HubSpot Pipedrive Integration: A Comprehensive Guide 101

Aman Sharma • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

HubSpot and Pipedrive are two great CRM interfaces that have their own unique benefits. Many users have found the benefits of using both for their respective features. So, integration of HubSpot Pipedrive really does make sense!

In this article, you will read about the key features of both HubSpot Pipedrive and understand how you can initiate HubSpot Pipedrive integration, the differences between the two. The post is concluded with some challenges faced in HubSpot Pipedrive integration, and what you can do to tackle the same. 

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Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot came into existence for increasing the growth of companies.  Often, companies find it difficult to track the progress of their Digital Marketing team. HubSpot’s main focus was to bring on inbound Marketing concepts, where organizations can approach inbound Marketing strategies as compared to paid Marketing ones. HubSpot is a combination of Sales, Marketing, and CRM software by which the companies can interact with their customers keeping the agents in the loop. They can maintain a track record of the conservations in between the contacts.

Out of all CRM software out there, why HubSpot in particular? Well, HubSpot is a pretty comprehensive tool for Inbound Marketing and CRM Automation alike. If we look at its benefits from an overall perspective – It’s an all-in-one tool. You can streamline data, analyze it, communicate it, and implement strategies of customer management all within a single platform.

Analytics is, in fact, one aspect that always remains the USP of HubSpot central to all its dynamic features. HubSpot implements a data-driven Marketing strategy. Any brand using guided Marketing with HubSpot is not merely shooting in the dark. Data collection, ROI analysis, and assessments based on target Metrics are game-changers for real Marketing techniques that are not based on assumptions. You can fine-tune your Marketing strategy as per changing Metrics and, thus, get the edge over your competitors. 

Key Features of HubSpot

  • Insert videos to CRM emails: It is a fact that visuals grant more clarity and explains in-depth about the products and services. Using HubSpot, you can create videos and upload them over the software so that the clients can get a clear idea about the product.
  • Lead generation: Marketers need landing pages to generate quality leads. Without any help from designers or developers or even wasting their time, they need a Marketing strategy. Hence, you can use HubSpot software to build landing pages. You can select templates, design them using editor’s tools, and fetch more leads through landing pages.
  • Social Media: HubSpot stands out due to its sublime take on Social Media. It is one of the few CRM platforms that manage to engage Marketing strategies with active social media content creation on a daily basis. Features like a prompt scheduling system, a content calendar integration, and a Metric system to track visibility make it an excellent platform for social media management. 
  • SEO and Website customization: While SEO can seem quite cumbersome and difficult to handle. HubSpot makes SEO easy and more impactful. With a wide range of tools such as those for keyword targeting, site optimization, ranking, and comparison of SEO-friendly factors, HubSpot can help design and maintain a website with highly customized requirements. 
  • Integrated CRM: HubSpot simplifies the deal for its users with its integrated CRM for improved Customer Relationship Management. You can seamlessly keep track of all your visitors, their interactions, and responses to different elements of your website. Other information on social media exchanges, prospective leads, repeat customers, and many other details can be easily availed. 
  • Add contacts in Sequence tool: You can enroll your contact lists, and send them automated emails for follow-up using Sequence Tool. You can use the tool for sending timed-based emails, personalized emails, etc. The tool alerts for proceeding with the workflow automatedly without any hassle.

For further information on HubSpot, check out the official website here.

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Introduction to Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is an outstanding platform that has been created for startups as well as organizations to multiply sales and CRM.  Pipedrive aimed to build software that is fully packed with features feasible for sales as well as CRM. Using Pipedrive, you don’t have to use multiple software or applications for accomplishing different activities. 

Any new user can easily adapt Pipedrive, because of its video tutorials that explain Customer Relationship Management, Sales, and multiple integrations with third-party apps. There are several add-on features that save time to complete tasks. 

You can update your contact lists, automate workflow, schedule calls, set a tracker to get daily updates from your team members with the help of Pipedrive. In 2021, Pipedrive has discovered new features that help in automating the process and enhance more productive activities.

Key Features of Pipedrive

  • Privacy & Security: Pipedrive assures data to be in a secured environment. It maintains privacy on business data and ensures transparency. Many interactions require a secure environment not only for privacy but the accuracy of the performance. These aspects are well ensured with Pipedrive.
  • Multiple Integrations: You can integrate third-party apps along with Pipedrive to boost your sales or generate invoices. This is a common requirement especially with brand managers accessing updates and making real-time changes with their mobiles. Pipedrive allows you to use your existing set of preferred apps in collaboration with it. 
  • Create own templates: With Pipedrive, you can create your own templates, embed contexts and images, so that it improves your sales funnel. The value of custom templates is still highly underrated. A custom template can help you fine-tune Metrics that you actually need to observe in contrast with each other. 
  • Chatbot: For instant help, chatbots are alive over platforms. These chatbots act as virtual assistants so that the customers don’t have to wait for calls or emails and can get their queries cleared. Even though the area of expertise of these would be limited to a few pre-programmed topics, a dedicated chatbot with a few basic provisions is always a good touch. 
  • Active Reporting: Alongside these features, Pipedrive is also a haven for great insights and active reporting on the same. To develop an optimized sales strategy for any institution, measuring the organization’s performance based on a certain set of goals becomes essential. Pipedrive facilitates this with layered options.
  • Advanced Automation: In addition to these, the selling point for all these wide-ranging features is that every aspect can be readily automated for a smooth administration. Every organization desires simplification of mundane and repetitive tasks. Pipedrive brings that to the picture with an intelligent system custom fit to your requirements. 
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Simplify HubSpot ETL using Hevo’s No-code Data Pipelines

Hevo Data is a No-code Data Pipeline that offers a fully managed solution to set up data integration from HubSpot for free and 100+ Data Sources (including 30+ Free Data Sources) and will let you directly load data to a Data Warehouse or the destination of your choice. It will automate your data flow in minutes without writing any line of code. Its fault-tolerant architecture makes sure that your data is secure and consistent.

