Jaspersoft ETL: 3 Comprehensive Aspects

Teniola Fatunmbi • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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In a world where ETL plays a crucial role in data analysis, different tools have been developed to simplify, streamline, and visualize the ETL process. Jaspersoft ETL (JasperETL) is one of those tools.

Jaspersoft ETL as a whole is designed to support collaboration among developers while dealing with large volumes of data and scaling the processes. Its integration with the Talend administration center also provides an avenue to easily move from the development stage to the production stage. Hence, developers can divide a large ETL task among themselves, work faster and more efficiently.

This article will introduce you to Jaspersoft ETL and will describe its key features. Also, it will provide a step-by-step guide to download and set up the JasperETL tool on your system. The article will also list down the benefits of using Jasper ETL for your business. Read along to learn more about this popular tool!

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Introduction to Jaspersoft ETL

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A Traditional ETL system is peculiar to the development environment. Non-technical personnel will need the administration of technical personnel to understand the workflow processes. Jaspersoft ETL bridges this gap. Jaspersoft ETL is a complete ready-to-run ETL job designer powered by Talend. It represents the business logic of an ETL process in graphical design that represents the data flow around the system. With the graphical design, a non-technical user in a company and view and understand the workflow of the ETL system and give suggestions if need be.

Jaspersoft ETL also creates a developer-friendly environment for dashboard reporting. It efficiently extracts and transforms data from multiple systems and loads it into the target data stores for reporting and analysis. In a nutshell, it serves as a BI tool that can be also used for ETL functionalities. 

Key Features of Jaspersoft ETL

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The Jaspersoft ETL tool is popular in the current market due to its following features:

  • Drag and Drop Job Designer: The ETL processes are designed with a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface from start to finish. The process throughout the ETL from connection to data sources and loading into data stores is modeled from a non-technical perspective.
  • Supports Numerous Data Sources: Jaspersoft supports CSV, MongoDB, JDBC, JavaDB, Apache Hadoop, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL, and many other big data and NoSQL data connectors. With support for both structured and unstructured data, you can pull data from different sources and represent the transformation and load workflow with the job designer.
  • Multiple Integrations: JasperETL supports Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions including Suse, Ubuntu, and the Redhat Enterprise. It can also connect to CRMs and SaaS platforms including Salesforce. This means you don’t need an external ETL layer to import your Salesforce or CRM data for processing. All of the connectors are already integrated.
  • CRM Support: The commercial plan allows you to track execution and performance. Also, it supports connections to CRM  applications like Salesforce. If you need to use your Salesforce data outside of Salesforce, you can integrate your data with Jaspersoft ETL.
  • Scalable: In terms of scalability, JasperETL provides a data viewer that displays the source view and target system data.
  • Real-Time Data: The commercial version provides real-time data synchronization with automated event triggers.

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Steps to Install Jaspersoft ETL

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You can easily set up your JasperETL tool by following the below steps:

Step 1: Install JasperETL Tool

Go to the JasperETL download page here. The installation requires you to create an account if you don’t already have one. It also requires Java Development Kit(JDK) on your local machine. Next, download the zip file which comes in about 3 different versions with different release dates. Anyone will work fine, but you might want to pick the latest stable version.

Step 2: Extract the JasperETL Tool

Extract the zip file to your preferred location on your computer: You might get a “path too long” error while extracting. If that’s the case, download 7-Zip a file archiving software, and extract the folder with it. The 7-zip software would handle that error.

Step 3: Install the JasperETL Tool

Install the compatible version for your operating system from the list of setups extracted.

Note: If Java Runtime Environment is not properly configured on your local machine, you might get errors while starting the setup. One of the common errors is not being able to create a runtime environment for Jaspersoft ETL. To fix that, navigate to the system properties dashboard and perform the following:

  • On Windows press Win + R
  • Type sysdm.cpl in the search box.
  • Click “Advanced” from the top panel. 
  • Click “Environment variables”.
  • Under “System variable“, select “New“.
  • Enter _JAVA_OPTIONS in the variable tab.
  • Enter -Xmx1024M in the value tab.

This would assign more memory heap for Java to run. 

Step 4: Launch the JasperETL Tool

Once you have the setup running, follow the instructions and launch JasperETL. The license key is in a file called “license” at the top-level directory in the extracted folder.

Once you have input the license key you should have full access and can get started with data integration right away. With complete access to JasperETL, you can connect to data sources, model your ETL workflow, and show the data view of the target datastore.

Benefits of Using Jaspersoft ETL

The JasperETL tool can enhance your Data Integration work in the following ways:

  • Jaspersoft offers robust Data Visualization and Data Analysis tools. It provides actionable insights regarding your application usage in real-time. Moreover, you can apply its centralized repository server to store various information of Dashboards, Reports, etc.
  • You can define complex transformations and mappings with Transformation Mapper and other components of transformation and track ETL statistics from start to finish with real-time debugging.
  • It enables you to exit and enter multiple sources, including flat files, XML files, databases, web services simultaneously.
  • It is scalable and allows the aggregation of large volumes of data from different data sources. Also, it can improve your ETL performance by offloading queries and analyses from systems.


This blog introduced Jaspersoft along with its key features. It further provided the steps that you can follow to set up your JasperETl tool seamlessly. Furthermore, it also listed down the benefits that your business will experience by using Jaspersoft for your ETL needs.

Jaspersoft ETL or JasperETL is one of the few Data Integration platforms that support non-technical access in terms of the friendly user interface it provides for modeling business logic. Its support for a wide range of data sources also provides an added advantage when building ETL systems and integrating data into BI systems. In a nutshell, It is developer-friendly and can be combined with other tools to scale ETL solutions.

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