Salesforce is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, powered by Customer 360. It further offers a complementary suite of enterprise applications that focus on Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, Customer Service, and Application Development. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows you to connect your institution across geographies, businesses, and channels. It also gives you the benefit of more visibility into existing household opportunities and gets a complete view of held-away and managed assets.

This blog talks about the different crucial aspects of Salesforce for the Finance sector in detail. This includes Salesforce Financial Cloud’s key features and benefits. It also gives a brief introduction to the Salesforce suite and its key features before exploring Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

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Introduction to Salesforce

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Salesforce serves as an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that provides a single, shared view across all your departments including Sales, Service, Commerce, and Marketing. Salesforce can help you empower and develop your Sales teams with integrated Lead Management, Forecasting Tools, and the ability to Quote, Price, and Configure every deal. Salesforce provides a comprehensive Cloud platform (Sales Cloud) that gives you the Customer Management Solution that is the right fit for every growth phase of your company.

Salesforce Cloud is an all-in-one Sales tool that also doubles as CRM software. Salesforce Cloud is flexible enough to accommodate organizations of any size or industry and scalable for anything you might need from it. It allows you to access data on the go through its mobile app. It can also help maximize Sales with AppExchange-based integrations thus boosting business growth.     

Here are a few salient Salesforce features:

  • It allows you to design mobile-friendly Salesforce apps for every employee. This helps boost productivity and build a more connected workforce. Apart from this, it also helps you streamline the employee help desk for faster self-service. 
  • Salesforce offers a boost on its core services with additional functionalities such as Application Integration and Artificial Intelligence. This includes building custom-branded mobile apps; easy integration of data from ERPs, IoT, and Databases; and addition of predictive capabilities to every Service and Sales application.
  • You can make your apps more personalized and smart to meet your needs in real-time engagement, service, and purchase.
  • Salesforce provides a highly curated library of industry-specific expert help. This includes Process Flows, Apps, Templates, and Components built to tackle every single issue faced by the user.    

Salesforce CRM further ensures a personalized experience with its Customer 360 Platform. Some of the key products offered by Salesforce as a part of their suite are as follows:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce Service Cloud offers all the tools you might need to strengthen Customer Engagement. It allows you to automate business processes with Intelligent Workflows, enable Customer Interactions across each channel, get Actionable Insight into each Customer Interaction, and Drive Revenue with the power of Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: Salesforce Financial Services Cloud gives you 360-degree visibility into the financial profiles of your clients for various sectors ranging from wealth management to retail banking. This helps you put your customer at the center of every interaction.
  • Salesforce Analytics (Tableau CRM): Tableau allows you to leverage intuitive Drag-and-Drop Analysis at every skill level. It also allows you to quickly spot Visual Patterns and Share Insights across teams to drive growth. 
  • Salesforce Einstein: This is an Artificial Intelligence technology developed by the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The goal of this tool is to provide Marketing and Sales departments more up-to-date views of Sales prospects and customers. 
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: The Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to convert more customers with personalized buying experiences. You can implement your strategies faster with easy-to-use tools. This allows you to stay agile and start generating a Higher ROI (Return on Investment) sooner. 
  • Salesforce AppExchange: Salesforce AppExchange is an Enterprise Cloud marketplace. It allows you to find proven experts and apps to help you solve business challenges fast and extend your Salesforce Customer 360 from anywhere. This can be extended across any Department, Industry, and Product. It also offers app guides to help you zero in on the right apps to suit your unique business use cases and challenges.
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Introduction to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

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Salesforce CRM’s Financial Service Solutions let your financial institution or bank create personal experiences that build customer loyalty and trust. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides financial advisor software and a lot more to provide integrated Service, Sales, and Marketing solutions that help break down data silos. It is also creating more Customized and Cohesive Customer Experiences across all departments and through all channels of communication.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the platform that serves as the one-stop-shop for your Financial Service team. It provides real-time access to critical data, meaningful insights into every stage of the Customer Lifecycle, and visibility into unique Customer Journeys. Irrespective of the sector your Financial Services Enterprise belongs to, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can help your business handle any challenge it faces.