Its completely automated pipeline offers data to be delivered in real-time without any loss from source to destination. Its fault-tolerant and scalable architecture ensure that the data is handled in a secure, consistent manner with zero data loss and supports different forms of data. The solutions provided are consistent and work with different Business Intelligence (BI) tools as well.

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Here are more reasons to try Hevo:

  • Secure: Hevo has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures that the data is handled securely and consistently with zero data loss.
  • Schema Management: Hevo takes away the tedious task of schema management & automatically detects the schema of incoming data and maps it to the destination schema.
  • Minimal Learning: Hevo, with its simple and interactive UI, is extremely simple for new customers to work on and perform operations.
  • Hevo Is Built To Scale: As the number of sources and the volume of your data grows, Hevo scales horizontally, handling millions of records per minute with very little latency.
  • Incremental Data Load: Hevo allows the transfer of data that has been modified in real-time. This ensures efficient utilization of bandwidth on both ends.
  • Live Support: The Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls.
  • Live Monitoring: Hevo allows you to monitor the data flow and check where your data is at a particular point in time.
  • Live Support: Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls.
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Steps to Integrate Pipedrive and HubSpot

Integrating HubSpot Pipedrive has multiple benefits. But majorly, the integration saves your valuable time and avoids the manual entry of data. You avail of default field mappings,  two-way sync mappings, and historical sync mappings on the integration of HubSpot Pipedrive. In two-way sync mappings, on a real-time basis, the data is shared between HubSpot Pipedrive. In default field mappings, already mandatory fields are created that automates your workflow. In Historical syncing, the existing data and the proposed data will update and sync. 

Using the HubSpot Pipedrive Integration

The process of integrating HubSpot Pipedrive is simple, and effective if you want your sales and CRM up to the mark. To integrate HubSpot Pipedrive using HubSpot Pipedrive Integrate follow the steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1: You need to visit the Pipedrive official’s webpage. Click on the link

Step 2: You must hold either an admin account of HubSpot or have access to HubSpot App Marketplace. Login into your HubSpot account or Sign up using the link

Step 3: Over Pipedrive’s official website, click on the Go to Marketplace button.

Step 4: Take the cursor, over the search bar and type HubSpot.

Step 5: You will be redirected to a new page, on the right side corner, click on proceed to install button.

Step 6: Your installation will be started and hence, setup is done. 

Once your HubSpot Pipedrive integration set up is ready, you can sync whatever data you want to like contacts, tracking sales, records, etc. 

HubSpot Pipedrive: Comparision 

If you are searching for powerful and strong, user-friendly, and effective CRM software for boosting your sales, then there are two best options available in the market. These are present in both HubSpot Pipedrive. 

Well, if you are confused in figuring out which one is the best option then the table below marks out the differences depending on different criteria. This will help you to figure out the best one for your organization:

Easy to useHubSpot addresses easy customization and personalization that don’t affect user experience. Pipedrive addresses customization and contact management but in a bit complex or messy way. 
Workflow AutomationHubSpot enhances automatic workflow from various perspectives like company-based, contact-based, or deal-based automation.Pipedrive enhanced automated workflow but only from a sales and CRM perspective. 
Dashboard Analytics HubSpot’s dashboard is a bit complex to observe the analytics. The main catch is through the Pipedrive dashboard, you can easily observe and monitor the performance of the Sales team.
PricingHubSpot offers pocket-friendly free pricing plans for beginners who are willing to try CRM. It charges for other plans like advanced, and enterprise. Pipedrive offers a free trial option for 14 days. But once your free trial period is done, you need to start with an essential plan of 12.50 USD per month.
Cost-EffectiveHubSpot is cost-effective and feasible for small-scale businesses that want to focus more on CRM.Pipedrive is a bit expensive and is feasible for small-scale as well as large-scale businesses who want to focus more on sales.

Limitations/Challenges of Connecting HubSpot Pipedrive 

Well, it’s a big project to integrate HubSpot Pipedrive, because of several factors like syncing data on a real-time basis, or while connecting the app, etc. The users came across multiple issues while integrating HubSpot Pipedrive. You might come across challenges that are mentioned below:

  • Failure in Connection Settings: The major issue that you might come across is a failure while connecting the app. If you are connecting HubSpot with Pipedrive, then while installing or setting up the integration you might get a connection error. Hence, it’s better to have a stable internet connection while proceeding with integration. You must follow all the instructions that are displayed on the screen for flexible integration.
  • Mappings errors: Usually, mapping errors occur in custom fields. The custom fields depend upon properties present in the system. Hence, make sure to select properties correctly.


Thus, a HubSpot Pipedrive integration has its own merits and challenges. If you’re able to carry it out successfully, there’s no doubt you can access a great combination of features. To make your setup easier to manage, try using Hevo, a fully managed automation platform. 

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Hevo Data provides its users with a simpler platform for integrating data from 100+ sources such as HubSpot for Analysis. It is a No-code Data Pipeline that can help you combine data from multiple sources. You can use it to transfer data from multiple data sources into your Data Warehouse, Database, or a destination of your choice. It helps transfer data from HubSpot to a destination of your choice for free. It provides you with a consistent and reliable solution to managing data in real-time, ensuring that you always have Analysis-ready data in your desired destination.

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Share your experience of learning about HubSpot Pipedrive Integration! Let us know in the comments section below!

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