Understanding Marketo Reports: 9 Comprehensive Types

Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Each company regularly measures its performance in all aspects. It allows them to keep track of changes occurring for the efforts they are planting into the business. A successful business needs to maintain a good ROI (Return on Investment). Reports are the most efficient way to analyze the progress of each department of an organization. Each business has different requirements and metrics to measure performance via Reports. These Reports help companies make better decisions and solve complex issues. 

Shifting towards online businesses added one crucial factor on which a company’s growth matters is Marketing. There are many tools available to make your business Marketing more impactable. Marketo is a Marketing Automation tool that provides Marketing Reports and other Marketing services. It delivers quantifiable data, so it can be easily understandable by company owners and managers. Marketo Reports and Automation can help your business grow faster and make smarter Marketing decisions. In this article, you will learn about Marketo Reports, different types of Marketo Reports, and their various use cases. 

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Introduction to Marketo

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Marketo is a Marketing Automation software and a subsidiary part of Adobe. It offers various Marketing solutions to help companies run and manage effective Marketing. It is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based tool that aids organizations to automate repetitive Marketing tasks, measure Marketing Engagement, and eases the workflow. 

Marketo Reports is one of the widely used features among companies of any scale. It helps team members, managers, and owners of the company easily monitor the progress of all your Marketing tasks. Marketo handles all your Marketing Campaigns with its smart Automations and delivers qualified leads for you as well. In addition, Marketo Reports make it easier for you to keep track of every Marketing Campaign using different types of Reports. Also, it helps companies to drill down deeper into the data and generate insights from it.

Key Features of Marketo

Marketo offers a plethora of features that help companies or individuals to have a better experience. With the help of Marketo Reports, Automation, E-Mail Marketing, and other services, it aids users to save a lot of time and increase revenue. A few features of Marketo are listed below: 

  • Engagement Engine: This feature allows you to know about customer behavior and make flexible industry-specific E-Mail Campaigns for them. 
  • A/B Testing: Marketo offers E-Mail testing that helps you know the best content to follow in E-Mails and the most suitable time to send it and increase the conversion rate. 
  • SEO Tools: Search Engine Optimisation is one of the essential factors for effective Marketing. Marketo provides different SEO tools in one place to make your Marketing better.
  • Lead Nurturing: Marketo provides you information on every customer on each phase of the funnel. It allows you to build relationships with customers to increase the chances of conversion.

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Types of Marketo Reports

Marketo Reports made decision-making easier for companies. Based on requirements and type of data, It offers various Marketo Reports. These Reports take input from Databases and other sources. Companies use Reports to have a quick view of the progress and to share the company’s performance with shareholders or owners. The most commonly used Marketo Reports are listed below:

1) People Performance Report

The People Performance Report allows users to measure the depth and growth of data over a period. This type of Marketo Report provides a summary of new customers that you have added over a certain period. You can group the results by any company attribute or person to drill deeper into data. With the help of various filtering and grouping options, you can analyze the quality of programs.

It also makes it easier for you to segment your subscribers or contacts and find more opportunities to connect with them and improve your Marketing tasks.

People Performace Report in Marketo
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2) People By Status Report

The People By Status Report allow you to analyze the various status field such as converted people, pending, ex-customers. These Marketo Reports give a clear-cut summary of various stages of the funnel. You should know the number of people connecting to you and at which stage of Marketing or funnel they exist before conversion. You can set any timeframe for these Reports to fetch data from the Database. 

People by Status Report in Marketo
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3) People By Revenue Stage Report

The People By Revenue Stage Report is a simple but yet helpful Marketo Report that provides a summary of the Revenue Model. The Revenue Model is a framework that manages different factors of business to get maximum revenue. This Report shows the stages of the Revenue Cycle Model and people in various stages of this model. 

It allows you to focus on any of the stages individually and helps make necessary decisions. Marketo Reports also features Revenue Cycle Analytics to get deeper Reports and insights on each Revenue Model.

Marketo Report by Revenue Stage
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4) E-Mail Performance Report

The most commonly used form of Marketing is E-Mail Marketing. Marketo simplifies all the stats evaluation for you. With the use of the E-Mail Performance Report, one can know the progress of their E-Mail Campaigns. You can review the various E-Mail Campaigns metrics such as the number of opened E-Mails, delivered E-Mails, clicked E-Mails, soft bounced rate, etc. These are some useful factors that provide some idea on the health of E-Mail Marketing and any optimizations if required. 

