Pipedrive Email Sync: 3 Steps to Speedy Communication

Divyansh Sharma • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Globally, there are upwards of 4 billion people who use email and the number is set to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025. According to Adobe’s Consumer Email Survey, customers aged 25-34 spend the most time in their inboxes—a staggering 6.4 hours per day—while those aged 18 to 24 spend roughly 5.8 hours. 

Email Marketing is a low-cost, targeted, and personalized Marketing Service that benefits every business, large or small. With Pipedrive’s easy-to-use intuitive interface and Email Marketing & Management, Pipedrive is a great functional CRM for developing businesses. Having to access and manage all your deals and contacts from Pipedrive where they can be shared with your team proves advantageous for businesses. 

This article covers how to configure Pipedrive Email Sync with your Email Provider Service so that it can be accessed from Pipedrive CRM, as well as other capabilities such as scheduling Pipedrive Emails, Group Emailing, and Pipedrive Email Workflow Automation.

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What is Pipedrive?

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Emerging Customer Dynamics demand a smart Sales Pipeline that visualizes the entire sales process and makes goals simpler to attain by dividing the sales process down into discrete trackable actions. A Pipeline CRM is a CRM system that tracks many potential buyers as they go through these sales processes.

With so many sales prospects and deals to track, Sales Representatives often find themselves constantly juggling between different activities. There then comes a necessity for a user-friendly Sales CRM that requires minimal training and has convenient Lead Management Tools. Such software can enable business employees to easily handle customer contacts, products, and calendars while also automating their time-consuming tasks.

Pipedrive Pipeline CRM: Pipedrive Email Sync
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Pipedrive, like Salesforce, is a popular and easy-to-use Sales CRM and Pipeline Management Software that makes managing sales for Small and Large Businesses equally a lot easier and less stressful. It features a drag-and-drop interface that presents a clear visual of existing deals, with detailed reporting and forecasting tools to show how well the business is performing.

Pipedrive is geared toward team focus and productivity, which is why it visualizes the Sales Processes in stages (Pipeline CRM) with deals labeled as due and overdue activities, that automatically rise to the top of the list as soon as team members log in. This benefit allows individuals to get started straight away without having to look for the previous activity.

Pipedrive CRM Dashboard: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Altois

Pipedrive is also fully customizable. Users can create their own custom sales processes, develop, label, and manage sales process stages, and see the entire contact history from beginning to finish. Pipedrive allows Sales Reps to log conversations and emails, as well as follow-ups, using email templates that can fill in customized information automatically.

Pipedrive is known for having the broadest range of Pipedrive Integrations, in addition to having the correct mix of functionality. Many popular productivity applications, including Google G Suite, Google Meet, MailChimp, Zoom, Zapier, HubSpot, Trello, and Slack, can be integrated with Pipedrive. Pipedrive also supports Email Integration with leading Email Providers like Google, iCloud, Yahoo!, Outlook and many others. In the sections ahead, we’ll explore more on these Pipedrive Email Integrations. 

What is Pipedrive Email Integration?

Pipedrive Email Integration comes with two solutions to send, manage and store all your email communications:

Smart Email BCC

Smart Email BCC enables you to manually add individual email conversations to a deal or contact, allowing you to choose which emails to send to Pipedrive. To use Pipedrive’s Smart Email BCC  feature, you can simply enter your name@pipedrivemail.com email address into the CC or BCC area of the emails you wish to see in your Pipedrive CRM. You can find your company-specific universal BCC address by going to Personal preferences > Email sync > Smart Email BCC address.

Pipedrive Email Integration: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

When you use the Smart Email BCC address in the CC or BCC area of any email from your Email Provider and send it, you’ll receive a copy of the CC’d or BCC’d email in your Pipedrive account’s Inbox under the Mail tab. Any replies received from your customers will need to be forwarded to that same universal BCC address in order to appear in your Pipedrive Inbox.

Note: Pipedrive’s Smart Email BCC features works only for emails bearing attachments under 20MB. 

Smart Email BCC is available on all Pipedrive plans- Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. More information on Smart Email BCC Pipedrive Email Integration can be found here- Smart Email BCC.

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Sales Inbox

Pipedrive’s Sales Inbox works with your Pipedrive CRM’s deals and contacts. With Sales Inbox, you can manage, sync, and send emails to your customers directly from your Pipedrive Inbox, by connecting major email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, Yahoo! Mail, and many more. All email communications performed through Pipedrive Sales Inbox get systematically organized for easy user accessibility. Pipedrive Sales Inbox features smart and customizable email templates to help users save time, create and save their own custom templates and options to add signatures. 

Pipedrive’s Sales Inbox is a Pipedrive Email Integration available only with Advanced and Professional plans. In this article, we’ll be going over Sales Inbox Pipedrive Email Sync with a fine-tooth comb.

Pipedrive Email Integrations: Here’s How to Get Started

Setting up Pipedrive Email Sync

Pipedrive Email Sync enables you to access and manage all your emails from your Pipedrive CRM, providing you with a complete picture of all of your personal interactions with the lead and on the deal.

