Top Salesforce Products to Amplify your Business Efficacy in 2023

Divyansh Sharma • Last Modified: January 13th, 2023

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Did you know that the symbol for Salesforce’s New York Stock Exchange ticker is “CRM“?

Salesforce prioritises quality and security, which is why the Company maintains its dominance in the CRM Sector. Salesforce is truly a super fantastic Solution for any Business, thanks to its fairly unique pricing system, backward compatibility and tremendous customization capabilities.

Salesforce, the World’s No. 1 CRM Solution, has seen impressive growth for years, attributable to its remarkable offering of Salesforce Products such as Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and many more which have made Salesforce earn a sterling reputation.

In this blog post, we’ll look at these popular Salesforce Products, what makes them unique, what features make Salesforce so popular with Businesses the world over, and why Salesforce CRM might be the right option for your Business, too.

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Salesforce CRM: A Quick Tour

Salesforce Logo: Salesforce Products
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Without a doubt, the World’s #1 CRM needs no introduction. Salesforce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that does not require the installation of Software or the use of a Server. Salesforce, founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez, now comprises over 150,000 Companies, including prominent data giants such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Sony, Vodafone, and L’Oreal.

A top-notch Cloud-based CRM Solution from a Company based out of San Francisco, California, Salesforce is developed to make Organizations function more efficiently and profitably by reducing the cost of managing Hardware Infrastructure. Salesforce is an integrated platform that provides a Single Shared View of each Customer for all the Departments within an Organization, such as Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Service.

As per Statista Reports, Salesforce CRM Application occupies 19.8% Market Share in the CRM Market. Salesforce has already earned the ranks of the world’s best CRM Application for seven consecutive years by International Data Corporation (IDC) in its latest Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker.

Salesforce CRM Application aids in the administration of Marketing Activities and integrates the Marketing Team with the Sales Management and Account Management Teams of the firm, ensuring that the whole Organisation is reaching out to Customers in a unified manner. Salesforce can manage your Contacts, monitor Opportunities, provide Custom Reports, automate Marketing Campaigns, and much more.

Along with the Customer Relationship Management Service, Salesforce also provides many other Salesforce Products like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Process Automation, etc. (more details are covered later in this article). Salesforce ensures a personalized experience with its Customer 360 Platform. 

If you are a Small Business Owner and use Salesforce as your CRM Solution, you can explore our comprehensive guide on Salesforce for Small Business here.

Key Features and Benefits of Using Salesforce

Provides a Bird’s-Eye View of the Entire Sales Pipeline

Salesforce’s unique proposition comes from its ability to lay the entire Sales Pipeline into a single intuitive Dashboard. You can check on all aspects of your Sales Pipeline at one glance, from Customer Activity to Conversion Rates. Not only this, but your Teams can also build Customised Reporting and Data Visualizations to view only the necessary details that matter.

Salesforce Dashboard: Salesforce Products
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Salesforce AppExchange: Empowering Business’s Functionality Across Every Department & Team

Salesforce AppExchange: Salesforce Products
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The Salesforce AppExchange is an ecosystem of over 5000 ready-to-install Apps that enable Organisations to increase Salesforce Capabilities throughout their Customer-facing Teams and Departments. All these supported Applications are carefully designed to integrate and help Businesses work smoothly over their Salesforce Platform without any hassle.

The only disadvantage Salesforce AppExchange has is that not all Apps are free. So, it’s recommended that you check User reviews and ratings before making a purchase.

Advanced Analytics Tools

Organizations may get useful insights through the Salesforce Platform’s simple functionality, and with the aid of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Your Business can now empower Support Agents, Analysts, Marketers, and Sales Reps by simply allowing them to click on the visual interface and get insights rather than building Mathematical Models or Coding Algorithms.

For instance, with the support of Salesforce Einstein, your Sales Teams can:

  1. Know what changes are made in the Opportunity Pipeline in real-time.
  2. Read new deals that go into or out of the Sales Amount and compare closed deals that were either won or lost.
  3. Evaluate trends in opportunity categories for the growth of the Sales Pipeline
  4. Estimate future Sales and Revenue using Forecasting Dashboards
  5. Activate Whitespace Analysis for a more personalised Customer need. 

To get ideas on some of the best available Analytics Tools for Salesforce, check out our Best Salesforce Analytics Tools guide here.

Simplify your Salesforce ETL and Analysis with Hevo’s No-code Data Pipeline

A fully managed No-code Data Pipeline Platform like Hevo Data helps you integrate data from 100+ data sources (including 30+ Free Data Sources like Salesforce) to a destination of your choice in real-time in an effortless manner. Hevo with its minimal learning curve can be set up in just a few minutes allowing the users to load data without having to compromise performance. Its strong integration with umpteenth sources allows users to bring in data of different kinds in a smooth fashion without having to code a single line. 

