Understanding Instagram Business Insights: A Comprehensive Guide

Aakash Raman • Last Modified: February 23rd, 2023

Social Media Platforms are one of the simplest and efficient ways through which Marketers can promote their brands. This is because of the sheer popularity of these platforms across the world. One such platform that has hit Social Media by storm, is Instagram. Instagram was released in 2012 for both Android and iOS platforms and ever since has been one of the top Social Media Platforms. Instagram is a boon for Marketers because it provides a unique feature known as Instagram Business Insights.

Instagram Business Insights is a functionality that helps Marketers that draw valuable & actionable insights about their business by analyzing potential customer reactions to their Instagram posts, stories, and pages. This type of Social Media Marketing Analytics is a new and enhanced technique to understand customer behavior patterns.

In this article, you will learn about Instagram Business Insights and how Marketers can leverage them to promote their brands and acquire new customers. It also talks about 8 key metrics companies must follow to use Instagram Business Insights effectively. Finally, it gives 9 easy steps companies can follow to set up Instagram Business Insights for their company. Read along to find out about this innovative technique to gain insights into your customers.

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Introduction to Instagram & Instagram Business Insights

Instagram Logo
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Instagram is an American photo and video sharing Social Media Platform created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and is currently owned by Facebook. Its initial release was on October 6th, 2010, and was released in 2012 for both Android and iOS platforms. It is the first Social Media Platform that enabled users to take, edit and publish their photos or videos and have other users interact with them through likes, comments, and shares. It is one of the most popular Social Media Platforms because of its photo and video sharing abilities via a mobile application.

Marketers could also use Instagram because it had capabilities for Marketing Analytics built in it. This feature of Instagram is called Instagram Insights. Instagram Business Insights is a feature of Instagram that enables users having an Instagram Business account to monitor the Analytics related to their profile, posts, stories, etc. Through this, you will be able to better understand the customer behavior and identify their likes and dislikes, and improve your Instagram strategy.

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8 Key Metrics to Track Instagram Business Insights

To use Instagram Business Insights comprehensively, you need to understand the metrics it measures. This way you can interpret the data better and improve on the quality of insights gained. The 8 Key Metrics are as follows:

1) Engagements Per Follower

This metric helps determine how strongly your brand resonates with your target customers. This can be calculated for your account & posts. An important point to note is that the Engagement Per Followers depends on the number of followers that you have and this percentage decreases as your followers increase. It can be calculated by dividing your Total Engagements by the Number of Followers and multiplying that by 100.

EPF Formula

2) Follower Growth Rate

This metric measures the number of followers your account gains over some time. It is one of the most essential metrics when it comes to measuring the impact on organic reach. Ideal Follower Growth is seen when the growth is sustained and gradually increases over time. For some Marketers, the Follower Growth Rate is a vanity metric, but they must understand that it measures the potential reach of your content and impacts all other metrics.

The Follower Growth Rate can be calculated by dividing the number of followers gained by the previous number of followers and multiplying this with 100.

FGR Formula

3) Post Comments Rate

This metric represents the rate at which your posts receive comments. Likes are pretty easy to dish out and cannot guarantee that your posts are noticed by 100% of your followers. Followers that leave comments pay special attention to your posts and you need to build strong relationships with them. The Post Comments Rate can be calculated by dividing the Number of Post Comments by the total number of followers and multiplying that by 100.

PCR Formula

4) Website Referral Traffic

This metric plays a pivotal role in helping increase your Instagram ROI, as monitoring the flow of traffic from your Instagram posts onto your company website is important. 3 main ways you can measure website traffic is:

  • Tracking the number of people following the link in your bio.
  • Tracking the number of people swiping up the link in your Instagram stories.
  • Using UTM Parameters in your links.

5) Hashtag Performance

Instagram’s Search (Discovery) function operates by capturing and analyzing Hashtags. This means that if you put the appropriate hashtags on each post, you can attract a lot of new eyes. Instagram’s Hashtag Analytics helps you choose the appropriate hashtags for each post so that it gets consistently noticed by a newer audience.

6) Instagram Stories Engagement

Instagram Stories offers a new dimension to display your brand and attract customers. It has a disappearing feature that ensures that you have more flexibility over the content you share. Instagram Stories Engagement can be calculated by adding up all the replies, profile visits, and sticker taps that you earned (total actions) and dividing that by the total reach, and multiplying it by 100.