Follow the steps below to configure Pipedrive Email Sync:

Step 1: Visit Personal Preferences > Email Sync in your Pipedrive CRM Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the “Add new account” button to link your Email Provider and sync your conversations. Pipedrive Email Sync is compatible with all major Email Providers, including:

  • Gmail and Google Apps
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync)
  • Outlook.com (aka Hotmail)
  • iCloud (aka MobileMe or DotMac)
  • AOL Mail
  • FastMail
  • GandiMail
  • GMX
  • Mail.ru
  • Yandex.Mail
  • GoDaddy Mail
  • Hover.com
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Soverin
  • Zimbra
  • 123-reg
  • 126
  • QQ Mail
  • Aliyun (Alibaba Group)
  • Netease 163 (China)
  • Yeah.net
  • 139.com (China)
  • Any custom account syncing through generic IMAP via an SSL connection
Pipedrive Add A New Account: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

Step 3: Enable access to Pipedrive Email Sync by logging onto your Email Provider and providing authorization. On the next screen, select which folders and Inbox categories you want to add emails from. You may also choose the frequency of Pipedrive Email Sync and whether or not you want to share your emails with others.

Pipedrive Sync Emails: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

Once set up, all your emails will be shown up in your Pipedrive Inbox where you can view, search, share and filter your conversations. 

Modifying Pipedrive Email Integration Settings

Pipedrive Email Sync may be modified to meet your specific demands and those of your organization. To make adjustments, go to the Personal Preferences > Email sync tab and alter your options. The various available options are:

  • Using Labels, choose whether you want to sync over all of the emails in your Pipedrive Email Inbox, or simply the emails in certain folders or labels from your Email Provider.
  • Enable and disable Pipedrive Email tracking capabilities- Open tracking, Link tracking, or Notifications.
  • Configure whether the archival and deletion functions in the Pipedrive Mail tab are mirrored in your synced email account. 
  • Register a specific email address or a broad domain to be ignored in Pipedrive
  • Add an alternate email address for Smart Email BCC, and 
  • Configure sharing options with other users to either share all of your connected email conversations with them or keep all of your email conversations private.

Pipedrive Email Sync: Mass Email with Group Emailing

Pipedrive’s Group Emailing permits users to send emails to multiple contacts at once, with custom addressing. The only limitation is that Pipedrive’s Group Emailing is limited to 100 recipients at a time. 

Note: Pipedrive’s Group Emailing feature is only available on Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

To use the Pipedrive Emailing Group feature:

Step 1: Select multiple Pipedrive Contacts from the checkboxes and click the “Send group email” button.

Pipedrive Send Group Email: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

Step 2: Create your own email or use one of the Pipedrive Email Templates. Add any relevant attachments before clicking the “Send” button at the bottom.

Pipedrive Send Group Email with Templates: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

Schedule Pipedrive Emails for Delayed Delivery

Scheduling Pipedrive Emails can solve a multitude of troubles like timezone discrepancies or sending emails outside ideal times. Schedule Pipedrive Email feature allows users to schedule and send emails at any day and any time in the future. You may even make changes to the content and attachments while they are still in your Pipedrive Inbox.

Note: Pipedrive Email Scheduling feature is currently in beta and only available to users on the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

To schedule Pipedrive Emails:

For Single Recipient

Go to your Mail tab > Compose. Once you are finished composing your email, click on the arrow next to the Send button, and then click Send later to schedule your email.

Pipedrive Schedule Email for Single Recipient: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

Next, you’ll be presented with options to choose your preferred time and date. 

Pipedrive Schedule Email Date & Time: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

From your Outbox folder, you can view all of your scheduled emails. You can view the specifics of each email by clicking on it, and then delete or cancel it.

For Multiple Recipients

Similar to the above-discussed procedure, you can schedule your Group Emails by selecting the Send Later option next to the Send button.

Pipedrive Schedule Email for Multiple Recipients: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive Support

Pipedrive Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation in Pipedrive lets you automate & scale your sales with Pipedrive. You can send personalized emails automatically whenever a deal is created or reaches a certain stage. To add Workflow Automation, you can perform the following steps:

Step 1: Head to Pipedrive Dashboard > Automation under your account options. 

Step 2: You can either build one from scratch or select one from the pre-configured templates that are available in the templates gallery. Add your new workflow by clicking on the “Add new workflow” button from the top right corner. Either way, you can select from available templates that will help you save time.

Pipedrive Workflow Automation: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Solvaa

Step 3: Specify your trigger and email configuration to complete setting up your Pipedrive Workflow Automation. You can create custom workflows around this and automate your routine processes.

Pipedrive Workflow Automation- Trigger and Email Configuration: Pipedrive Email Sync
Image Source: Pipedrive

Note: Pipedrive Email Workflow Automation currently does not support the Group Mailing feature so, cannot be used as a mass email campaign tool — such as sending one email to thousands of your contacts simultaneously.

For more information on Pipedrive Email Workflow Automation, you can check Pipedrive’s support article here- Pipedrive Knowledge Base Workflow Automation


Pipedrive is a simple architecture CRM Solution that helps manage new leads and deals along an easily customized pipeline. With simple to configure Pipedrive Email Sync, Pipedrive allows users to view, send and manage leads and deals through email conversations right from the Pipedrive CRM. In this article, we explored Pipedrive CRM, Smart Email BCC, Sales Inbox along with steps to set up Pipedrive Email Sync, Group Mail, Scheduling, and Workflow Automation.

Whether you use Pipedrive Integrations via the Pipedrive Marketplace or Pipedrive Email Sync via Email Providers- these are simple to set up and use in your business workflow; but when it comes to tracking, analyzing, and consolidating customer data from a variety of applications, knowing where to begin and how to integrate can be a challenge that every organization faces at some point.

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Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences with Pipedrive Email Sync.

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