Get Started with Hevo for Free

Check out some of the cool features of Hevo:

Completely Automated: The Hevo platform can be set up in just a few minutes and requires minimal maintenance.

Transformations: Hevo provides preload transformations through Python code. It also allows you to run transformation code for each event in the pipelines you set up. You need to edit the event object’s properties received in the transform method as a parameter to carry out the transformation. Hevo also offers drag and drop transformations like Date and Control Functions, JSON, and Event Manipulation to name a few. These can be configured and tested before putting them to use.

Connectors: Hevo supports 100+ integrations to SaaS platforms such as Files, Databases, Analytics, and BI Tools. It supports various destinations including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Firebolt (Integration Coming Soon!), Snowflake Data Warehouses, Amazon S3 Data Lakes, and MySQL, MongoDB, TokuDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL databases to name a few.  

Real-Time Data Transfer: Hevo provides real-time data migration, so you can have analysis-ready data always.

100% Complete & Accurate Data Transfer: Hevo’s robust infrastructure ensures reliable data transfer with zero data loss.

Scalable Infrastructure: Hevo has in-built integrations for 100+ sources that can help you scale your data infrastructure as required.

24/7 Live Support: The Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to you through Chat, Email, and Support Calls.

Schema Management: Hevo takes away the tedious task of schema management & automatically detects the schema of incoming data and maps it to the destination schema.

Live Monitoring: Hevo allows you to monitor the data flow so you can check where your data is at a particular point in time.

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The Definitive Guide to The Best Salesforce Products

Salesforce has been a Game Changer for reinventing the way Enterprise Software is used and delivered. For companies of any size ranging from Small Businesses to Large Enterprises, Salesforce CRM is a popular choice. 

Running entirely on the Cloud, Salesforce Products offer a slew of features to every Business Team and Individual. Salesforce Customer 360 arranges an entire Portfolio of Technology Products Salesforce offers within its one CRM Platform. It aligns all of your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Teams in one single Dashboard to create a seamless Customer Experience.

Salesforce Products have grown in popularity as the company has grown over the years. Salesforce used to be a major CRM product, but it now offers more than only Contact Management, Sales Activity Tracking, and Customer and Opportunity Management. Salesforce Products are closely linked and offer the same Tools and Modules to meet your Business Objectives.

Here’s a list of the major Salesforce Products offered:

Salesforce Products or “Cloud Applications” includes their own Tools and Solutions, but they all run from a Shared Main Framework, making it easy to ensure that your entire Organization is working from a Single Source of Truth, without any chaos or information mismanagement.

Salesforce Customer 360: Salesforce Products
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Now, let’s take a closer look at these key Salesforce products:

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps Companies to accelerate their Sales Cycle via Tools to manage Leads, Opportunities, and Businesses.  It is Salesforce’s flagship product in the Salesforce Products line-up, focusing on B2B business.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, commonly known as Salesforce CRM, may assist your Company in creating a customised Customer Venture. It may provide tailored purchasing experiences for all of your Customers while also facilitating beneficial relationships with long-term and loyal customers.

By recording Customer Information and Interactions in one place, Salesforce Sales Cloud, as one of the major Salesforce Products, allows you to identify more Customers and win more Transactions more quickly. You may also boost Conversion Rates by nurturing and converting high-quality Sales Leads.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Salesforce Sales Cloud includes a plethora of other capabilities, including:

  1. AI-Powered Reporting Tools
  2. Automated Activity Capture
  3. Sales Cadences
  4. Lead Scoring
  5. Contact & Deal Management
Salesforce Sales Cloud: Salesforce Products
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Salesforce Sales additionally has a few Cloud Add-on Salesforce Products. For a few products, here are the specifics:

Add-onPricingAvailable with (Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing Plan)
CPQ & Billing$75 User/monthProfessional, Enterprise and Unlimited
Sales Cloud Einstein$50 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
High Velocity Sales$75 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
PardotStarting at $1,250 /month (up to 10,000 contacts)Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited
Salesforce Engage$50 User/monthProfessional, Enterprise and Unlimited
Einstein Conversation Insights$50 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
Inbox$25 User/monthEssentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited

More information on Salesforce Sales Cloud Add-on Products can be found here: Salesforce Add-on Pricing.

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud helps your Organisation to streamline your Customer Service process. It helps you deliver more personalized Customer Support through various Channels such as Email, Live Chat, Phone, SMS and Social Media. Through these channels, your Service Agents can connect with your Business Customers through the Salesforce Agent Console, and interact with them to know their needs and suggestions.

