A Comprehensive Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics Guide

Suraj Poddar • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022



Pardot is a marketing automation tool aimed at business marketing automation. It helps marketers to design marketing collaterals and take automated actions based on how potential leads interact with them. Typical marketing collaterals handled by Pardot are landing pages, contact forms, bulk marketing emails, etc. In short, it is a one-stop-shop for managing everything that is involved in grooming a prospect to a deal. Pardot is tightly integrated with Salesforce customer relationship management software. Beyond automating marketing efforts, Pardot also comes with a suite for B2B marketing analytics. It provides a curated analytics experience with built-in dashboards and customizations. This post is a guide about the Pardot B2B Marketing analytics suite.

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Understanding Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics

Pardot B2B Marketing analytics dashboards and reports track how prospects are interacting with your marketing collaterals and visualize them through metrics like click-through rate, open rate, etc. This information helps marketers to create better content and improve the return on investment of their marketing efforts. This analytics suite is available from Pardot plus a license of higher.  Beyond dashboards and reports, B2B marketing analytics also provides predictive models and recommendations to improve the performance of your collaterals. But such advanced features are not available in the standard offering and has to be enabled as a separate module with further costs. 


  • A Pardot plus account or higher, integrated with a Salesforce Enterprise account or higher.
  • Salesforce instance must have enabled connected campaigns feature.
  • A basic idea of marketing automation and marketing analytics.

Setting up Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics 

Setting up Pardot B2B marketing analytics requires you to enable analytics in Salesforce and create a B2B marketing analytics app. This can be done in the below steps.

  1. For enabling analytics, head to Salesforce setup and search Analytics in the quick find box. Select getting started and click on ‘Enable Analytics’.
  2. Now, head to Salesforce app launcher and search for open Analytics Studio. 
  3. Click Create, Select App, and then click ‘Start from Template’.
  4. In the options, select B2B Marketing Analytics and click Continue.

You will now be directed to the Salesforce B2B Marketing analytics application. The next step is to understand the concepts of B2B Marketing analytics. The application comes with several out of the box dashboards and datasets. Let us learn about these built-in stuff and how you can use it to improve your marketing efforts.

Out of the Box Datasets

Pardot datasets are data captured about your automated marketing efforts. They mainly deal with the kinds of automated assets you have created and metrics about how your prospects dealt with them. Below are a few very useful datasets available in B2B Marketing Analytics.

  1. Campaign Dataset – This dataset contains information on the campaigns that you have run using Pardot. It provides information on dates, campaign ids, and the cost of each campaign. 
  2. Email dataset – As mentioned earlier Pardot can be used to automate bulk emails. This data set contains various critical details like dates, bounce rates, click rate, open rate, etc. 
  3. Email template dataset – Pardot allows you to create email templates and use them with multiple email campaigns. This dataset contains most of the metrics associated with emails aggregated on a template level. You can use this data to find the templates that are most successful in making people interact with it.
  4. Form and Form handler dataset – It contains metrics about the various forms and handlers you have automated through Pardot.
  5. Landing page dataset – This dataset consists of metrics about how people interact with the landing page of your marketing website. 

Out of the Box Dashboards

B2B Marketing analytics provides several out of the box dashboards that works based on the above datasets. These dashboards allow you to visualize information from different perspectives of a marketer.

  1. Engagement metrics dashboard – This dashboard shows a snapshot of how your prospects are interacting with your marketing collaterals. There are separate sections for emails, landing pages, contact forms, etc.
  2. Pipeline dashboard – This shows aggregate information on various stages of your sales pipeline. It shows details on how many prospects belong to visitors, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, deals, etc.
  3. Marketing manager dashboard – This is a combination of the above-mentioned dashboards showing engagement and pipeline details from a marketing management perspective. This includes information on revenue generated per campaign also.
  4. Account-based marketing – This dashboard provides details on account details and stages of leads in various accounts.
  5. Multi-touch attribution dashboard – This dashboard provides information on revenue from various touchpoints. It can show revenue by different channels and the cost of campaigns. It helps marketers understand the channels that are driving the main revenue accounts and the cost associated with the marketing effort for each of them.

The out of the box dashboard provides all the relevant information within a few clicks for all typical use cases. In case you have an advanced use case for which these built-in dashboards do not suffice, B2B marketing analytics allows you to define custom dashboards. These custom dashboards can be set up directly by clicking on the datasets and creating views from them. For a detailed guide on setting up custom, dashboards head to <previous blog on dashboards>.


Pardot B2B marketing analytics makes the life of a marketer easier by directing his attention to relevant information and the performance of the marketing collaterals. Combined with the reporting capabilities and customizations in Salesforce, it becomes a potent tool in improving your marketing return on investment.

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