HubSpot Teams Integration: 6 Easy Steps

Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: April 19th, 2023

With the emergence of remote working environments, it is very important for the Sales, Marketing, and Service teams to be well-aligned. This should also be the case with the traditional office settings. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you can use HubSpot and Microsoft Teams Integration to ensure that your business, employees, customers, and teams are all on the same page.

If these two systems don’t interact with each other through integration, there will be a lot of ambiguity. A Sales representative may not know the second name of a lead. The Marketing team may not know when the Sales team will need customer data. Or, a prospect may submit a form and no one is notified about it and hence, there’s a chance of this case slipping through the cracks. A HubSpot Teams Integration can save your business from much of the dubiety. In this article, you’ll learn how to seamlessly set up a HubSpot Teams Integration.

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Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot is a platform used by businesses to interact with their Customers, Leads, and Evangelists. It comes with tools that businesses can use for Sales, Marketing, and Services. These tools can also assist businesses in hosting their websites and landing pages, creating email sequences and blogs, and managing their interactions with customers and leads. Businesses can also use HubSpot to measure the success of their Marketing Campaigns and track the behavior of their users. 

Why should enterprises use HubSpot?

  • Enterprises can use HubSpot’s drag and drop functionality to build their websites, which saves them from recruiting a Designer, and IT Support team from maintenance.
  • HubSpot’s Website Builder helps enterprises to personalize content for every web visitor and publish mobile-friendly content. 
  • HubSpot helps enterprises to enhance organic search results by providing a tool for discovering, tracking, and organizing keywords.
  • Clicks, impressions, and ROI (Return On Investment) for the enterprises from the Digital Ad Campaigns can be measured with HubSpot.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns can be created and customized using HubSpot and their performance can also be tracked.
  • The data generated while using HubSpot is a rich source of information that businesses can use for decision-making.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a Chat-Based Collaboration platform that facilitates Online Meetings, Document Sharing, Screen Sharing, and many other useful functionalities for Business Communication. 

An excellent team space can be good for making creative decisions and enhances communication within the team. This is easier to achieve with a Shared Workspace Software, especially in a large company, or where there are many remote employees.

These key features help Teams stand out from other Shared Workspace platforms:

  • Teams and Channels: The teams are made up of channels, which form the Conversation Boards between teammates. 
  • A Chat Function: The Chat Function facilitates chatting between teams, groups, and individuals. 
  • Online Meetings: This feature helps to enhance your communication, company-wide meetings, and online training. It can host up to 10,000 Users at a go. 
  • Audio Conferencing: This feature is not found in most collaboration platforms. It allows anyone to join online meetings via mobile phone. No internet connection is required for this.

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This is what you will need to set up a HubSpot Teams Integration:

  • A HubSpot Account
  • A Microsoft Teams Account

HubSpot Teams Integration

You can integrate HubSpot with Microsoft Teams Notifications, which is an app that uses HubSpot’s workflow automation to instantly notify your Sales, Marketing, and Service departments about any recent HubSpot-related activities.

To set up HubSpot Teams Integration, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Log into your HubSpot account and click the “Settings” gear located in the upper right section.

HubSpot Teams: Settings
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Step 2: A new page will open. Click “Integrations” from the vertical navigation bar as shown below. Choose the “Connected Apps” option. 

HubSpot Teams: Connected Apps
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Step 3: Click the “Visit App Marketplace” button located at the top right corner. 

HubSpot Teams: Marketplace
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Step 4: A new page will open. Use the search bar to search for “Microsoft Teams Notifications”. It will be suggested to you. Click on “Microsoft  Teams Notifications”.

HubSpot Teams: Teams Notifications
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Step 5: The Microsoft  Teams Notifications app page will open. You can navigate through the page to know what this integration is all about. Click the “Install app” button located at the top right corner. 

HubSpot Teams: Install App
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Step 6: HubSpot’s secure connection screen will pop up. Select the HubSpot portal that you need to connect to. Review the set of permissions and click the “Grant Access” button.  

The HubSpot Teams Integration is now up and running.

How to use HubSpot Teams Integration

The HubSpot Teams Integration helps you increase the efficiency of your company. It can also enhance productivity and team alignment in your company. 

Below are the other ways through which your company can benefit from the HubSpot Teams Integration:

  • Real-Time Communication

Real-time communication is good for nurturing a lead and closing a deal. After integrating HubSpot with Teams, you will be able to add the action “Microsoft Team Notifications” to your Hubspot Company, Contact, Ticket, and Deal to notify users automatically. Notifications from HubSpot will be shown on Teams with all relevant details for you to respond swiftly.

  • Improved Department Collaboration

Generating leads, delighting clients, and closing new customers can help a business move forward. To achieve that, the Sales, Marketing, and Service teams should be well equipped with the necessary tools. The teams should also collaborate efficiently to avoid miscommunication and confusion. The HubSpot Teams Integration will connect Marketing Hub, CRM Hub, Service Hub, and Sales Hub to keep HubSpot and Teams in full system alignment. 

  • Increased Productivity

Spending a lot of time doing manual tasks, such as looking for information on HubSpot to send it to a coworker on Teams can reduce productivity. This integration will save you time as the team members will receive information about leads and customers instantly, thus, they can spend more time nurturing rather than looking for data. This will lead to increased productivity.


This write-up gave a detailed guide on how to set up a HubSpot Teams Integration. It is a well-known fact that companies are constantly looking for ways to enhance Team Collaboration to improve their efficiency, hence the need for linking multiple applications that offer specific specializations. This is what you’ve learned in this article:

  • You’ve learned more about HubSpot.
  • You’ve learned more about Microsoft Teams. 
  • You’ve learned how to set up a HubSpot Teams Integration. 
  • You’ve learned how to use the HubSpot Teams Integration for the benefit of your business.
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Do you use HubSpot and Teams? Share the challenges you faced in setting up a HubSpot Teams Integration in the comments section below.

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