Salesforce CTI: 6 Important Advantages

• September 7th, 2021

In today’s competitive market, effective planning of Sales and Marketing strategies plays an integral role in a company’s growth. The sales department of a firm has the task of increasing the conversion rate of potential customers. To achieve optimum Sales Generation, businesses use Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems to enable their employees to interact with the target audience on call while using computers. Companies around the globe have chosen Salesforce to meet these requirements. 

This article will give a brief about Salesforce, Computer Telephony Integration systems, and its key benefits. The article will also provide a better understanding of the advantages and usage of the Open Salesforce CTI tool. 

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  • Understanding of customer support 
  • An idea of how API works

Introduction to Salesforce

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Salesforce is a San Francisco-based cloud computing company that provides the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management platform. The firm was founded by Halsey Minor, Marc Benioff, and Parker Harris in 1999. Salesforce’s cloud-based digital platform helps companies to carry out various operations like Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and many more. The platform eliminates the need for installing specialized infrastructure that enables businesses to achieve Maximum Efficiency at a minimum cost. Many industry-leading companies, including Walmart, UnitedHealth Group, Unilever, and Berkshire Hathaway, use Salesforce’s CRM platform to provide a best-in-class experience to their customers. 

Key Features of Salesforce

Salesforce offers various services to its clients to help them run their sales and marketing operations seamlessly. Following are a few major Salesforce offerings:- 

  • Sales Cloud: This platform allows Salesforce’s clients to store data of business interactions — either with other organizations or customers. Companies can store all of their organizational data with the Sales Cloud, including Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Fundraising, and manage Grants.
  • Marketing Cloud: Salesforce offers a Marketing Cloud that can handle all of its client’s marketing needs. Businesses can easily gain access to critical consumer insights that help them to make better-informed decisions regarding campaigns.
  • It is a platform developed by Salesforce that allows its users to gather customer data from various sources. Users can connect with other market players and collect information to meet their business needs.  

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Understanding Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

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Computer Telephony Integration is a system that allows computers to share information with telephones and vice versa. It enables users to make and receive calls using virtual phones from their computers. It is an integral technology that is used by businesses operating in various sectors to handle inbound and outbound calls of their customers. Users can make calls from their computers using a click-to-call functionality that eliminates the requirement of physical telephones. The technology also supports all the mainstream telephone functionalities like call transfer, hold, mute, conference, answer, and hang up

During a call, Salesforce CTI automatically fetches the details of the person being called from the company’s database. This feature helps users to quickly attend calls without having to ask customers regarding their details. Salesforce CTI can also be integrated with various Third-Party automatic call distributor systems that can automatically direct calls from customers to the concerned department for efficient workflow. The distribution protocols can be customized depending upon the needs. Salesforce CTI integration allows businesses to record incoming and outgoing calls that can be used to generate real-time reports on an employee’s performance and understand the needs of its customers in a better way. 

Key Benefits of Salesforce CTI

Computer Telephony Integration has a number of features that help businesses to optimize their workflow and increase revenue generation. Below mentioned are a few key benefits that companies get after the adoption of Salesforce CTI.

  • Time-Saving – Salesforce CTI displays information about the customers after fetching relevant details from its database. This allows sales agents to get directly into essential talks with customers while eliminating the need for asking about details. All the required information gets displayed on the employee’s computer screen that helps to have a lot of productive time.
  • Increased Productivity – Salesforce CTI can automatically divert inbound calls to individual departments after being integrated with an automatic call distributor system. This helps workers to attend calls that are specifically for their department. Hence it increases productivity as employees can solely focus on fulfilling their assigned responsibilities. 
  • Cost-effective – The price for buying a Salesforce CTI subscription is way lesser than the cost of installing physical telephones at each workstation. Various other infrastructures are needed to enable a fully functional telephone. Hence CTI helps businesses to save quite a considerable amount of money. 
  • Tracking Performance – Salesforce CTI enables businesses to record inbound and outbound calls that can be used in the future for generating reports or to analyze trends. Salesforce CTI services also have specific analytics tools that can be used to create insights about customers and the performance of employees. 
  • Better Customer Experience – Salesforce CTI pushes various relevant information on the caller’s computer screen about customers when they are approached. The details may include name, email address, phone number, account history, and many more. This helps the caller to provide an immersive and personalized experience to customers.

Understanding Open Salesforce CTI

Open Salesforce CTI is a javascript API that allows users to build and integrate various third-party computer telephony integration services with the Salesforce Call Center platform. It is a browser-based cloud platform that allows the user to efficiently use its services without having to install any specialized hardware. Open Salesforce CTI comes with many useful features that include automated call logging, click to dial, local presence, voicemail drop, softphone, and on-screen customer details popup.  

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Steps to Integrate Open Salesforce CTI

Connecting Open Salesforce CTI with a Third-Party Computer Telephony Integration System requires some knowledge of coding. Users must have adequate expertise in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Visualforce APIs, and Salesforce CRM call Center to be able to use Open Salesforce CTI in its full functionality. Below mentioned are the steps following which one can integrate Third-Party CTIs with Open Salesforce CTI: 

Step 1: Select the Third-Party phone provider. 

Step 2: Download and install the required app exchange packages.

Step 3: Connect the Third-Party CTI softphone with Salesforce.

Step 4: Select the number of users who would have access to the Salesforce phone. 

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Key Advantages of Open Salesforce CTI

The prime motto of any business is to increase their sales, for which they implement various strategies and practices. Integrating a Third-Party computer telephony integration system with Open Salesforce CTI allows employees to effectively manage outbound and inbound sales calls that increase the chances of gaining new customers. Open Salesforce CTI offers various features and services like popup customer details, customizable softphones that give users an edge over traditional methods for increasing sales. Below mentioned are a few advantages of using Open Salesforce CTI.

1) Improved Customer Relationship

Open Salesforce CTI allows its users to schedule calls, messages and arrange follow-up appointments with customers. This helps to build a better relationship with customers that leads to increased changes in sales.

2) Customizable 

The platform gives its users the ability to customize their softphones according to their own accord and needs. Open Salesforce CTI offers many personalization options that help users to Increase their Productivity and Optimize Workflow. Users have the option of adding relevant analytics data and client information to their dashboard according to their needs that would help them to interact with customers.

3) Increased Sales

Open Salesforce CTI allows its users to view all the relevant information of an individual while making a call. The information includes location, past purchases, product choice, and many others. This gives the caller a background brief of an individual that can be used to begin an informed conversation to increase the conversion rate. 

4) Wide Support Range

Open Salesforce CTI provides support for multiple web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and can be operated on all platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also allows users to attach headsets via Bluetooth connection or USB port. 

5) All in One Solution

Usually, users need to hover around multiple windows to gather various information. Open Salesforce CTI offers an all-in-one window that displays every necessary detail, including analytics. This helps to save a lot of time that results in increased productivity of users. 

6) Security

Every interaction with Open Salesforce CTI’s telephony server is encrypted as it uses HTTPS. This ensures maximum security of client and company data


Businesses across the globe are incessantly working towards providing a better experience to their customers in this market of ever-changing consumer needs. To keep up with the pace, companies have adopted various techniques and tools that help them achieve their goals. Salesforce CTI is yet another powerful tool that allows businesses to seamlessly interact with customers in an informed manner that helps them grow their business.  In case you want to export data from Salesforce into your desired Database/destination, then Hevo Data is the right choice for you! 

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