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Understanding the Benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

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Here are a few salient benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud:

Salesforce FSC: Benefits for Insurance Companies

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps insurance companies cater to the unique needs of each policyholder. Customer Service reps and agents can access 360-Degree Views of each policyholder’s milestones. It also allows them to access intuitive Dashboards, Real-time Analytics, and Insights to influence coverage recommendations. Here are a few key benefits provided to insurance companies:

  • Onboarding Activity workflows
  • Next Best Offer
  • Post and Pre-transaction Customer Journeys
  • AMS/PAS Integration for 360-degree Customer View

Salesforce FSC: Benefits for Capital Markets

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can help capital firms Align and Operationalize their processes with powerful workflows tools. For example, bankers can track investments and Deal Pipelines with powerful opportunity management features, while investor relation teams and client services onboard new clients. Relationship Modelling capabilities help firms picture their assets under management. It also provides a firm foundation for building custom solutions for real estate, private equity, investment banking, and much more.

Here are a few benefits of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Capital Markets:

  • Increase Competitive Edge with Artificial Intelligence
  • Meet Strict Compliance, Security, and Data Regulatory Requirements
  • Build a Strong Analytics Program that provides Key Insights  

Salesforce FSC: Benefits for Banking and Lending

Banking and Lending institutions engage based on timely and relevant insights, communications, and access across all devices. Salesforce FSC allows you to easily Visualize and Track Customer Relationships, Streamline Handoffs, and Coordinate among Key Stakeholders. 

Here are a few advantages of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Banking and Lending:

  • Automate and Track Commercial Lending Progress
  • Standardize Next-level Customer Care for Retail Banking
  • Forecast Requests for Member Services based on the Customer Journey
  • Meet Regulatory changes in Consumer Lending and Mortgages 

Salesforce FSC: Benefits for Wealth and Asset Management

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows Wealth and Asset Management firms to ensure transparency and trust. Relationship Intelligence allows you to capture and show visual up-to-the-moment account information within and across households, clients, and networks. You can also curate and provide access to critical partner solutions and client information to advisors all through a single location. Here are a few salient aspects of the benefits for Wealth and Asset Management firms:

  • Tools to deliver customized advice across channels.
  • Automate householding to provide greater client insight.
  • Get greater insight into Financial Accounts integration of assets and other resources.
  • Robust Marketing Automation maximizes the time spent helping clients achieve their goals.  

Improving Operational Efficiency in Banks with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Here is how Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can give lenders the right set of tools they need to quickly respond to customer requests:

  • It starts building the digital record from the moment of the first contact. It does this either through a lender’s input for a referral from another customer or through an online form that automatically creates a lead in Salesforce.
  • With Salesforce Digital Management, lenders can reach out to their customers across multiple channels. This includes Social Networks, Mobile Messaging, and Chatbots.
  • With a comprehensive set of intelligent routing rules, a contact request can be sent instantaneously to the right group with the ability to analyze, prioritize, and meet the needs of the customer.

Financial Services Cloud’s Actionable Relationship Center collates financial information for your customers. This allows teams to view financial information in a jiffy, and take immediate action on those records. 

Accelerating Complaint Management in Salesforce

If you’re working with outdated Complaint Management systems, these tools fail to offer security, visibility, and collaborative tools that can accelerate the process. Salesforce comes to the rescue by bringing all your processes and data together to drive Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency. Salesforce protects your data while letting you look at the activities of the front-end employees. This lets you know if there is a complaint being registered elsewhere. Salesforce ensures timely response to a Financial claim with its Financial Services Cloud.

With Complaint Management in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, you can do the following:

  • Surface complaints so they don’t get lost in the pile.
  • Build out feedback objects that express the escalation of a case.
  • Monitor the integral things you need to know from a compliance perspective.
  • Gain greater visibility into management.
  • Report on trends and themes so you can understand how to get ahead and fix bigger problems that you may face as an organization.
  • Send SLA letters automatically, which lets the clients know that their complaint is being processed.   


This blog talks in detail about the different aspects of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud to help you get a deeper understanding. It also gives a brief introduction to the Salesforce suite before diving into the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. 

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