Salesforce Talkdesk Integration: 5 Easy Steps

Arsalan Mohammed • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Talkdesk is the world’s leading browser-based contact center solution that helps businesses around the world build stronger customer relationships. Trusted by Box, Shopify, and thousands of other leading customer-centric companies, Talkdesk empowers agents with a 360-degree view of a customer. It integrates with various sources like Salesforce Talkdesk Integration.

Salesforce is a leading provider of cloud-based business applications, offered on a wide array of platforms. It has platforms such as Salesforce CRM, customer 360, digital 360, and other various tools. Salesforce for Project Management can also be used as a mild alternative to full-fledged systems. Salesforce offers many integrations and Social Media Salesforce Integration is one such Integration.

This article gives a step-by-step guide on Salesforce Talkdesk Integration.

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Introduction to Talkdesk

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Talkdesk is a cloud-based call center solution. Its motto is to help businesses improve customer satisfaction and simultaneously reduce customer support costs. It uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and Skills-Based Routing (SBR). In SBR, the callers are assigned the agent who is most qualified to meet the needs based on customizable data.

When a caller calls Talkdesk displays the caller’s name, image, contact information, purchase history, and contact history in the agent’s browser in real-time. This allows them to personalize conversations based on the information provided. A new profile is generated when a new caller calls the system automatically. When a call is missed, Talkdesk sends an email containing call data, a voicemail recording, and a transcription. Managers and agents are also able to make data-driven decisions with call monitoring, call recording, and real-time and historical reporting.

The system integrates with several different programs including InfusionSoft, Salesforce,, Zendesk, and Shopify. Price is per rep per month. Support is offered via a knowledge base, email, and phone. This article talks about Salesforce Talkdesk Integration.

Benefits of Using Talkdesk

The main benefit of Talkdesk is that it allows to set up a call center hub without the hassles of an actual call center. It provides wide support for integration, calls routing features, integration of new contact information to the system and automatic notification for missed calls, and various tools that empower better business decisions.

Online Call Center Hub

Talkdesk is easy to use and understand platform. With Talkdesk, businesses can utilize the complete functionality of a physical call center using only browsers within five minutes. This offers big savings compared to setting up an actual and physical call center since users won’t have to spend on extra phones, agent training, office space, etc. Setup is also an easy and smooth experience.

Vast Integration Support

Talkdesk offers integration support for a wide range of third-party solutions to provide users with more comprehensive information about their clients. Integration with other applications also addresses and streamlines other business processes and operations. Among the systems, it can connect with Olark, Infusionsoft, Shopify, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more. This article will talk about Talkdesk Salesforce Integration.

Call Routing

Talkdesk routes customer calls directly to the representative ideal for dealing with clients’ specific needs. This is done through the system’s intuitive integration of IVR, ACD, and skills-based call routing technologies. The customer rep is also able to easily access the relevant information about the customers so that they’ll be able to resolve the issues and at the same time, satisfy them with quality service.

New Contacts and Missed Calls Management

When the business receives a call from a new customer, new contact information would automatically be created and integrated within the system. In case there are missed calls, Talkdesk would automatically send an email to make sure that there would be no customer queries left unattended. The email would contain relevant information such as voice mail data and call details.

Smart Business Decisions

With Talkdesk, both managers and agents can make a better, technology-supported decision that is based on updated and in-depth customer information. That is because they would have access to many tools that would make sound decisions possible, such as call recording, call monitoring, and historical reporting features.

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Introduction to Salesforce

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Salesforce is a Cloud-Based Enterprise platform. It provides easy-to-use business applications, that can generate relevant customer experience. Salesforce is a tool that allows staying connected with Customers, Prospects, Partners, Sales, and Market Services globally.  

Salesforce offers SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS tools. It also provides its cloud services for running applications. The data is secure, upgraded, and scaled automatically. Salesforce Cloud is known to be very dependable and offers benefits like Adaptability and Multitenancy over others. It also has a CRM platform. Salesforce CRM is a product that manages a company’s relationship with Prospect Customers.

Salesforce cloud CRM software and applications are used for Sales, Service, Finance, Marketing, Business Development, Recruiting, HR, Supply Chain Management, and other lines of business that manage external and internal relationships. It allows storing Existing Customers and Potential Customer’s information under a single platform, which would allow plotting a chart for Personalized Customer Approach. It also allows to plan and monitor Sales and Marketing Campaigns, and manage services with insightful and valuable data available. It is used by over 150,000 companies for better data management.

Learn more about Salesforce.

Salesforce Talkdesk Integration

Talkdesk for Salesforce offers a streamlined deployment process that allows you to integrate Talkdesk with Salesforce, add Talkdesk licenses, and assign permission sets in just a few quick steps.

