PandaDoc HubSpot Integration: 5 Easy Steps

Aman Sharma • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

PandaDoc HubSpot Integration

PandaDoc HubSpot Integration will help in speeding up your revenue generation and will improve your customer relations. With the help of PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, it will be easier to make and share any Sales documents without using loads of coding. Furthermore, it will help in keeping track of your contract and you can e-sign the contract papers thus making the process of documentation faster and hassle-free. Plenty of templates and quotes will be available for you, once the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration is in place and this will makedocumentation easier and faster for your business.

In this article on PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, you will get to read about what HubSpot is and what are the key features of HubSpot. You will also learn about the key features of PandaDoc and why there is a need to combine PandaDoc and HubSpot. Also, you will get to know about the various limitations of setting up the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration. Read along to learn more about these 2 tools!

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To set up the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, you need:

  • A PandaDoc account.
  • A HubSpot account.
  • Basic understanding of Inbound Marketing.

Introduction to PandaDoc

PandaDoc Logo
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PandaDoc is a software company developed by Surgery Barysiuk in association with Mikita Mikado in 2011 in San Francisco, California. The PandaDoc is software that helps the business to go efficiently and is quite time-saving. PandaDoc aims to increase Sales demand through personalized documents and builds a trusting relationship between the clients and the company. PandaDoc has an approach towards sending large no. of documents with editing features and e-sign features so that you can share the documents with no manual involvement and in less time. In addition to this, it can also keep track of documents, can transfer payment through the document and CRM Integration.

PandaDoc for Business
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Since its launch, the PandaDoc software is currently in use by more than 20,000 companies and it has more than 350 employees which makes sure that the software works faster and efficiently. The PandaDoc software offers more than 450 templates for your business communication and documents building. It also has various features of Sales such as the Content Library, Interactive Quotes, and CRM Integration.

PandaDoc can be an ideal solution for organizations that have complex document workflow and is the best software for sales professionals. If you are a small business owner, then you can use the PandaDoc e-sign tool for free. But if you have a large business, you will have to get a subscription for accessing more features that will help your business to grow hassle-free because the free version of PandaDoc comes with limited features.

Key Features of PandaDoc

PandaDoc offers you lots of features, let’s discuss it one by one:

  • Template: They provide you with more than 400 templates that will help you to customize your business. You can edit these templates and use them for your business. In there you can continuously improve your documentation process. You can upload any type of document file like PDF, JPG, Docx, etc.
  • Editing: You can edit your documents with blocks, variables and by using attractive themes and styles. You can also lock your blocks to avoid errors. That saves your time because you can edit your document without reuploading it and with blocks you will avoid the same mistake. Moreover, you can add a text field, signature, check box, card details, and other things.
  • Track your Documentation Progress: There are also features of tracking your documentation process by updating your live document status. Regular updates are sent by mail, in the PandaDoc mobile application. There are also features of tracking the history of documents which will let you know who and how long they open that document file.
  • Storage: You can save your documents, files, photos, and videos in PandaDoc software. For easy access to films to share with others, you can store all your case studies, testimonials, videos, and images. You can record sales deals, contacts, and other company records.
  • E-sign Features: You can send your contacts very easily by using e-signatures. You can fastly sign in and start your process. You can view and sign a document on any device.

To learn more about PandaDoc, visit here.

Introduction to HubSpot

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To provide the software as a service, software developer Brian Halligan in association with Dharmesh Shah formed a company called Software as a Service (SaaS) in 2006. This company focuses on providing strategies of Inbound Marketing for those business owners who want to grow their business using Inbound Marketing, Software as a service company later developed a software called HubSpot.

The HubSpot software is quite efficient and user-friendly to use for Inbound Marketing. If you are new in the business and want to improve your growth, then HubSpot has a lot to offer you. The HubSpot software has special features of Inbound Marketing such as CRM, Contact List Management, and many more which make HubSpot the perfect and all-in-one solution for Marketing, Sales, Services, and Operations.

Because of the hassle-free features of HubSpot, it has been found that there are more than 3 million companies that use HubSpot software for the management of the business and to expand their business. It is obvious that if you want to expand your business and get a better Return on Investment, then you should have a proper balance of Traditional Marketing, as well as Online Paid Marketing strategies so that more people will know about your brand and Sales production of your brand increase. HubSpot however, works on a different principle. 

The HubSpot software focuses on Inbound Marketing for the promotion of your brand and it is shown to promote the brand or product in a more effective way than Online Marketing strategies and Traditional Marketing strategies combined. A survey with different business owners and entrepreneurs concludes that there are many reasons why these business owners or entrepreneurs use HubSpot. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Email Marketing.
  • SEO-based Optimization and Content Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management.
  • To build Landing Pages and increase the quality and quantity of traffic on the website and also increase the Conversion Rate.
  • To generate Leads and track Leads’ activities.
  • Creating Campaigns for Marketing which will depend upon the performance measures.
  • Automated CRM software which helps in contact list management as well as the workflow of sales and marketing
  • To get a better insight into business highlights and Website Analytics.
  • Management and hosting of photos and videos.
  • Large storage capacity to store contacts and deals of more than 1 million companies.