ISE Formula

Along with your posts and account, it is important to take care of the audience that views your content. Many Analytical tools give you an overview of your audience’s gender, age, and location. This is important so that you can identify your target market and your buyer personas.

8) Post Engagement Rate

Engagements refer to the likes, comments, and shares you get on your posts. This metric highlights the quality of each post depending on the number of likes, comments, and shares. The Post Engagement Rate can be calculated by dividing the post interactions by the total number of followers and multiplying that by 100.

PER Formula

Prerequisites for using Instagram Business Insights

  • Must have an Instagram Business account.
  • Must have a Facebook page for your brand.

9 Easy Steps to use Instagram Business Insights

Here are 9 simple steps you can use to set up Instagram Business Insights:

Step 1: Opening the Hamburger Menu

To view the insights for your overall account, visit your profile first. Then, click the hamburger icon and select “Insights” from the menu. Once you reach the “Insights” page, you will see the “Recent Highlights” page where you can find general information like how many followers you gained or lost in the previous week.

Overall Analytics
Recent Highlights Section

Step 2: Measuring Reach

Reach refers to the number of distinct customers that have seen any of your Instagram posts. Reach can be measured by clicking the “Accounts Reached” option and provides insights for:

  • Impressions– Number of times a post was seen.
  • Account Activity– Number of profile visits, website activity, etc.
  • Top Posts– The posts that generated the most reach amongst customers.
  • Top Stories– The stories that generated the most reach amongst customers.
  • Top IGTV Videos– The IGTV Videos that generated the most reach amongst customers.
Reach Analytics

Step 3: Tracking Profile Visits and Number of Followers

An important metric to Instagram Business Insights are Profile Visits. Profile Visits represent the number of times your profile has been viewed by your customers. You can keep a track of the Profile Visits by going to the Account Activity section and clicking on the Accounts Reached page.

Step 4: Determining Website Clicks

Website Clicks are crucial to Instagram Business Insights as they help brands connect customers to the official website of your company. Website Clicks can be tracked by clicking on “Website Taps” under the Account Activity section. They represent the number of times customers have clicked on links when you associate them with any post.

Step 5: Tracking Content Interactions

Content Interactions represent how well your posts and stories are performing from a customer’s viewpoint. They separate the likes, comments, saves, and shares. Instagram Business Insights helps you track each reaction on individual posts and help gain valuable insights from it. You can track them by going to the Recent Highlights section and then clicking on “Content Interactions”.

Customer Interactions Insights

Step 6: Tracking your Followers

You can track your followers by going to the Recent Highlights section and clicking on “Followers”. You will receive a Follower Breakdown page, which reflects the number of followers that you have gained or lost over the past week. It also gives you the average time your followers spend on Instagram.

Follower Growth Insights

Step 7: Learning What Actions you Can Take on your Posts

Instagram Business Insights also allows you to check the Analytics for each post. To do this, visit your profile and choose the post you’d like to analyze using Insights. Then click on “View Insights” below the image. Analytics represents the actions your followers initiated after they saw the post. This includes visiting your profile, clicking your website link, or following you.

Post Insights

Step 8: Using Discover

Instagram Business Insights provides a unique feature, called Discover to help Marketers track their posts easily. Discover helps determine where your post was last seen from all accounts, whether they follow you or not. Discover has metrics on Impressions, which show the number of times your post was discovered from a particular place on Instagram. This can include places like the user’s home feed, a search, your profile, a location tag, or a hashtag.

Discovery Insights

Step 9: Viewing Instagram Story Insights

Instagram Stories adds a unique dimension to sharing content on Instagram. Along with posts, stories play a crucial role in gathering valuable & actionable insights from customers. Instagram Story insights can be found by going to the Recent Highlights page and choosing the “Content You Shared” section. Then scroll down to the Stories section and you can see the insights for the older stories. 


This article provided a comprehensive guide on Instagram Business Analytics and highlighted its importance for modern Marketers. It also explained 8 key metrics Marketers must track when using it, along with 9 simple steps for Marketers to set it up. Overall, Instagram Business Insights is a new and improved way of Social Media Marketing. Once businesses set it up, they can understand their user’s behaviors much better than traditional marketing strategies.


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