Pipedrive Gmail Integration: Made Easy 101

Syeda Famita Amber • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

With regards to business seals, most of the success relies upon how an employee organizes and their prospective customers (Sale Leads). Good Lead Management helps to improve an employee’s capability to accomplish all their Sales targets by using the Sales Pipeline.

Nowadays, each organization or business needs to install an appropriate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, such as Pipedrive, that has an in-built Sales Pipeline feature that helps ensure an employee can track each of their potential customers. With the help of Pipedrive Gmail Integration, an employee can reply or respond to their emails with the most crucial information from their CRM without the need to switch between tabs.

In this article, you will be introduced to Pipedrive and Gmail. You will understand the need for Pipedrive Gmail Integration. Moreover, you will understand the steps to sync and integrate your Pipedrive Gmail accounts. So, read along and understand how Pipedrive Gmail integration can help you simplify your workflows.

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Introduction to Gmail

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Gmail, or Google MAIL, is Google’s widely used, free Web-based Email service. Since its inception in 2004, it has grown to over a billion users. Gmail allows for advanced message content searches and retains message threads for inspection. lt is similar to other email services in that it allows you to send and receive emails, prevent spam, build an address book, and perform other basic email functions.

Gmail has always been built on a solid security base. Before spam, phishing, and malware enter your mailbox, the Google team has worked hard to safeguard you. Every minute, its AI-assisted spam-filtering techniques block 10+ million spam emails.

Your email is safely saved in the Cloud with Gmail. Messages can be accessed from any computer or device that has a web browser. From Gmail, you can join or start a video meeting in Google Meet, add Google Chat to your Gmail inbox to enjoy all of Chat’s abilities right in your inbox. Without an internet connection, you can also easily organize and discover critical emails, as well as read and draft emails. Gmail also allows you to add smart Add-ons for other Workplace Tools like Pipedrive for Gmail to build a Pipedrive Gmail Integration.

To explore the key features of Gmail, visit Gmail Homepage.

Introduction to Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is a CRM tool that helps manage deals and work or function as an account-management tool with the capability to help with advertising and the complete Sales procedure. A Pipedrive automatically tracks and sorts out calls and emails and synchronizes schedules across different gadgets. One ability that makes most SMBs (Small to Midsized Businesses) attractive or appealing about Pipedrive is its capability to visualize the entire Sales procedure from beginning to end. This can help improve an employee’s efficiency or productivity level and avoid second-guessing inside teams, which is usually the main reason behind the failure of customer relationship management.

Pipedrive offers various features to assist organizations in organizing their teams and clients’ information. For instance, contact timelines assist Sales representatives in seeing why they need to contact next and when they should conduct a follow-up. The smart contact data feature helps businesses obtain public information regarding their clients so that they could get an entire picture about their leads and current and potential clients.

Pipedrive also helps merge contacts so that only one Sales representative is working on a particular lead. It also offers advanced user permissions to limit what clients can see and change. It can also help businesses ensure that they comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). General Data Protection Regulation imposes limitations regarding how organizations currently operating in different industries can manage and store their clients’ personal information. Pipedrive helps to ensure that client’s personal data is stored safely and that third parties cannot view, access, or modify it.

Key Features of Pipedrive 

Some of the most crucial features of Pipedrive are: 

  • Privacy and Security: Pipedrive helps to ensure data related to prospective clients is saved in a secured environment. It also helps to maintain privacy and assure data transparency. Several interactions need a secure environment not just for privacy but also to improve accuracy when it comes to performance. 
  • Various Integrations: Businesses can integrate several third-party applications alongside Pipedrive to increase Sales or produce invoices. This is a normal prerequisite, particularly when a company’s management is trying to access customers’ information and make changes using their mobile phones. Pipedrive also permits employees to utilize their current set of applications that they prefer in collaboration with it. In this article, you will learn more about Pipedrive Gmail Integration.
  • Customizable Templates: Using Pipedrive, employees can make their own templates and insert pictures and context to improve their Sales Funnel. A custom format or template can also help employees tweak metrics that they need to observe when comparing. 
  • Chatbot: A chatbot acts like a virtual assistant or helper so that clients do not need to wait for emails or calls to get their doubts or questions cleared. Although the expertise area of a chatbot would be restricted to some pre-programmed topics, still creating a dedicated chatbot with some fundamental provisions is always an excellent touch. 
  • Active Reporting: Pipedrive also helps to provide greater insight and active reporting. Measuring a company’s performance based upon a specific set of objectives becomes crucial to creating an optimized Sales technique.  
  • Advanced Automation: One of the main reasons businesses prefer to use Pipedrive is that it helps automate different Sales operations.