In short, HubSpot is a really good option if you want to achieve success in business and fulfill the needs of customers so that you will have a long-lasting relationship with customers. HubSpot uses an Inbound Marketing approach to fulfill your goals and to help you succeed in business. The HubSpot software has all the features you need to grow and manage your business.

Key Features of HubSpot

HubSpot CRM Features
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HubSpot focuses on the Inbound Marketing approach and hence provides a lot of features that will help your business grow to high levels. Some of the best features of HubSpot are listed below.

Tracking Analytics Performance

This is one of the best and most important features of HubSpot as it helps you keep track of the progress of your business. With help of this feature, you will get to know where your business is going. To keep track of different paid marketing ads is now hassle-free and convenient because of HubSpot’s Ad integration.

Being a Marketer, you must promote your brand on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, or Instagram, but along with Ad promotion, it is important to analyze and monitor the performance of the Ads on Social Media or promotion sites. However, one should understand that HubSpot does not interfere with Ads performance but it surely does make the task easier, so that users with no knowledge about how Ads work can easily analyze and measure Ads performance.

Contact Management and Shortlist Contact

With the help of HubSpot, it is now possible to segment the contact and make the contact list according to your need. With help of this feature, you can easily attack your Lead and attract them with various services and promotional and eye-catching ideas. You can sort out the contacts with different filters such as descending or ascending Lead Scores, Leads generated via emails, track of no. of activities by customers, form fill, page views, etc. This is a very good solution or feature that allows you to make and customize a Database according to your preference.

With the help of HubSpot, now you make a list full of contacts or groups of contacts according to the activities of the Leads. Let’s say if you have a business of clothes and a particular group of people are interested in buying jeans pants or blue-colored shirts, then you can make a separate group of such Leads and attract these groups only by showing them blue colored shirts or jeans pants with catchy offers and various services.

Automated Workflow

The automated workflow is a very important and helpful tool developed for business growth. The specialty of this tool is it reduces the manual power to remember deals and timing of deals and it is also quite time-saving. It also creates Marketing Campaigns and is user-friendly with the interface of video calling apps like Skype, zoom, so you can anytime go live with your dealers or customers. Following are the reasons, why automated workflow is important for your business:

  • Open for integration and notification with zoom, Skype, or LinkedIn.
  • It converts Leads into Sales.
  • Automated Email Marketing and Email Campaign.
  • Contact list segmentation and building of contacts.

To learn more about HubSpot, visit here.

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Steps to Set Up PandaDoc HubSpot Integration

PandaDoc HubSpot integration
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PandaDoc HubSpot Integration will provide you with better features and better presentation for your documents sharing, let it be a document regarding your contract, documents of deals, or documents for payment transfer. Following are the steps by which you can set up PandaDoc HubSpot Integration:

  • Step 1: To initialize your PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, go to the HubSpot software and sign up with your account.
  • Step 2: Open the PandaDoc and click or tap on the setting icon which is present at the right bottom corner of the software.
  • Step 3: Then you will see different settings options in the window. To set up the PandaDoc HubSpot integration, click on the API and integration and select the HubSpot options from the options listed.
  • Step 4: The new window will open, where you have to click on connect HubSpot button to set up the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration. A new message will pop up on the screen following which you have to click on the grant access button to start the integration process.
  • Step 5: Then again reopen the HubSpot software and open any documents regarding your deal or contract or company record. There you can see a PandaDoc module on the right side of your screen which indicates that completion of your PandaDoc HubSpot Integration.

Thats it! Your PandaDoc HubSpot Integration is ready.

Limitations of PandaDoc HubSpot Integration

With many advantages of PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, you might also get some limitations such as listed below:

  • There is a limited free version of editing documents that comes along with the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration. If you want more features of editing like the mass signature, blocking the lock, correcting errors, etc. Then you will have to pay for it.
  • Sometimes, sending document files arrives at junk mail. So, you’ll have to look for the emails in the spam folder because of that.
  • The PandaDoc HubSpot Integration does not guarantee security for sharing documents. So, your documents might get misplaced because of not having proper security.
  • Even after PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, you will have to pay an extra cost for collecting mass signatures.
  • Even with the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration, you will be unable to use the PandaDoc’s built-in editor, in the free version of the PandaDoc.


The article introduced HubSpot and PandaDoc and explained their key features. Moreover, it listed down the steps required to set up the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration. The steps are easy to follow even for someone from a non technical background. The article also discussed the various challenges associated with this PandaDoc HubSpot Integration.

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Share your views on the PandaDoc HubSpot Integration in the comments below!

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