HubSpot Traffic Analytics: 6 Critical Metrics

Orina Mark • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Understanding HubSpot Traffic Analytics

Online marketing has evolved in recent years to become critical to business success. Needless to say, for you to reach your target clients, you have to strive to appear within the first page of google searches. 

Given social media marketing’s critical nature, different tools designed to help business managers effectively reach their target audience have recently hit the market. However, none has withstood the test time quite like HubSpot. With this in mind, this post is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to HubSpot Traffic Analytics. 

In a world where the internet connects everything in all sectors, from commerce to medicine to education, organizations have understood that online marketing is essential to reach target customers. This has created a sort of stir where every firm is turning to the internet for website marketing. While this is a good thing, it is only beneficial when the right marketing tools are employed. Why? Google uses a ranking algorithm to determine which websites appear first in searches.

Additionally, none of your customers land on your website by accident. Several metrics come into play when determining website users, including Google searches, social media promotions, and personal recommendations. Based on the information laid out above, it is evident that a successful online marketing management strategy will most likely lead to business success. 

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Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot is a full-stack software designed with one sole purpose in mind, to help businesses reach their full marketing potential without the need for intensive coding and technical know-how. One of the greatest benefits of using the software is that it has a wide array of tools to host web/landing pages and create blogs and email campaigns. What’s more, you can use the platform to manage interactions with your website visitors while analyzing the success of your marketing campaign. 

HubSpot has several tools you can use to manage your marketing campaign better. They are divided into hubs for easier access, including HubSpot Marketing, CRM, Sales, and its Service tool. 

Understanding the Key Features of HubSpot

Below are some of the key features of it that make it a key tool in the world of online marketing: 

  • Lead Capture- This is one of the most beneficial features of the platform. It allows you to easily capture leads and build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your customer base. Furthermore, you can create an email list that automatically enrolls new clients. 
  • Social Media Monitoring- You don’t need to search for third-party software to check on your social media, as you can do this right from its dashboard. 
  • Planning and Strategy- This tool includes the calendar, SEO, and other various project products. You can use these services to strategize meetings and pillar pages. 
  • Analytics- This is an efficient tool for monitoring overall website performance. It can be found under the reporting tab and will give you an overview of how your pages are fairing in terms of traffic compared to others. 

Understanding the Benefits of using HubSpot

It stands above its peers as a top-tier software that enables companies to get to their full potential in SEO marketing to reach their target audience. With this in mind, this section will dive into the benefits of working with it. 

1) Automated Emails

Emails are some of the most effective tools in creating and building long-lasting relationships with your clients. Here, you can create automated emails, which saves you time and resources. 

2) Real-Time Updates

Accuracy is a vital aspect of an effective content management strategy. Luckily, it allows you to make real-time updates to your website that are synced every ten minutes. This way, your website readers always have access to accurate and timely information, which helps build a trustworthy relationship. 

3) Track Communication

Content Management is all about information, and sometimes keeping track of data can be a difficult affair. With this in mind, it allows you to send emails directly from the platform to the intended client. Furthermore, you can easily monitor the channels with the highest engagement and create specialized marketing strategies. 

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Understanding the Key HubSpot Traffic Analytics Metrics

This section talks about HubSpot Traffic Analytics. HubSpot offers an all-in-one dashboard to give you a closer look at your analytics and reports and an overview of how your website is fairing in terms of engagement. 

A quick login to your HubSpot account will lead you to the default marketing dashboard. Upon clicking the next Marketing Dashboard arrow, the tool will present you with a drop-down list of all your dashboards, with HubSpot Traffic Analytics included. 

HubSpot Traffic Analytics Dashboard
Image Source

If you select the Web Analytics Dashboard, below is what you will be presented with: 

HubSpot Traffic Analytics Web Analytics Dashboard
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Below are some of the metrics you can track using the Web analytics dashboard:

1) Sessions

This HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric includes sessions over time that are divided into new and returning ones. You also have the option of filtering sessions spread out on custom date ranges. Finally, you get an overview of your traffic engagement metrics as follows:

HubSpot Traffic Analytics Metrics: Sessions
Image Source

2) Engagement Metrics

You can view a broken-down version of your traffic engagement metrics. This HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric includes bounce rate, approximate time on site, and pages per session. Using these numbers, you can understand user behavior and find out ways of improving your marketing strategy. 

3) Session Sources

This HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric is an essential aspect of HubSpot as it gives you an idea of which channels are driving new visitors to your website. The sources may be paid or organic, based on your website channels. 

4) New Visitors

HubSpot further breaks down per source for more accurate results and delivers session sources for new visitors and engagement rates through this HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric. 

HubSpot Traffic Analytics Metrics: Sessions By Source
Image Source
HubSpot Traffic Analytics Metrics: New Visitors Sessions
Image Source

5) Device Types

One of the greatest benefits of HubSpot is that it dives into details at its best. For instance, it gives you a breakdown of the devices used to access your website, as shown below in this HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric: 

HubSpot Traffic Analytics Metrics: Device Breakdown
Image Source

This HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric is a particularly useful factor when considering which marketing strategy to employ. For example, if you have a low mobile user audience, you can consider diverting your marketing campaign towards these individuals. 

6) Session Country

HubSpot filters sessions based on the region, allowing you to understand which areas your marketing campaigns are successful. Below is an illustration of the same with the help of this HubSpot Traffic Analytics metric:  

HubSpot Traffic Analytics Metrics: Session Country
Image Source


From the features laid out above, it is clear that HubSpot is a huge step forward in online marketing. It offers robust tools that will most certainly help content managers reach their full marketing potential. Are you in the market looking for effective marketing software? Then it might just be the tool for you! Sign up today and get access to a world full of marketing opportunities!

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