Setting Up Omnisend Shopify Integration: 2 Easy Steps

Isola Saheed Ganiyu • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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If you want to run a profitable Shopify store, you must send personalized E-Mails and ads to your customers across multiple channels to keep your brand firmly planted in their minds. You might already be automating these features with different types of software. But what if you don’t have to use so many apps to keep your customers engaged?

Omnisend provides a platform for you to send customized E-Mails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages and create Google and Facebook ads – all in one place. This way, you can save time and money that may be useful for other projects.

Interestingly, you can integrate Omnisend with your Shopify store to perform all your Marketing functions so you enjoy the program’s unique Marketing features. This article introduces you to Shopify and Omnisend. It also introduces you to Omnisend Shopify Integration and provides you with a comprehensive guide that you can use while setting up Omnisend Shopify Integration.

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Introduction to Shopify

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Shopify is an online platform that allows business owners to sell and market their products, receive payment, and resolve customer inquiries within their store. Owing to the usability of the software, more business owners are setting up their online stores on Shopify. As a result, more stores are competing for the attention of prospective customers. 

Users who want to make huge profits and gain loyal customers must, thus, know how to automate their Marketing functions at minimal costs. This is where Omnisend comes in.

Key Features of Shopify

Listed below are the key features of Shopify:

  • Optimized Dashboard: Your Shopify dashboard notifies you of pending issues related to your Store Management. You also get data on the latest industry trends.
  • Traffic Reports: The traffic reports feature reveals how visitors find your store.
  • Product Analytics: This feature provides reports on the performance of your store and products. 
  • Automatic Updates: Shopify installs updates automatically. So, you’ll be able to find and use new features as soon as they appear.
  • SEO Tags: Shopify lets you edit your product titles to include high-ranking keywords that are related to your products. You can also insert related keywords in your product URL to help active customers find you easily. 
  • Product Reviews: This feature allows customers to provide feedback on your products.
  • PCI-compliant Security: The security system on Shopify follows the standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) in the protection of credit card information.
  • Discount Codes: Shopify allows you to create discount codes to increase sales and boost customer loyalty.
  • Facebook Integration: Shopify allows you to link your store to Facebook. After completing the Shopify Facebook Integration, customers will be able to browse and buy your Shopify products directly on Facebook. 
  • Customer Profiles: The Shopify system collects information about your customer’s buying history in their profiles.  You can use this data to improve your customer’s shopping experience.
  • Blogging Platform: Shopify offers a blogging platform where users can write articles to educate customers about the products and services as the case may be. 
  • App Integration: Shopify supports integration with a host of applications like Paypal, Slack, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Wave.

For more information on Shopify, click here.

Introduction to Omnisend

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Omnisend is a Marketing platform that allows business owners to send personalized E-Mails and messages across different channels such as SMS, mail, and social media channels like Telegram and WhatsApp. The service requires users to segment their customers into different persona based on their industry, buying stage, or shopping experience. With the help of this persona, Omnisend ensures that each customer receives only messages that are customized to their needs.

Key Features of Omnisend

Listed below are the key features of Omnisend:

  • Segmentation: Omnisend allows users to categorize their customers into different personas depending on their profession, age, buying stage, etc. Omnisend uses this segment to create customized messages for each customer. When you have built your segments up to a comprehensive level, the system will use your segments to suggest customer lookalikes who have a high chance of buying your product.
  • Product Picker: The product picker allows you to select and display products directly in cart abandonment and product abandonment E-Mails. Once you pick the product, the image and description of the item in the inventory will appear automatically in the E-Mail.
  • Access to Many Channels: With Omnisend, you can send E-Mails and messages across WhatsApp, Facebook, and other Social Media channels within the same platform. 
  • Facebook and Google Integration: Omnisend links audience information on Facebook with Google such that prospects who find your product on Google will receive similar ads on Facebook. Likewise, buyers on Facebook whose shopping experiences are similar to your customers will receive customized pop-up Google ads. 
  • Campaign Analytics: Omnisend offers a sales dashboard where users can find reports on their E-Mail and Social Media marketing campaigns. This dashboard also contains product analytics and a summary of your buyers’ activities. 
  • In-built Workflow: Omnisend has a pre-built workflow that guides business owners on how to develop their Marketing process. This workflow features welcome E-Mails, product abandonment E-Mails, cart abandonment E-Mails, reactivation E-Mails (for existing customers), and product reviews. 
  • Compatibility with E-commerce Apps: Omnisend supports Integration with E-Commerce software like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, CartHook, and ReCharge.

For more information on Omnisend, click here.

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Steps to Set Up Omnisend Shopify Integration

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Now that you have a basic understanding of Omnisend and Shopify, let’s walk through the steps to set up Omnisend Shopify Integration. Follow the steps below to set up Omnisend Shopify Integration:

Step 1: Log In to your Shopify Account

Log in to your Shopify account. In case you don’t have a Shopify account, click here to create a new Shopify account.

Step 2: Link to Shopify for Omnisend Shopify Integration

Press the Menu icon at the top of your computer screen, and select “Apps”. You will be taken to a page that lists all the apps you can link to Shopify.

Browse through the list until you find “Omnisend E-Mail Marketing & SMS”. Then, select the “Add App” button below Omnisend.

The system will display the Omnisend Shopify Integration terms. Read through the terms and click on “Install App” at the bottom of the page once you finish reading the details.

Congratulations! You have completed your Omnisend Shopify Integration.

Advantages of Omnisend Shopify Integration

Listed below are the advantages of setting up Omnisend Shopify Integration:

  • You can send customized messages to your Shopify customers across various channels like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, and SMS on a single platform.
  • The Marketing Automation Workflow will direct you on how to create a sustainable marketing strategy for your Shopify products.
  • Omnisend lets you test the performance of message variations before deciding on the standard E-Mails and messages to send to your prospects.
  • Omnisend provides reports on your E-Mail, Social Media, and Google Ad Marketing campaigns. You can use this information to improve the performance of your subsequent campaigns.


The article introduced you to Omnisend and Shopify, along with their features. It also introduced you to Omnisend Shopify Integration. It provided you with a comprehensive guide that can come in handy while setting up Omnisend Shopify Integration.

You can now set up Omnisend Shopify Integration to activate the numerous messaging benefits that come with the application. Contact the Hevodata Help team for more information on how to explore the Omnisend Shopify Integration.

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