PandaDoc Salesforce Integration: 3 Easy Steps

Davor DSouza • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

PandaDoc Salesforce Integration enables your team to work more efficiently, spend more time with customers, and close big deals on time. Customers who use PandaDoc spend less time building and generating the papers they deliver to their clients. Part of this is due to the template process, but another factor is PandaDoc‘s ability to connect Salesforce data and opportunities.

As teams no longer have to enter data twice across several platforms, linking your CRM such as Salesforce with PandaDoc speeds up the document generating process. PandaDoc can be accessed from within the Salesforce platform after everything is synced, and data import takes only a few clicks.

PandaDoc also supports Document Analytics, which can help teams save time when it comes to closing documents requirements. Sales teams may address problem areas and resolve issues that can cause deals to stall by seeing who saw a document and where they spent their time.

In this article on PandaDoc Salesforce Integration, you will get to read about what Salesforce and Pandadoc are and you will also learn why there is a need to have PandaDoc Salesforce Integration. Read along to learn more about these 2 tools!

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Introduction to PandaDoc

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PandaDoc is a piece of software that helps businesses run more efficiently and saves time. PandaDoc strives to improve Sales demand by personalizing papers and establishing a trustworthy relationship between the organization and its customers.

PandaDoc houses a method of transmitting a large number of documents that include editing and e-signing capabilities, allowing you to exchange documents with minimal manual effort and in significantly less time. It can also keep a track of documents, transmit payments through documents, and integrate with CRM systems.

PandaDoc is one of the best software for Sales professionals and can be a perfect choice for firms with complex document workflows. You can use the PandaDoc E-sign Tool for free if you are a small business owner. However, if you have a large company and complex documentation requirements, you will need to purchase a membership to gain access to more services that will help your company grow smoothly, as the free edition of PandaDoc has limitations.

Key Features of PandaDoc

  • Simple to Use: PandaDoc supports user-friendly features that allow you to quickly generate new documents or rework current ones.
  • Efficient: PandaDoc’s features include eSignature, which dramatically speeds up processes. This built-in function eliminates the need to travel from one location to another only to share information and sign documents.
  • Collaboration Enhancement: PandaDoc assists each team in completing transactions and agreements in less time. You may even utilize this tool to talk to your consumers about pricing and agreements.
  • Productivity Improvements: PandaDoc makes it possible to complete tasks quickly without sacrificing the quality of the details. Because your data is stored in the Cloud, you can be assured that all of your work is safe.
  • Analytics in Real-Time: You will be notified of the status of the document you sent using PandaDoc’s Real-Time Analytics. This is especially useful for businesses looking to reach out to potential customers.

Introduction to Salesforce

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Salesforce is one of the world’s best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Their platform supports the growth of your company’s Marketing drive by allowing your employees to seamlessly interact from anywhere in the world, enhancing productivity, producing delighted customers, and guaranteeing you Sell Smarter, Become More Relevant, and Expand Quicker.

Setting up and managing Salesforce CRM does not necessitate any technical knowledge. It creates a more meaningful relationship between businesses and their customers, redefining how they connect with them.

Key Features of Salesforce

  • Contact Management: Customer contact details and history can be examined, as well as account discussions and other activities. It manages the data, in a nutshell.
  • Opportunity Management: This provides information on the products and quotes involved in the transaction. In a nutshell, it maintains all of the data needed to identify, progress, and close a sale.
  • Salesforce Engage: Salesforce Engage was created with the goal of generating individualized touch with customers through various campaigns. In real-time, you can get Sales alerts based on a customer’s level of interaction.
  • Sales Performance Management: This aids in the improvement of the Sales team’s performance. This allows for metric-based goal planning as well as feedback and rewards.
  • Lead Management: Lead management is keeping track of active leads in order to optimize campaigns across all channels.

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Steps to Set up PandaDoc Salesforce Integration

Customizing your PandaDoc Salesforce Integration is quick, simple, and straightforward, With PandaDoc Salesforce Integration in place, it’s simple to adjust important steps in your document workflow. PandaDoc can be fully linked with the Salesforce platform, allowing you to send client data between apps in two-way sync. Furthermore, the connection is built up in such a way that many of the out-of-the-box features are already a solid fit for most Sales teams.

The steps to integrate Salesforce and PandaDoc are as follows:

Step 1: Open PandaDoc and go to “Settings”. After that hover on “Integrations” and click on “Salesforce”.

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Step 2: Select whether you want to activate your integration in the Sandbox or the Production environment.

PandaDoc Salesforce Integration - Choosing Environment
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Step 3: At this stage, you might have to log into Salesforce. To grant PandaDoc access to Salesforce, click on “Allow” from the drop-down menu.

PandaDoc Salesforce Integration - Authorizing Accounts.
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Congratulation! your PandaDoc Salesforce Integration is now complete.

Benefits of the PandaDoc Salesforce Integration

  • One Stop for Closing Deals: It allows your Sales team to use Salesforce to design, deliver, track, and eSign beautiful quotations, proposals, and contracts. PandaDoc is compatible with both Lightning and Classic.
  • Automated Document Generation: Information from various sources, contacts, products, and prices are effortlessly merged into your documents. Error-free, on-brand and instant document generation are all advantages. You can update docs with the most up-to-date Salesforce data with a single click.
  • Functional Workflow: To check all the requirements while still getting your Sales docs out quickly, you can use approval workflows, signing orders, content locking, automatic document storage, and document/opportunity status sync.
  • Simply Plug it and Go: Lightning-ready integration is simple to set up and customize, and it doesn’t require any scripting.


This article provided an easy way to perform the PandaDoc Salesforce Integration. You’ll achieve efficiency by this PandaDoc Salesforce Integration, allowing your team to spend less time developing and modifying bids, proposals, and contracts and more time crushing their quotas.

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Share your experience of setting up the PandaDoc Salesforce Integration! Let us know in the comments section below!

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