HubSpot Social Media Marketing Simplified 101

Talha • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Hubspot is a completely managed cloud-based marketing, sales, and service software that enables organizations to grow and maintain their business without implementing their own customer management software.

Hubspot offers 5 applications in one suite – Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Content Management System Hub, and Operations Hub. Hubspot allows organizations to facilitate their marketing communications through various channels, monitor them, acquire leads, groom them using the Sales hub, and then service them through the service hub, once they become customers. Hubspot social media marketing is carried out using Hubspot Marketing Hub. 

The CMS hub allows marketers to manage the content in the business website and blogs. Hubspot marketing cloud enables organizations to create marketing campaigns, and present marketing content through various channels including social media, monitor them and then measure performance. This post is about the HubSpot Social Media Marketing capabilities of Hubspot Marketing Hub. 

Table of Contents

Understanding Hubspot Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows organizations in four ways. 

  • It helps to increase brand awareness
  • It helps to generate more leads and improve conversions
  • It helps you to cultivate relationships with customers and then maintain them
  • It helps you to learn from your competitors. 

Hubspot social media marketing supports all the well-known digital marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. It allows one to create and manage content through an intuitive user interface. Hubspot’s social media marketing includes the following functionalities.

  • Schedule and publish your content through various channels
  • Monitor specific social feeds and understand your competition
  • Manage your social media efforts through broad campaigns.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and report based on them.

Hubspot allows connecting social media to your typical marketing efforts in the following ways.

  • It allows you to add your social media handles to your email signatures and footers of the scheduled newsletters that you sent out.
  • You can also add social media links to the header or footer of your website that is managed through the Hubspot CMS hub
  • It helps you to promote social media posts that you have created in channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • It can automatically share blog posts based on schedules and monitor the inbound traffic through them

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Working with Hubspot Social Media Marketing

This section will take you through the basics of social media marketing using Hubspot Social media marketing.

1)To access Social media marketing, Head to the Social tab in the Marketing section located at the top bar in your Hubspot instance.

Hubspot Social Media :Social tab in Marketing
Image source: Hubspot academy

2) The next step towards using Hubspot Social Media is to connect your account with Hubspot. This can be done by heading to the Settings section in Hubspot Social Media. Click Connect Account to start this process.

Hubspot Social Media : Settings section in Hubspot Social Media
Image source: Hubspot academy

3) Select the social media account that you want to connect to. Enter the credentials and provide the required permissions.

Hubspot Social Media : Select the social media account
Image source: Hubspot academy

4)Once you connect the account, you will see them listed in the account section of Hubspot Social. You should enable sharing in your account section to start posting to your accounts through Hubspot.

Hubspot Social Media : account section of Hubspot Social
Image source: Hubspot academy

5)If you have already created blogs in your Hubspot account, you can directly publish them to your social feeds by clicking on the Manage blogs button.

Hubspot Social Media : Manage blogs window
Image source: Hubspot academy

6) To start posting using Hubspot, you should head back to the social section and click the ‘Create Social Post’ button below.

Hubspot Social Media : social section
Image source: Hubspot academy

7) You can select the social media you want to deal with. Let’s select Facebook here and continue.

Hubspot Social Media : Create new social posts window
Image source: Hubspot academy

8) Hubspot will then allow you to type your content and select a campaign. With the text content, you can also add links to your landing page or even a blog post. If you have not created a campaign, you can also create one from the drop-down. Campaigns help you to organize your effort in a coherent way. 

Hubspot Social Media : space for typing post
Image source: Hubspot academy

9) The next step is to select a schedule to publish the post. You can choose to publish immediately or schedule it for later. Choose a schedule to schedule the post for a later time.

Hubspot Social Media : post scheduling
Image source: Hubspot academy

10) Hubspot allows even more granular controls for scheduling through the settings page. To reach here, click the Publishing tab in the settings section.

Hubspot Social Media : scheduling through the settings page
Image source: Hubspot academy

11)  The publishing tab displays various settings to customize the post publishing schedule. You can choose the ‘Publish like Human’ option to set random delays before the post so that the posts will appear not originated from an automated routine. Options to shorten the links and set specific delays between posts are also available.

Hubspot Social Media : Publish like Human’ option
Image source: Hubspot academy

12) Now that the post is published, the next step is to monitor how your campaigns are doing. For doing this, head to the Marketing section in the top bar again and click Campaigns.

Hubspot Social Media : Marketing Campaign tab
Image source: Hubspot academy

13) This section will display key metrics about how your user is interacting with your posts. It shows details about interactions, clicks, shares, etc. You can change the date range and campaigns in the top bar to get granular information.

Hubspot Social Media : Reports tab
Image source: Hubspot academy

That concludes our short tutorial on working with HubSpot social media marketing.


Hubspot provides an excellent application suite for completely managing the social media marketing operations of an organization through an intuitive user interface. With HubSpot Social media marketing, the ability to interact with all the social media channels, post content, and then monitor results at a single place lessens the burden of the marketing managers to an extend.

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