at any time like on your PC when you are in the office or on your mobile. You can transfer and save all your documents by simply using an internet connection.

The Data Backup system is also available in Office 365. Office 365 offers you Collaborative Tools that can help you work together with your team on the same platform and at the same time. You can also make a team call to discuss planning about work. Office 365 makes sure to securely save all your data in the cloud, from there you can easily recover the lost files or restore the previous version.

Application by Office 365

  • Skype for Business: Skype is a Conference Calling tool that helps you make a video call and share your screen for presentation purposes.
  • One Drive: One Drive provides you 1TB of Cloud Storage for the user. You can add additional storage as per your need. One Drive also allows you to share your documental file with others.
  • One Note: One Note is a Digital Notebook that offers you to ditch the paper and create an organized Digital Notebook. You can also share these notebooks.
  • Office Suite: Office Suite includes all the products you are using in Microsoft like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Teams: Teams is a very useful app to conduct all the business meetings at one place and one time. This app includes a Collaborative Workplace that combines the features of Skype, OneNote, One Drive, and many other applications.
  • Planner: As the name suggests, this app is used to manage and plan your project-related tasks. Due to this you can complete your project easily and share your plan with your peers.
  • Find the Time: It is used to organize meetings and poles.
  • Stream: It is used in making small videos.

Organization-wide Tools by Office 365

  • SharePoint: This is a Cloud-Based Tool, provided by Office 365. In this, you can store, share and access any kind of information or documented file. The main advantage of this tool is that you can access any document on any device like mobile or PC at any time using the internet.
  • PowerBl: This tool allows you to visualize your data and share it. It connects to multiple data sources to analyze your business.
  • Azure AD: This tool involves central user account management present in the cloud. In that, you can replace traditional active dictionary servers as well as gives you user account management and control.
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite: With this, you can control your company’s data. It provides you full security for sending E-Mails and having the ability to control who can edit the documented files. It also offers you full access and deletes what others want, all activities are in your control.
  • Voice Conferencing: You can conduct your business meeting on Skype or Teams. Both apps are available on mobile as well as on PC.

For more information on Office 365, click here.

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Importance of HubSpot Office 365 Integration

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Following are some of the reasons why it is important for your business to have HubSpot Office 365 Integration:

  • HubSpot Office 365 Integration permits you to pass your data to and from the internal and external systems.
  • It keeps all the resources in your hand which is needed for your business.
  • With HubSpot Office 365 Integration, you can host all of your content online, as per your business requirements.
  • Business Blocking is one of the most popular methods to attract more customers. This Integration includes different categories like Selling, Marketing, Productivity, Finance as well as Customer Service.

Steps to Set Up HubSpot Office 365 Integration

There are mainly 2 steps by which you can set up Hubspot Office 365 Integration. Those steps are listed below:

Step 1: Installing Office 365 Plugin for HubSpot

Installing the Office 365 plugin for HubSpot is very easy.  Here are the steps that you need to follow to install Office 365 plug-in for HubSpot:

  • To install a plug-in in the Microsoft app source click on this link.
  • On the left side of your windows screen, you can see the green button indicating “Get it now”. Click or tap on that button as shown in the image below.
HubSpot Sales image
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  • After clicking on the “Get it now” button, you can see a dialogue box, you just have to click on the “Continue” button on the box.
  • You will now be redirected to the login page of Office 365. Log in to your account and click on the “Add” button that will appear on your screen after login as shown in the image below.
Office 365 Login Page image
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  • Once you tap or click on the “Add” button, within a few minutes, a new window will appear on your screen, saying that Hubspot Office 365 Integration is completed. Now you can work on Hubspot and Office 365 simultaneously.

Step 2: Customizing and Using Office 365 Plugin for HubSpot

The process to customize the office 365 plugin for HubSpot is as follows:

  • On the home screen of HubSpot, you can see the “Setting” option.
  • Go to the settings in the Admin Center > Add-ins Page/ > Integrated Apps > Add-ins Page.
  • Choose “Deploy Add-in” at top of the page, then select “Next”.
  • Select HubSpot from different options and follow instructions.
  • If you select the option to add the add-in from the office store, make your add-in.
  • After selecting “Add-in”, accept the T&C to move ahead.
  • You will be directed to a different page. Review all the settings and then select the option “Deploy”.
  • When the add-in is deployed, a green tick appears on the page. Follow the instructions given to test it. Once done, click on “Next”.
  • This is an optional step but you can select who can access the add-in for more users.

That’s it! You have successfully set up HubSpot Office 365 Integration and have customized it to your business requirements.

Troubleshooting and Resolving Errors

Now that you have a basic understanding of HubSpot and Office 365. Moreover, you have also set up HubSpot Office 365 Integration, it is time to look into the errors you might have to deal with while working with HubSpot Office 365 Integration and also how to resolve these errors. Listed below are errors and the easiest way to resolve these errors:

1) Unable to Install Office 365 Add-in

Installing Add-ins Error image
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If you’re facing a problem installing the Office 365 Add-in, then first you must have requirements like outlet supported version of Office 365, Microsoft Store access, 3rd-party Add-in permission is necessary. In case you have multiple inboxes, then give Add-in permission to each inbox and connect your inbox.

2) Inbox Connection Loop not Working Properly

If you are stuck in the Inbox Connection Loop, then by using some proper instructions you can modify your profile in the outlook. Check if you have any updates for your E-Mail address then update it. In the next step connect your primary E-Mail address to the Add-in.

3) Unable to Track E-Mail

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There could be 2 reasons for this error to happen in the first place. Listed below are those reasons:

  • The main reason can be that your inbox hasn’t been connected at all. That means your HubSpot Office 365 Integration requires you to connect with your inbox. 
  • The E-Mail which was sent in plain text cannot be tracked. In this case, you will have to switch plain text to HTML mode in the E-Mail you are using with Office 365. 

4) Not Able to Transfer Debug Logs

Follow the steps below if you are facing this error:

  • To send a debug log, first, you have to go into the Microsoft Office 365 inbox, then tap on the “New Messages” and click on the “HubSpot Sprocket” icon.
  • In that check more sections and click on “Add-in Settings”.
  • Select “Help and Troubleshooting” and go to the “Need for more help?” There is an option to send debug logs, click on that and it will be sent.

Limitations of Integrating HubSpot and Office 365

Limitations image
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Now, you have understood the need for setting up HubSpot Office 365 Integration and have learned the troubleshooting and resolving errors of HubSpot Office 365 Integration, let’s talk about the limitations of HubSpot Office 365 Integration. Here are some limitations that you might have to face while working on HubSpot Office 365 Integration:

  • Integrating HubSpot, that may create Data Integrity issues.
  • In HubSpot Office 365, new contact cannot be created if the mail address is already registered on the CRM.
  • Gathering the list on the same platform is somewhat difficult in HubSpot.
  • The other limitation is that you can only put limited workflows and Salesforce tasks.
  • The activity label data cannot be fully integrated into Salesforce.


The article introduced you to HubSpot and Office 365. It also provided the importance and need of this integration. Furthermore, it provided a step-by-step guide that you can use to set up HubSpot Office 365 Integration manually. It also walked you through the errors and limitations you might have to face during and after this integration.

HubSpot Office 365 Integration is the best choice for your business. It provides Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management System. However, it has many limitations in integrating as well as after integration, you will face trouble in gathering lists and data integrity. This is where you can explore Hevo Data and check out how it can make everything easier for you. Hevo Data, No-code Data Pipeline helps you integrate data sources like HubSpot, etc., with any desired destination in real-time and for free.

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Share your experience of setting up HubSpot Office 365 Integration in the comments section below!

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