Before beginning the installation process, please take a moment to confirm the following:

  • Salesforce edition: You have either an Enterprise, Unlimited or Professional with API access edition of Salesforce.
  • Salesforce licenses: You need to have Salesforce licenses. 
  • When to install: We recommend installing Talkdesk for Salesforce after hours, or during periods of lower call volume, as your agents will not be able to make or receive phone calls while Talkdesk for Salesforce is being installed.
  • Callbar Chrome App: If you are using Callbar Chrome App, please uninstall it first to avoid conflicting with the Callbar installation included in our Talkdesk for Salesforce package. To do this, simply type chrome://extensions into Chrome’s address bar and press Enter. Scroll down to Talkdesk Callbar and click the recycle bin to remove the extension.

When you are ready, please follow the installation and configuration steps:

1) Salesforce Talkdesk Integration: Download Talkdesk for Salesforce

Salesforce Talkdesk: login to salesforce
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  • Locate the Talkdesk for Salesforce package on the Salesforce AppExchange and install it, by clicking Get It Now.
  • Selecting Log In.
  • Enter your login credentials for Salesforce.
Salesforce Talkdesk: Installing Talkdesk for Salesforce
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  • Choose if you want to install the package in the production environment or in your sandbox account.
  • Review the installation details and press Confirm and Install.
  • Next, select the Salesforce profiles for which you would like to install Talkdesk for Salesforce and hit Install.
  • In the pop-up window, check the box to approve third-party access for all Talkdesk websites. This step ensures that Talkdesk has the necessary permissions to perform remote operations.
Salesforce Talkdesk: app launcher
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  • After the installation has been completed, select the App Launcher section of Salesforce.
  • Then, select Talkdesk Lightning from the list.
  • Select the Talkdesk Admin tab and click the Login to Talkdesk button to log in to your Talkdesk account.
Salesforce Talkdesk: login into talkdesk
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  • Enter your Talkdesk account name and then your credentials.
  • Next, create three Remote Site Settings.

2) Salesforce Talkdesk Integration: Designate Integration Settings

  • On the following page, you can specify the type of objects that you want Talkdesk to sync. Depending on your use case, you can select Contacts, Leads, or both.
Salesforce Talkdesk: talkdesk integrations
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  • You will also be able to select whether or not you would like Talkdesk calls to be logged in Salesforce. Checking the box will automatically log all calls to the Talkdesk Activity object rather than the Standard Activity call object.
  • you can also enable the features Auto Pop Up and Relate to Opportunity or Case. Press Save when you’re done. 
  • There are other features present in this section that you can use. If you’d like to know more about how to configure these features, you can find them on the Talkdesk for Salesforce section of the Knowledge Base.

3) Salesforce Talkdesk Integration: Review Automations

The next step of the configuration process is to review the list of automation currently configured for your call center. On this page, you can enable or disable all available automation.

Salesforce Talkdesk: talkdesk automation
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By default, Talkdesk includes 7 predefined automation with the installation package, but you may see more if your call center administrator has already set up additional automation. 

4) Salesforce Talkdesk Integration: Add Talkdesk Users

Adding users to Talkdesk for Salesforce is as simple as checking a box:

Salesforce Talkdesk: talkdesk access control
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  • Simply check the boxes next to the users you want to add to your call center and then hit the Add User button.
  • A message will pop up asking you to assign your agents a role and a CTI:
    • Select which type of role is to be assigned to those users and whether you wish them to use Callbar CTI Electron (Callbar App) or Callbar CTI (Callbar Chrome App).
  • Press the Add User button and then Save to proceed. Doing so will automatically:
    • Assign Salesforce Permission Sets to control access to Talkdesk components (admin settings, reporting, and others.).
    • Assign the selected Talkdesk for Salesforce CTI.
    • Allocate the appropriate Talkdesk license
    • Assign the selected role in Talkdesk.

The following Talkdesk roles are available by default in Talkdesk for Salesforce:

  • Agent/Custom Role – Maps to User Permission Set in Salesforce
  • Supervisors – Maps to Manager Permission Set in Salesforce
  • Administrators – Maps to Administrator Permission Set in Salesforce

Learn more about Talkdesk for Salesforce Admin Permission Sets.

You can return to this page in Talkdesk Admin at any time, to add additional users or change roles for existing users. 

5) Salesforce Talkdesk Integration: Finish

Salesforce Talkdesk: talkdesk finish
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  • Next, you can configure Sentiment or do this later.
  • Press Save one last time, to complete the configuration process.
  • Hit Finish, and you’re done! You can visit these pages at any time to change your settings.


This article gave a comprehensive guide on Salesforce and Talkdesk. It also gave a step-by-step guide on Salesforce Talkdesk Integration.

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Share your experience of learning about the Salesforce Talkdesk Integration in the comments section below.

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