Setting Up HubSpot Outlook Integration: 2 Easy Methods

Pratik Dwivedi • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Hubspot Outlook

E-mail Marketing remains at the top of the list when it comes to the most crucial Marketing tools. It’s a direct communication channel that lets you reach out to your target audience in a timely and cost-effective manner. In today’s competitive market, however, every E-Mail Marketing company is vying for the first position. Setting Up HubSpot Outlook Integration can help your company stand out in this situation.

HubSpot is a Sales and Marketing platform. It assists businesses in increasing revenue and audience reach as quickly as possible. Outlook is an E-Mail application by Microsoft that allows users to send and receive E-Mail from their computers. This tool is far more comprehensive, with enhanced corporate support and features.

This article will walk you through the process of setting up HubSpot Outlook Integration using 2 popular methods. It will provide you with a brief introduction to HubSpot and Outlook. You will also explore the benefits of setting up HubSpot Outlook Integration in the further sections. Let’s get started.

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You’ll have a much easier time learning how to set up HubSpot Outlook Integration if you’ve gone through the following aspects:

  • An active HubSpot account.
  • An active Outlook account.
  • Working knowledge of CRM tools and E-Mail Marketing.

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo
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Hubspot is a Marketing, Sales, and Service software that allows you to store all your business development data like leads/contacts/deals/activities/reps, etc. on the cloud and run analytics on it. For organizations, seamless communications within and across the organization, as well as improved Lead Conversion Rates, are critical. The HubSpot CRM system accomplishes just that, and it significantly reduces the product’s time to market by reducing any internal friction or communication gaps.

Enterprises may extract important information in terms of their positioning and proper segmentation of the business by efficiently and effectively tracking the produced leads and creating a full database of the client’s actions. In essence, HubSpot CRM acts as a business enabler and catalyst by guiding the company’s strategy and operational frameworks in the correct direction.

To know more about HubSpot, visit this link.

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Logo
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Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft E-Mail program that allows users to send and receive E-Mail on their computers. Microsoft Outlook is commercial software that can be purchased alone or as part of the Microsoft Office suite. This application is far more comprehensive than the free version, with stronger corporate support and extra capabilities not available in the free version.

Microsoft Outlook provides services such as E-Mail, Phone Support, and Group Scheduling. It makes it simple to share information by using public folders, forms, and internet connectivity. It also allows you to organize information in any way you choose. You may design a view using the Field Chooser and Group By Box capabilities, or you can use any of Outlook’s basic views.

To know more about Outlook, visit this link.

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Benefits of Setting Up HubSpot Outlook Integration

Hubspot CRM integrates with your Outlook E-Mail client to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Get a seamless single point of management and usage for your Hubspot E-Mail Marketing efforts being managed via your Outlook.  
  • Follow up on your Marketing E-Mails, know when someone has read/clicked a link/interacted with your E-Mail. 
  • Use E-Mail Templates from Hubspot in your Outlook.
  • Optimize your documents/attachments and know which pages attracted the most viewership time. 
  • Automate your scheduling and follow up via Outlook, using personalizations from Hubspot.
  • Track E-Mail performance and optimize your E-Mails to get the best results.
  • Schedule meetings and organize meeting minutes to save a lot of time and management hassles. 
  • Route prospective clients to the right salesperson while they are interacting with your E-Mail.
  • Share your strategies and success stories easily with your team and stakeholders.
  • Get intuitive reporting on what works and whatnot, who buys quickly, and filter leads that are unlikely to buy.
  • Hubspot would automatically fetch your emails/contacts/notes/attachments/deals/meeting times etc. from Outlook and act as a CRM to streamline and manage your Marketing efforts.
  • You and your team can easily collaborate on and enhance the visibility of your processes. 
  • It helps you track your ongoing conversations and assists future planning via providing information about your historical relationship with the customer(s). 

Methods of Setting Up HubSpot Outlook Integration

Now that you have a basic grasp of both technologies let’s try to understand the procedure to set up HubSpot Outlook Integration. Below are the 2 methods you can follow to build your first HubSpot Outlook Integration:

Method 1: Setting Up HubSpot Outlook Integration using HubSpot Outlook Desktop Add-in

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to set up your HubSpot Outlook Integrations using HubSpot Outlook Desktop Add-in:

  • Step 1: Install the HubSpot-Outlook Desktop add-in ( Windows only). You can download the installer from here
  • Step 2: Run the setup.
  • Step 3: In case you have any problems, find “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime” from the Control Panel on your computer,  and click its “Repair” button.  
  • Step 4: Configure firewall settings – Firewalls will need to allow communication with * via HTTPS.
    Any updates will require communication with
  • Step 5: Next, restart your Outlook, if the add-in has been properly installed, it will ask you for your Hubspot credentials.    
  • Step 6: HubSpot Sales should appear in the inbox ribbon once it’s been installed.
HubSpot Sales Inbox Ribbon
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You can now just use its plug-and-play functionality to get started. 

Note: Outlook for Mac is not supported by the HubSpot Sales Outlook Desktop add-in. 

Method 2: Setting Up HubSpot Outlook Integration using HubSpot Office 365 Add-in

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to set up your HubSpot Outlook Integration using HubSpot Office 365 add-in.

Step 1: Install the HubSpot Office 365 add-in. Here, you have 2 options again. 

  • Step 1A: Centrally deploy the add-in for all your outlook 365 accounts. 

This option is suited for corporate users, where you would want all your Office 365 users on the domain to automatically get the add-in. 

HubSpot Sales
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This option will require you to relaunch Office and sometimes the add-in may take 12 hours to appear for all your users. 

  • Step 1B: Install the add-in individually, for your own(single) account only. 

Here, if you have multiple accounts where you want to track Sales via Hubspot, you will have to install the add-in individually for each of your Outlook accounts. 

Note: Do not install the HubSpot Sales Office 365 and HubSpot Sales Outlook Desktop add-ins on the same device. These add-ins will conflict and cause issues for your Sales tools.

Step 2: HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in has a “Track and Log” feature, that helps you monitor your clients’ engagement with your E-Mails, receive real-time notifications when your emails+attachments are read, log all communications with a client, and receive individualized “activity feed”.

To get real-time notifications when contacts open your E-Mails, you can either install “HubSpot Sales for Windows tray app” or install the “HubSpot Sales Chrome extension” if you’re comfortable using Chrome.

HubSpot Real Time Notification
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If you want to get real-time notifications of your client activity with your Marketing E-Mails, while you’re not on your Outlook, you can use the Hubspot “Windows tray app“. 

The “HubSpot Sales for Windows tray app” can be downloaded here

Step 3: Run the setup and you can see the “HubSpot sprocket icon” in your Windows tray, this can be used to view your activity feed by clicking the sprocket. 

HubSpot Sprocket Icon
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Conversely, on the Hubspot side, your Hubspot account will show details for your logged E-Mail as an associated company or deals records/specific information about the email send/attachments/ all of the emails in the thread, etc.

HubSpot Details
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CRM for Outlook is plug-and-play, which means it can be set up in seconds. It also honors GDPR protocols and tracks client activity anonymously if your client desires so. 


Overall, Hubspot and Office 365 can work in tandem, to provide you with an effective tool for your Sales and Marketing efforts. In this article, you got a brief overview of HubSpot and Outlook. It provided you with the benefits of setting up HubSpot Outlook Integration. You have also explored the step-by-step procedure to set up your first HubSpot Outlook Integration with ease. You can now use this integration to take your company to new heights with ease.

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Share your experience of setting up HubSpot Outlook Integration in the comments section below!

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