Set Up WooCommerce Sales Report Email Performance: 6 Easy Steps

• December 30th, 2021

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As you are probably aware, WooCommerce holds around 28% of all online stores. It is the most popular plugin/module on the internet, and currently, there are 3 million + live websites using WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce stores generate a lot of data, which is why businesses are looking for CRM software like Salesforce as the go-to tool for generating leads, organizing business contacts, products, orders, and managing interactions. The Sales Report generated by WooCommerce Plugin contains data regarding the number of Signups, Orders, Items, Sales, and the Top Sellers. This Data can be important for the seller as it provides insights into the sales performance of the website.

In this article, you will be learning about the basics of WooCommerce Sales Report and the steps to set up WooCommerce Sales Report Email performance.

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Introduction to WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress that enables businesses to quickly set up an eCommerce website for selling their products. It provides great customizability and supports all the common requirements of a typical eCommerce website. WordPress is very flexible with SEO enables WooCommerce users to fare well in search results without putting in much effort. It enjoys great extensibility through plugins and extensions.

Functionalities like support for Subscriptions, Membership Models, Dynamic Pricing, etc can be easily integrated by using WooCommerce plugins. Beyond these functionalities, WooCommerce also offers a suite of services that aids businesses in Shipping, Payments, and TA (Technical Assistance) processing. A basic reporting requirement for any eCommerce business is the need to get reports about the revenue from the website.

More information about WooCommerce can be found on their official website here.

Understanding WooCommerce Sales Report Email

WooCommerce Sales Report mail contains information on the number of Signups, Orders, Items, Sales, and the Top Sellers. The email will be sent daily and the time set by the user. This functionality is enabled by using the WooCommerce Sales Report Email plugin. This is a paid extension and can be purchased from the WooCommerce extension store. 

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Steps to Set Up the WooCommerce Sales Report Email

Setting up the Sales Report Email includes, paying for the Plugin, downloading it, installing it using WordPress admin, and then configuring it. Follow the below steps to complete setting up the email report.

WooCommerce Sales Report Email Step 1: Purchase of Plugin

The first step of setting up the Sales Report Email is to purchase the plugin and download it. You can purchase it from here, and then download the plugin from your WooCommerce account.

WooCommerce Sales Report Email Step 2: Addition of Plugin

Head to WordPress Admin portal, head to the plugin section and click ‘Add new’. 

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WooCommerce Sales Report Email Step 3: Uploading Plugin

Click on ‘Upload plugin’ and upload the zip file that was downloaded from the WooCommerce account. Follow the prompts from WordPress to complete the installation.

Add Plugin Window - WooCommerce Sales Report Email
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WooCommerce Sales Report Email Step 4: Configuration of Plugin

The next step is to configure the plugin. For doing this, head to the Settings page in WooCommerce and select Emails. Under this field, Select Sales Report.

WooCommerce Sales Report Email Step 5: Entering Credentials

You should now enter the email address and the required frequency of emails as below.

Credentials Window - WooCommerce Sales Report Email
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WooCommerce Sales Report Email Step 6: Saving the Changes

Click on Save changes and the setup for the Sales Report email is complete.

Limitations of using WooCommerce Plugin

The ease of setting up the plugin comes with some cost of flexibility though. Let us have a look at some of the caveats involved in using this Plugin for Sales Report Email.

  1. It provides very few customization options when it comes to scheduling. For example, if you want a different schedule other than daily or weekly, you are out of luck with this Plugin. 
  2. The format and the content of the email are predefined and the user cannot do much about it. WooCommerce captures a lot more data regarding your Sales and even allows using analytics services like Google Analytics. Getting such data as email reports are not covered here. 

If the above problems are a deal-breaker in your use case, you can think about developing your own modules to fetch data from WooCommerce and implement the customized reports. The effort in developing such modules can be brought down significantly by using a cloud-based ETL tool like Hevo.


In this article, you learned about the basics of WooCommerce Sales Report and the steps to set up WooCommerce Sales Report Email performance, along with the limitations of using the WooCommerce Plugin for this process.

Automated integration with your Data Warehouses/multiple data sources and the analytics database can make your choice much simpler as a lot of necessary features can be integrated readily.

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Share your experience of understanding the Setting Up WooCommerce Sales Report Email Performance in the comments section below. Also, drop in your queries, if any.

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