Explore more about Pipedrive, over here.

Understanding Need for Pipedrive Gmail Integration

Pipedrive Gmail Integration
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Previously, Pipedrive users would need to switch between gabs between their mail accounts, such as Gmail or Outlook, and Pipedrive tabs to respond to their client’s emails and update information about their deals. With the help of Pipedrive Gmail, an employee can reply or respond to their emails with the most crucial information from their customer relationship management without the need to switch between tabs.

For any Sales enablement group, it is crucial to save time whenever they can. Most employees are guilty of opening too many tabs, so a Pipedrive Gmail extension would help employees in the Sales enablement team save time. Not needing to switch between Email and Customer Relationship Management will help employees save a lot of time and it will also enhance the flow. Having information about the deals on the sidebar helps to make sure that an employee does not forget to make any significant change or update information about the deal.

An employee can easily update the status of the deal when they are emailing and have the option to refer back to previous conversations and see some other fundamental data. Previously, Pipedrive users were required to forward Emails into Pipedrive manually. However, with a sidebar, an employee could directly link Emails to their contacts. Pipedrive Gmail also allows employees to insert a link for their recipients to book calls that are automatically synced to their Gmail calendar. 

Now that you have understood the need for Pipedrive Gmail Integration, in the next sections, you will discuss the steps to sync and integrate your Pipedrive Gmail accounts.

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Steps to Sync Pipedrive Gmail Accounts

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In this section, you will understand the steps to sync your Pipedrive Gmail accounts. Follow the steps below:

  • Before syncing your Pipedrive account to your Gmail account, you will need to create a Pipedrive account on the Pipedrive website or application. 
  • After creating a Pipedrive account, go to the personal preferences options and then on the email sync option and click the “Connect your account button” to enable the Email sync option.
  • Then, provide login details of the Gmail account you want to sync to your Pipedrive account.
  • When trying to sync your Pipedrive Gmail accounts, you can select if you want to sync every Email or message in your inbox that is going forward or just the Emails stored in a particular folder or have a specific label. If you want to sync every incoming Email or message to your Pipedrive account, you will select the option “All emails will be synced with Pipedrive“.
  • To select which folders and labels you might want to sync with your Pipedrive account, click the option “Only emails with certain labels will be synced with Pipedrive“. Then, pick the labels you might want to sync to your Pipedrive account. 

Steps to Integrate Pipedrive Gmail Accounts

Now that you have synced your Pipedrive Gmail accounts, in this section you will learn how to set up and integrate them.

Follow the steps below to integrate your Pipedrive Gmail accounts:

  • To begin with, try to search for the add-on feature using your Internet browser called “Pipedrive CRM” as shown below. 
Pipedrive Gmail - Pipedrive Add On
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  • After you have clicked the “Install” button, you will need to give permission to Pipedrive to access your Gmail account and begin installing the application. 
  • Once the add-on feature has been successfully installed, you will be able to see it on your Gmail sidebar. You will be requested to log into your Pipedrive account if it is your first time using the add-on feature. 

After the add-on feature has been successfully connected to your Gmail account, you can manage your Email contacts. Once you have clicked an email thread, all the information associated with the Email address will appear on the Pipedrive side panel. In case your contact does not exist in Pipedrive, you can easily add them without even leaving the tab you are currently on.

After you have successfully added your contact to the Pipedrive, you will be able to see options that will help you view your contact in the Pipedrive and change the individual Email Address, Mobile Number, First and Last Name, and Organization Name that is linked with. It will also allow viewing any deals or activities that are connected to your contact.

The Email Sync feature also allows users to access the Pipedrive email tracking function, which enables a user to see when the beneficiary has opened the email you have to send or the link included in the mail. It also enables the user to select which Email application a user might want to utilize to create new messages. The user can choose from one of the following options:

  • In case a user selects the option “Open email links in Pipedrive“, clicking a particular Email link stored in Pipedrive, would take the user to the mail tab of their Pipedrive account to create that Email.
  • In case a user selects the options “Use the default email application in my computer to open email links“, clicking a particular email link that is stored in Pipedrive, it would open another program, such as Gmail that the user has set as the default email composition to send emails.  


In this article, you gained a basic understanding of Pipedrive and discussed the key features. Moreover, you understood the need for integrating Pipedrive Gmail accounts. In addition, you learned the steps to sync and integrate your Pipedrive Gmail accounts.

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