HubSpot Website Grader Simplified: 4 Key Metrics

• September 3rd, 2021

HubSpot Website Grader

Website Grader Tools can help in improving the performance of your website by examining every element of your website and pinpointing potential bugs or areas for improvement. From SEO to Mobile Compatibility, Content Clarity, and Page Speed, Website Grader Tools can give you feedback on how to get your pages to the top. HubSpot Website Grader is one of the most popular Grading tools present in the current scenario.

Upon a complete walkthrough of this article, you will gain a decent understanding of HubSpot Website Grader. You will also learn about various Metrics on the basis of which HubSpot Website Grader evaluates your website. Read along to learn more about HubSpot Website Grader!

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Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo
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HubSpot is one of the most popular Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform designed to help bring together your organization’s Sales and Marketing teams to increase your revenue, boost Return on investment (ROI), and optimize your internal Marketing strategies to generate more qualified Leads to help enhance your organization’s performance.

The platform provides an avenue where your company or business can store Client’s and Prospect’s data, Track Customer’s Interactions, and Share the information obtained with business partners. It also allows your business to manage its relationship with the clients, thereby helping your organization and industry.

HubSpot came into existence in 2005 as a resource for Marketers, offering tools and resources that helped companies get started with Inbound Marketing. They help companies grow better and faster by providing educational and informational content that attracts customers and new clients to its website and keeps them glued to the website until they decide to become customers and choose to patronize you.

For further information on HubSpot, click here to check out their official website.

Introduction to Website Grader

HubSpot website Grader
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A Website Grader is a tool used to grade your website against Vital Metrics, including Performance, Mobile Readiness, SEO, and Security. It measures the Marketing efficiency of a website. It provides an Inbound Marketing Analysis that includes Website Traffic, SEO, the Blogosphere, Social Media, and other Inbound Marketing factors that improve the site’s grade and effectiveness. Website Grader has featured several popular blogs and websites, including Hubspot, TechCrunchBNET, and the Boston Globe.

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4 Key Metrics Associated With HubSpot Website Grader

Hubspot Website Grader ensures that your website is easy for clients and potential customers to discover and understand. It improves your website by first grading your website and providing you with results according to the grade of your site.

After reading through your results, HubSpot would then share recommendations on how and what you can do to Improve your Website, Generate more Traffic, and Improve your Sales.

HubSpot Website Grader rates your website based on the following four metrics:

1) Performance

The Performance of your website means how quickly your website loads content for each client that visits the website. Many websites contain so many elements that slow them down. Most websites score around 18 out of 30 in Performance when the Grading Test is conducted.  

Your website’s grade and overall website performance depend on several contributing parameters, including Page Size, Page Requests, Page Speed, Browser Caching, Page Redirects, Image Size, Minified JavaScript, and CSS.

Performance metrics
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Page Size

HubSpot uses that website’s Page Size as one of the parameters for grading your website. The smaller the page, the better the speed of your site. Pages with substantial sizes take more time to load, and even after loading, the user gets redirected to another website. This affects the overall grade and score of your website.

Page Requests

Another parameter used for grading websites on HubSpot website grader is the Page Request. More Page Requests usually add to the speed and loading time of your webpage. So, it is advisable to lower the number of page requests by combining the files to enhance speed and make the page load faster.

Browser caching

Browser Caching is another parameter that influences the score of your website on the HubSpot Website Grader. This is affected by saving frequently viewed content in your device’s local memory, which in return speeds up your website. If you fail to allow Browser Caching, the loading of pages becomes slower as it takes more time to load every time a page is loaded on your browser. Besides, allowing Browser Caching makes your page load faster and better.

Page Redirects

Page Redirects also affect the grade and core of your website. The number of Page Redirects on your page should be minimal to enhance your overall scoring. Page Redirect is when you desire to open a link, but you are redirected to another link after clicking on the link. When two or more links are placed in such an order, this activity is referred to as Multiple Redirects. This, in turn, affects the speed of your website and makes it very slow.  

Image Size

Image size is the size of the images uploaded on your website. The sizes of the pictures on your page add to the size of the page, which in turn affects the speed of your website. It is best to optimize the size of the images on your page to enable the page to load faster by reducing its loading time.