E-Mail Performance also helps evaluate how well your existing subscribers interact with your products and services.

Marketo Report of E-Mail Performance
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5) E-Mail Link Performance Report

This Marketo Report plays a different role from the E-Mail Performance report. Though, one can also consider it as the next phase of the E-Mail Performance Report. Unlike the E-Mail Performance Report, where you can view Reports on the progress of E-Mail, the E-Mail Link Performance Report provides you a quantifiable summary of individual links present in E-Mails. 

The E-Mail Link Performance Report tells you about the performance of every link available in your E-Mail. It also explains metrics like: 

  • The number of times the link got clicked.
  • The number of unique people who visited that link.
E-Mail Link Performance Report Showing Number of Clicks on Link
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6) Landing Page Performance Report

Landing Pages are one of the important pages for any website. This page tells you how many people are interested in your product or services. The form available on Landing Pages allows companies to gather more customers, create E-Mail lists, and much more. 

The Landing Page Performance Report by Marketo provides details on how many people interacted with the form and tells you the count of new people joined. If the interaction with the Landing Page form is not up to the mark, then there might be some design issue in the website, and it can be optimized accordingly.

Marketo Report Showing Performance of Landing Page
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7) Program Performance Report

The Program Performance Report showcase an overview of all the running Programs or Marketing Campaigns. It offers minimal details but still provides a good idea of the progress of each program in one Report. This Marketo Report delivers details such as the channel type of program, number of new people acquired by a specific program, total cost of the program, and number of members who achieved success.

Program Performance Report in Marketo
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8) Web Page Activity Report

You might need to know the overall performance of your website, pages that attract the most traffic, which links get the most clicks, and all other details. The Web Page Activity Report provides you a detailed analysis of who is visiting your website and subscribing to E-Mail. It allows you to monitor all the activities occurring on your website.

Web Page Activity Report
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9) Engagement Stream Performance Report

Marketo Reports features Enagagemanet Stream Performance Report that allows you to have a unified view of the performance of multiple Marketing Campaigns in one dashboard. You can view all the detailed information on individual E-Mail Campaigns, but still, there has to be a Report that provides a quick overview of all the selected E-Mail Performance. This Marketo Report uses a proprietary algorithm to provide an Engagement Score or benchmark to let you quantifiably know the overall performance of any E-mail Campaign.

Marketo Report Showing Engagement Score
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Use Cases of Marketo Reports

All types of Marketo Reports are used for different purposes based on the type of input data and requirement. To effectively use the Marketo Reports, one should know various use cases of these Reports. There are many use cases of Marketo Reports, and a few of them are listed below:

  • If you want to view the overall growth of Marketing in terms of months or a quarter, then you should go for People Performance Report because it provides various filter options.
  • If you want to measure the progress of E-Mail Campaigns, then E-Mail Performance Reports are best suited for this job. And if you want to know more about an E-Mail then it is better to use the E-Mail Link Performance Report which provides you details on each link available in the E-Mail.
  • Landing Page Reports allow you to know more about new people interested in your products and services

Benefits of Using Marketo Reports

Marketo Reports come in handy to manage all your Marketing tasks. Marketo is a user-friendly tool that helps companies to keep track of their Marketing Campaigns and their performance. A few benefits of Marketo reports are listed below:

  • Custom Reports: Marketo Reports allow you to make custom Reports that help you get complex data in a more manageable form. With the help of Marketo Analytics, one can dig deeper into data and generate valuable insights. 
  • Group By Optimisation: Marketo Reports offers various Group By options that allow users to create Reports without limitations. It helps companies to view the same Report from another perspective and better understand the data.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Unlike other Reporting tools, Marketo offers a simple and easy-to-use design. It contains drop-down menus, and you can create various kinds of Reports in an instance. 


In this article, you learned about Marketo, and various Marketo Reports that companies use to evaluate their Marketing performance. You also learned about use cases of different Marketo Reports optimize Marketing Campaigns. Marketers widely use E-Mail Marketing to reach out to people. Marketo Reports provide custom dashboards to easily handle all your E-Mail Marketing tasks. It also automates the tedious Marketing process and saves a lot of time. Marketo Reports helps companies to make smarter Marketing decisions and increase their efficiency.

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