Product Listing Ads: A Comprehensive Guide

Raj Verma • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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From the invention of the Printing Press, the first big break, to the invention of the Internet, the golden age, Marketing and Advertising have come a long way. With the stores moving online, you have a constant environment where you can observe, adjust and improve your Marketing Strategy to drive up sales for your Online ECommerce Store. Marketing Departments are spending more and more money on Digital Advertisements. Advertisement Support is one of the main ingredients of a robust Marketing Strategy, and Google is one of the most pervasive Advertising Platforms being used by brands to maximize their returns and profit.

Online Merchants are constantly seeking new ways to attract new customers to their ECommerce Store. And Google’s Product Listing Ads are one of the leading sources of traffic. Google Product Listing Ads are specifically designed for ECommerce and are more visual, more informative, and they attract ready-to-buy customers. With the right strategy, you can leverage Product Listing Ads to maximize your returns. Read this article to know more about it.

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What are Product Listing Ads?

In today’s world, to stand out in the crowded marketplace you need to try harder than the others. But Product Listing Ads make it easy for you to attain high discoverability without trying so hard.

Product Listing Ads are the Ads that show up when a customer searches for a product on Google. Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are used by ECommerce companies to promote their Products, boost Website Traffic, and generate quality Leads. With PLAs, all your products get higher discoverability with all your customers. Simply put, PLAs could get customers to come to you without really trying.

Product Listing Ads provide detailed information to the user including up-to-date Product Images, Pricing, Buying Options, and Customer Reviews. Every time a customer searches for a product online, you won’t get lost in the crowd anymore, instead, you’ll get to jump the line and grab their attention.

Introduction to Google Product Listing Ads

Google Product Listing Ads: Position
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It is a well-known fact that Google Shopping dominates other shopping channels. Hence, the term Product Listing Ads usually refers specifically to Google. A Google Product Listing Ad is a data-feed-driven Ad that shows up in the search results of Google whenever a user queries something related to a product. Google PLAs feature all the details about a product including Product Image, Price, Store Name, and Link. Google pulls all the information directly from your product feed, and hence it is always up-to-date. The PLAs are also displayed on Google Search partner websites such as YouTube.

Google Product Listing Ads
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Google PLAs are prominently positioned before the organic results at the very top of the search page, and also to the right of the search results. These Ads are displayed even more prominently under Google’s “Shopping” tab. The customer journey is streamlined, and customers can easily discover your brand without you having to try hard to grab their attention.

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Why Use Google Product Listing Ads?

According to a survey, 49% of the shoppers use Google to discover a new item or product. So, displaying your Ads on Google naturally gives you a wide range of exposure. Below-mentioned is a few unique benefits of using Google Product Listing Ads.

  • More Traffic: As discussed, Google Shopping clearly dominates other shopping channels. To be able to reach out to a wide range of audiences, businesses continue to experience enormous Click-through Rates (CTR) with Google PLAs.
  • Skip the Queue: Product Listing Ads put your Ads right at the top and center. This gives you an opportunity to grab the attention of your potential customers. Relevant audiences and shoppers are likely to notice your Ads because of the prominent positioning of Google PLAs. Google also makes it possible to display more than one of your PLAs on the search.
  • Quality Leads: Displaying detailed information in your Ads will help you reach relevant audiences, and it’ll be easy for them to decide and make informed buying decisions. Someone clicking an Ad with a price and image means they’re probably ready to buy. This will increase the Lead Quality and Conversion Rates.
  • Retail-Centric Campaign Management: Google uses product attributes from your Merchant Center Data Feed to display your PLAs with relevant searches. You can browse your product inventory directly in Google Ads.
  • Seamless User Experience: PLA Advertising makes customer journeys seamless. Shoppers can see the product image, price, and reviews, and can directly click through to the product page. Enhanced customer experience can help in driving potential consumers lower down the Sales Funnel.
  • Reporting Capabilities: You can also monitor and enhance the performance of your Ad Campaigns with Google PLAs. They come with in-built reporting capabilities. You can observe how many clicks or impressions your brand gets.

Get Started with Google Product Listing Ads: 4 Easy Steps

Setting up PLA advertising is quite straightforward. Follow the below-mentioned steps to launch your campaign.

Step 1: Set Up an Account in the Google Merchant Center

Google Product Listing Ads: Merchant Center
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To do this, go to Google Merchant Center and upload your product data feed. This information will be displayed to your audience. You need to have a Gmail Account to complete this step. You can also give access to your account to multiple people.

Step 2: Verify your Store

Google Product Listing Ads: Verify URL
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You first need to verify your store with Google before you can start running your PLA Advertising Campaign. To do this, you need to connect your website with Google Analytics. From your Google Merchant Account, click on the “Verify URL” button. Now, you can start creating your Product Ads.

Step 3: Upload your Products

Google automatically fetches details about your inventory and products to create Product Listing Ads. Hence, you don’t need to spend your time crafting Ads and choosing Keywords.

Your product data can be uploaded to Google through an automated feed or a .txt file. Automated feeds will automatically update your Ads at any time your product information changes, and save you a lot of time. The manual .txt file method takes a bit longer but gives you full control over your Product Ads. You can further refine and modify your listings to optimize your Product Ads. Make sure that relevant keywords are included in your Product Title and Description.

Step 4: Set Up your PLA Advertising in Google Ads

Once you have created and uploaded your products, you can now set up specific Ad Groups and Targeting Rules for your products in Google Ads. PLAs are also based on competitive auction bids. You can set Ad bids, the cost per click will vary depending on the products you sell.


Advertising with PLAs has been on a rise since their launch in 2010. Product Listing Ads build a strong online presence and give you the opportunity to highlight your products and services. This is the easiest way to grab the attention of your customers and immediately outshine competing brands using only expanded Text Ads.

These Ads create brand awareness and are also important in terms of customer experience and convenience. In short, PLAs make life easier for shoppers. However, if you want to integrate data from Google Ads to carry out an insightful analysis of your Marketing Campaign and Strategies, then Hevo Data can be the one-stop-shop solution for your Data Integration needs!

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Share your experience of working with Google Product Listing Ads in the comments section below.

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