JavaScript and CSS

Javascript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are computer Programing Languages of the web written in codes. These Codes and Languages must be minified to enable your website to load faster. If the Codes and Languages are not minified, they affect the load time and take too much time.

HubSpot highlights either of these parameters that need to be worked on to enable you to identify the specific aspects of your website that must be improved to have a better grade. For example, if the Browser Caching shows a red mark or highlight, this signifies that there is a need to work on that aspect of your website.

2) Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is one of the key metrics used by HubSpot Website Grader to grade your website. It involves ensuring that your website is accessible by your clients and customers on their mobile devices. The essence of Mobile Optimization is to keep your users pleased while glancing through your website on their devices. Mobile phones are more accessible to clients than a computer, and as such, they would prefer sites that can be accessed conveniently on the devices they use with ease.

If your website is well accessible, users are more likely to buy your products or request your service, and if they are satisfied, they will trust your brand even more. 

HubSpot Website Grader focuses on two essential elements in grading Mobile Optimization. These two elements are the Mobile Responsiveness of the site and Viewports that allow Website Managers to control and manage the sizes of their pages as they appear on various devices.  If your website is not optimized and displaying well in Mobile Search Results, you would probably be losing potential clients. 

Tips to Improve Mobile Optimization Score

You should note the following to ensure that your website scores high in the HubSpot Website Grader Mobile Optimization Score:

  • Run your website through Google’s mobile-friendly test to know how friendly your website is to mobile devices.
  • You can strategically choose the right optimization option for your website by having a responsive design or having a separate mobile site. However, HubSpot recommends the responsive design because Search Engines prefer it.
  • Design your website around mobile behavior.

3) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of the traffic generated by your web page from Search Engines. It is the process of ensuring that your website pops up when a prospective client searches for a keyword relating to the contents provided on your website.

Tips to Improve SEO Score of a Website

You should note the following to ensure that your website scores high in the HubSpot Website Grader Search Engine Optimization Score.

  • Go through your website to see missing Page Titles, Heading Tags, and Meta descriptions. Once any of these is identified, they should be added immediately to ensure Proper Optimization.
  • A Site Map should be created for your website. This would make navigation through your website easier for visitors and clients and give them direct access to what they need from your website, which will positively impact your website’s SEO Score.
  • Ensure that your website does not have duplicate pages. Duplicating pages compete with each other for traffic and may harm your SEO. For example, a website for electronics may have multiple pages optimized for ‘best indoor appliance.’ If it does, those pages will compete with each other for Search Traffic. So, it is best to consider merging duplicate pages or, on the contrary, create a cross-linking strategy.

4) Security

Security is a very crucial aspect that must be looked into while creating a website for your business. Clients will not visit your website because their security is essential if your website is not well secured. 

To secure your website, you should use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as it creates a secure tunnel between your client’s browser and your website’s web server. The information sent over the tunnel is well protected so that third parties do not have access to peer into the data. It covers the exchange data between your client’s browser and your website’s web server, such as your Client’s Username, Login Password, Email address or even the Personalized Cookies sent to your client by the website.

Tips to Get a High-Security Score

You should note the following to ensure that your website scores high in the HubSpot Website Grader Security Score.

  • You should ensure that your Content Management System has SSL capabilities enabled. If they don’t, you may have minimal options. Ensure to prioritize SSL and request a timeline from your host’s customer support and development teams. 
  • If you cannot get a solid timeline for SSL protection from your host, you should consider moving your site to one with SSL as a core feature.
  • HubSpot enables your website to undergo constant improvement, and as a result, helps you generate more traffic on your website and increases your Sales. 


In this article, you learned about HubSpot Website Grader and how it can help you in identifying the areas of improvement for your website. You also learned about the vital metrics that impact the HubSpot Website Grader Score. To carry out an in-depth analysis of your Campaigns, Customer, and Other Marketing Initiatives, you would often need to extract data from multiple sources to have all insights. However, integrating and analyzing your data from a diverse set of data sources can be challenging and this is where Hevo Data comes into the picture.

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