Salesforce Service Cloud also enables Service Teams to automate Workflows, provide Self-service Solutions to Customers for faster query resolution through Portals and Knowledge Bases. Salesforce Service Cloud comes with Service Analytics to assess agent performance. 

Add-on Salesforce Products for Service Cloud include:

Add-onPricingAvailable with (Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing Plan)
Field Service$50 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
Workforce Engagement$50 User/monthPerformance, Enterprise and Unlimited
Digital Engagement$75 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited

Service Cloud Einstein
$50 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
Self-Service$5/member/month or $2/login/monthEnterprise and Unlimited

More information on Salesforce Service Cloud Add-on Products can be found here: Salesforce Add-on Pricing.

Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce Products
Image Source: Salesforce

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Cloud Marketing Platform for Marketers to manage and deliver relevant personalized Customer Journeys across different Platforms and Devices. 

With such features, Marketers can not only engage with their Business Customers through Social & Advertising Platforms but also connect with Sales or Service Cloud by allowing CRM data to flow seamlessly.

As Salesforce affirms, with Marketing Cloud you can send an appropriate message to the Right Customers at the right time. This helps to create personalised One-to-One Communication with the Customer to ensure better Customer Engagement and enhanced ROI.

Some of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products are:

  1. Salesforce Pardot: For B2B Marketing activities with a focus on Email Marketing and Landing Page creation.
  2. Salesforce Journey Builder: For delivering personalized and connected Cross-Channel experiences for Customers.
  3. Salesforce Advertising Studio: For connecting Channels and integrating CRM data with Digital Advertising.
  4. Salesforce Social Studio: For combining Marketing Solutions with Sales and Service Actions. 
  5. Salesforce DMP: For strengthening Customer Relationships by capturing and centralising Customer data.
  6. Salesforce Email Studio: For creating basic and sophisticated Email Marketing Campaigns.
  7. Salesforce Mobile Studio: For Customer Communications through SMS Marketing, Group messages and Push Notifications.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Salesforce Products
Image Source: Salesforce

Add-on Salesforce Products for Marketing Cloud include:

Add-onPricingAvailable with (Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing Plan)
Segment Publishes$8,400 per 1,000 segments publishesCorporate, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus
Einstein SegmentationAvailable on a request basisProfessional
Data Studio — PublisherStarting at $10,000/org USD/monthBasic, Professional and Multichannel
Data Studio — MarketerStarting at $20,000/org USD/monthBasic, Professional and Multichannel
Mobile ConnectAvailable on a request basisPro

More information on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Add-on Products can be found here: Salesforce Add-on Pricing.

Experience Cloud

Previously known as Salesforce Community Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud allows Business Teams to create different platforms for their Business Partners, Customers and Employees for productive interaction and collaboration.

With Salesforce Experience Cloud, creating Portals, Forums, Websites, and Help Centres, is smooth with support and integration built directly on the Salesforce Platform, that seamlessly integrates with all your CRM data.

Here are some other advantages of using Salesforce Experience Cloud:

  1. Create multiple experiences for specific needs.
  2. Extend business processes to Partners and Customers.
  3. Integrate data (such as orders or financial information) from third-party providers.
  4. Use Themes and Templates to create beautiful Branded Experiences.
  5. Use Salesforce CMS to create Content and deliver to any Channel.
Salesforce Experience Cloud: Salesforce Products
Image Source: Salesforce

Add-on Salesforce Products for Experience Cloud include:

Add-onPricingAvailable with (Salesforce Experience Cloud Pricing Plan)
Digital Engagement$75 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
Tableau CRM for Experience$25/member/month or $10/login/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
Salesforce Maps for Experience$25/member/month and $10/login/monthEnterprise and Unlimited

More information on Salesforce Experience Cloud Add-on Products can be found here: Salesforce Add-on Pricing.

Analytics Cloud

Massive Customer Data held in Salesforce CRM requires Data Processing and Data Analytics to draw and fetch useful insights to help improve your Business. 

Salesforce offers Tableau CRM which was acquired back in 2009 to help tap Business Intelligence Space and provide deeper insights into your Business Data.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps both Medium and Large Scale Companies to explore and analyse their data quickly and efficiently. The data representations are also mobile-friendly so you can even check out them on the go and utilize information effectively.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud: Salesforce Products
Image Source: Salesforce

Add-on Salesforce Products for Analytics Cloud include:

Add-onPricingAvailable with (Salesforce Analytics Cloud Pricing Plan)
Salesforce Shield30% of net spendEnterprise and Unlimited
Tableau CRM for Experience$25/member/month or $10/login/monthEnterprise and Unlimited
Tableau CRM for Financial Services$150 User/monthEnterprise and Unlimited

More information on Salesforce Analytics Cloud Add-on Products can be found here: Salesforce Add-on Pricing.

Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is focused on growing the Brand faster and converting Leads to Customers. It gives the Salesforce Users a complete view of Inventories, Orders and Activities.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud combines the purchase experience by interacting with B2C Customers across all touchpoints, backed up by a single, 360-degree view. With the help of AI across all Digital Channels, Salesforce Commerce Cloud can enable the Best-in-Class Services and Purchase Experiences for your Customers. 

Features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud include:

  • Commerce Platform: Salesforce offers a pre-built platform for creating Digital Shops, Product Pages, Campaigns, and AI-driven Recommendations.
  • Order Administration: Integrated Order Management Software that delivers real-time Inventory Data and allows Online Merchants to handle Sales and Services, and fulfilment from a single location.

Add-on Salesforce Products for Commerce Cloud include:

Add-onPricingAvailable with (Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pricing Plan)
B2B Additional StorefrontsAvailable on a request basisStarter, Growth and Plus
Additional Product SKUsAvailable on a request basisStarter, Growth and Plus
Additional Omnichannel Inventory LocationsAvailable on a request basisStarter, Growth and Plus

More information on Salesforce Commerce Cloud Add-on Products can be found here: Salesforce Add-on Pricing.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Salesforce Products
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Salesforce Integration Cloud (Mulesoft)

Salesforce Integration Cloud includes a set of Services and Tools that make it easy for Customers to surface their data, regardless of where it resides and deliver Intelligent, Connected Customer Experiences across all Channels and Touchpoints. 

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform by Salesforce was added to the Salesforce Integration Cloud following Salesforce’s acquisition of MuleSoft to enable Enterprises to surface data wherever it exists. Mulesoft’s current connections are one of its main selling points, allowing you to link to Mainframes, ERP systems, and SaaS applications utilising proven and established Templated Solutions.

Salesforce Integration Cloud (Mulesoft): Salesforce Products
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Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a smart AI Tool that has been developed for the Salesforce Customer 360 Suite and Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud. It can help your Business Teams with attractive Data Visualisation, instant Data Exploration and fast Cloud Speed at scale.

Salesforce Einstein is a Mobile-first Analytics Platform and the world with data from any source. With as little friction as possible, Einstein allows all Salesforce Users to:

  • Discover insights that bring new clarity about your Company’s Customers.
  • Predict outcomes so your Users can make decisions with confidence.
  • Recommend the best actions to make the most out of every engagement.
  • Automate routine tasks so your Users can focus on Customer Success.
Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Products
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Trailhead is a Salesforce Online Gamified Platform where employees can learn in-demand Tech Skills, Business Skills, and Soft Skills from Live and On-demand Training Over Videos hosted by Salesforce Professionals.

Trailhead democratizes education and provides an equal pathway into the Tech Industry for everyone. You can learn the skills you need to transform your Career or reskill at your Company, earn Globally-Recognised Credentials, and connect with the vibrant Trailblazer Community around the world.

Whether you are on PC/Mac or Phone, Trailhead is accessible from anywhere. For learning on the Go, you can download the Trailhead App here.

Salesforce Trailhead Community: Salesforce Products
Image Source: Salesforce


Overall, we offered a comprehensive picture of the most popular Salesforce Products and why Businesses should use Salesforce. While there are other top CRM Tools on the market, Salesforce is a very distinct one-of-a-kind SaaS Application that will undoubtedly streamline your Business Operations. Salesforce with its SaaS Salesforce Products offers perks such as:

  • Advanced-Data Organization
  • Improved Customer Visibility
  • Efficient Pipeline Management
  • Time Management
  • Advanced Analytics Tools
  • Reduce Conflicts Between Sales Channels
  • AppExchange Ecosystem
  • Advanced Customer Service
  • Marketing Automation
  • Incredible Accessibility

As a matter of fact, being a Small Business Owner and a recurring Salesforce CRM User, you are most likely working with a large number of Customer Datasets, Having all of this data in one location like Data Warehouse facilitates analysis and speeds up the decision-making process, so you can spend more time on the important. 

Hevo Data is one super powering Application that can load your aggregated Data from various data sources such as Salesforce (Free Source Connector with Hevo), HubSpot, and various other SaaS applications into Data Warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, Google BigQuery and Firebolt (Integration Coming Soon!), in a completely hassle-free & automated manner. You can also read our article about HubSpot to Salesforce Integration.

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