HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration: 3 Easy Steps

Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Understanding the customer’s need and their behavior always helps businesses to boost their revenue. Irrespective of the medium used to communicate with customers. Surveys are the key elements of understanding the pulse of your target audience. SurveyMonkey offers a cloud-based service to create online surveys. Customer’s opinions can provide valuable insights to let businesses move with customers.

HubSpot provides completely managed cloud-based Marketing, Sales, and service software. HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration can help organizations market their products and services, acquire leads, convert them to customers, service them and maintain a deep relationship with customers. HubSpot supports multiple Marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, where SurveyMonkey can add more value to it.  

If there was a way for companies to get E-Mail addresses and contact details gathered from surveys. HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration is a perfect solution for this. Loading SurveyMonkey data to HubSpot will help companies a lot in further communication. In this article, you will understand the process to perform HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration. Also, you will read about how it can help companies to better know about their target audiences.

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  • An active HubSpot account.
  • An active SurveyMonkey account.

Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot at its heart is a CRM that can also do Marketing Automation. HubSpot’s CRM module allows one to build lists of contacts and segment them based on different Marketing criteria. Such segmentation allows Marketing teams to target their audience with precise plans. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub provides many functionalities to help organizations manage their Marketing communication through different channels. It helps Marketers automate sending E-Mails, keep a watch on how the users interact with the Marketing collaterals, measure the effectiveness, and report based on them. HubSpot can help Marketers set up Marketing communication using landing pages. Such pages also come with built-in tracking of user interaction with them. 

HubSpot offers various E-Mail features that allow users to define templates and visualize how E-Mails will look in different client applications. As with landing pages, HubSpot E-Mails are trackable, and the Marketing team can get information about whether customers opened the E-Mail or ignored them.  

Key Features of HubSpot

HubSpot is a collection of five services – Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operation Hub. It offers many other features. A few of the are listed below:

  • VOIP Calling: HubSpot offers calling services so that users can interact with customers. These calls are recorded and tagged along with the contacts for future references.
  • Collaborative Integrations: HubSpot allows users to integrate with other 3rd party apps and services to sync and organize all their data in one place.
  • A/B Testing: It allows users to get the best performing variation of landing pages and E-Mails.

To learn more about HubSpot, click here.

Introduction to SurveyMonkey

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SurveyMonkey helps organizations to collect data about people using free online surveys and transform them into insights that can power the business. SurveyMonkey is not only limited to surveys but also can create quizzes and polls. It can bundle data collection instruments such as web links, E-Mail, or social media. SurveyMonkey also helps analyze the data once your audience provides the feedback. Its analytics features can automatically segment data based on key differentiators and present insights about the results. 

Key Features of SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey helps Marketers and companies to interact with customers and gather customer information. A few features of SurveyMonkey are listed below:

  • Question Banks: SurveyMonkey can also suggest templates and questions for different requirements based on its built-in question banks. It is intelligent enough to suggest questions to engage the users without bias.
  • Robust Integrations: The ability to integrate with most Marketing and Sales tools makes SurveyMonkey the most popular choice for collecting data about your customers.
  • Smart Analytics: It allows users to analyze the feedback response of surveys and segment audiences based on various metrics.

To learn more about SurveyMonkey, click here.

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Need for HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration

Surveys help Marketers to understand the needs and wants of the target audience. It also helps them get feedback regarding the products and services consumed by them. Surveys are an essential part of designing products and services that appeal most to your target audience. Marketers use various methods to get the customers to fill out surveys that will help them understand more about customers. 

A customer who is already using HubSpot will be delivering all his Marketing communications through HubSpot. It can be through E-Mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. Surveys being a crucial part of Outbound Marketing, it is natural that users would want the most popular survey service provider to integrate it with HubSpot. 

Organizations are directly able to view the survey response and analyze them in HubSpot itself. It helps them create better surveys and monitor the performance of surveys along with the quality of their other Marketing communication.

HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration helps organizations to achieve the outcomes listed below:

  • Directly sync SurveyMonkey contact data with HubSpot
  • Send survey links directly from HubSpot
  • View the survey response data in HubSpot

Steps to HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration

HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration can help the Marketing professional to lower the effort in managing two services. It allows organizations to send a SurveyMonkey link directly to a customer from HubSpot. The steps to HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration are listed below:

Step 1: Installing SurveyMonkey App

  • Log in to your HubSpot account here.
  • Click on the Marketplace icon located on the right side of the navigation bar and then select “App Marketplace“.
App Marketplace Button in HubSpot
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  • Here, search for “SurveyMonkey” in the search bar.
SurveyMonkey App in HubSpot Marketplace
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  • Now click on the “Install App” button to install SurveyMonkey on the HubSpot account. The installation routine will ask for your SurveyMonkey credentials and request authorization.
HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration Credentials
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  • If you have a paid plan, ensure that “View answers along with responses” is checked. It will help to achieve the advanced functionality to view responses also in HubSpot.

Step 2: Syncing Data From SurveyMonkey

  • Once installed, you can view SurveyMonkey in the Connected App section of the marketplace. Click SurveyMonkey and switch the toggle button for syncing to ON.
Enabling HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration Data Sync
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  • Now head to your SurveyMonkey account and click “Create Survey” at the top right corner.
Creating SurveyMonkey Survey
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  • Pick a template and finish your survey according to your requirement.
Picking SurveyMonkey Template
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  • Adding questions is as easy as selecting the ones you appeal from the question bank.
Adding Questions in SurveyMonkey Survay
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Step 3: Sending Created Surveys to Contacts

  • Once you have created a survey, it will automatically be synced to your HubSpot account. Sending a survey to contact is as easy as going to the contact section, select the contact, and click the “Send Survey” button.
Sending SurveyMonkey Survey
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  • You can select the survey you created from the list and click “Send”.
  • Once the survey is sent out, you can view the status of the survey in the SurveyMonkey section of the contact.
SurveyMonkey Survay Status
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  • When the customer responds, you can view the responses as well by clicking the filter activity button for that specific contact.
Viewing HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration Survey Responses
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That’s it! You completed HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration.

Limitations of HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration

HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration provides much flexibility to Marketers and companies, but some points are crucial to consider while going for HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration. A few limitations are listed below:

  • To use the complete feature set of HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration, you must have a paid SurveyMonkey account. SurveyMonkey offers most of its features free of cost. It may not be worthwhile to get a paid account just for HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration.
  • Even with HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration, users are still required to use the SurveyMonkey web interface to create surveys. Directly creating surveys from HubSpot is not supported at this time. 
  • The survey analytics part of HubSpot is not as perfect as SurveyMonkey native analytics or third-party Analytics like Google Forms. So you may still have to use a third-party Analytics service to get deep insights. 


In this article, you learned the steps involved in HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration and some of its limitations. Though, the features of HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration help companies to gather customer data. This data is of significant use to elevate Sales and Marketing. The primary limitation of HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration is the inadequate Analytics support of the survey responses. 

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