Marketing Cloud Reports: Easy Guide

Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Marketing Cloud reports

Are you looking to work with Marketing Cloud reports? If your answer is yes, we have you covered. Analyzing and measuring marketing performance is a very essential part of success in any industry or organization.  At the same time, marketing reporting is a complex and tricky process as it could have different perspectives as per the product and industry.

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Understanding the Marketing Cloud Reports Levels

Marketing Cloud has the given three levels:

  1. Activity Reports
  2. Impact on Customer Action
  3. Return on Investment for Marketing

Activity Reports

This reporting level can answer basic marketing performance questions such as clicks, subscriptions, views, impressions, bounces and unsubscribes. This reporting can be done in the UI of the Marketing Cloud itself, we don’t need to export data to external tools.

This reporting can be done from in-house tables also called data views. There are multiple ways to create an activity report in a Marketing Cloud. However, the easiest way is to get the performance of one-off sends. In the email studio -> tracking section we can see the performance of each email sent.

Below are the few popular Marketing Cloud Email Activity Reports:

  • Performance by each type of device
  • Best performing send day to date
  • Audience / Customer engagement over time

Impact on Customer Action

Once we have an activity report, based on this report we can actually understand the impact of those activities on the customer’s action. As the number of data sources increases the complexity of reporting increases. This mainly depends on the type of industry, reporting strategy and data architecture. 

The popular example of marketing influence on customers is customer conversion rate by campaign. This report helps us to answer the question such as how many visitors successfully converted as a customer after engaging in our marketing campaign.

Few other example of influence on customer action:

  • Call received by campaign
  • Appointments influenced by campaign

Return on Investment for Marketing

The ultimate motto of any marketing campaign is to increase the revenue. So this reporting level plays a very important role in analyzing the marketing campaign or strategy return on investment.

Below diagram illustrates – pictorial representation of required data and team for measuring the financial outcome of marketing campaign.

Marketing Cloud Reports - ROI

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Steps to Set Up Marketing Cloud Reports

Login to Salesforce marketing cloud and follow the steps.

Step 1: To create tabular report click on Reports in menu and then click ‘New Report’.

Creating a Tabular Reports

Step 2:  Then we will be asked to choose report type, lets click on ‘Campaign’  -> ‘Campaigns with Leads’ -> click on continue.

Choosing the Report Type as Campaign Leads

Step 3: Click on ‘Fields’ to add fields to report.

Adding fields to Reports

Step 4: After that click on ‘Add column’ -> then search for the column that we need on report.

Adding a Column

Step 5: Finally click on ‘Save and Run’ , here is our report ready.

Saving the Report


For every business, marketing plays a crucial role, however, as a business owner and marketing head, you might be more interested in the answer of questions such as:

  1. Effectivity of marketing campaign
  2. How much is the return on investment 

Carrying out an in-depth analysis of ads and marketing campaigns requires you to integrate data from a diverse set of data sources. Integrating such complex data can be challenging and tiresome, especially for a beginner & this is where Hevo saves the day.


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Have any further queries about Marketing Cloud reports? Let us know in the comments section below.

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