Shippo Shopify Integration: Bringing the Best Shipping Services and Your Products Together

Syeda Famita Amber • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Global E-Commerce is expanding at an astonishing rate. “The projected growth is forecasted to be $10.87 trillion during 2021-2025, with a CAGR of about 29 percent throughout the forecast period,” says Global E-Commerce Market 2021-2025 Report from 

An Online Store Business on leading E-Commerce Platforms like Shopify serves a broader spectrum of Customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and Merchants adore it. Along with Shopify Integrations like Shippo Shopify, it provides better Promotion Strategies than traditional Businesses while having reduced Administrative and Shipping costs.

In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of utilising Shippo Shopify Integration and how your Store can combine these two Platforms using a simple approach.

Read along to get started with Shippo Shopify Integration and make Product Shipping a wonderful experience for your Customers.

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Introduction to Shippo

Shippo Logo: Shippo Shopify
Image Source: Multichannel Merchant

E-commerce Businesses are one of the most rapidly growing industries in today’s world. The E-commerce Industry has greatly revolutionized the Shopping Experiences of not only individual Customers but Wholesale Dealers and Merchants as well. 

One of the most popular services that E-commerce Stores provide to their Customers is the delivery of their favourite Products to their door, and Shippo is one such Platform that makes it even more appealing.

Shippo is an American Software Company that helps Online Businesses to grow by providing them with a Streamlined Shipping Service for their Products. Shippo provides Online Businesses with an opportunity to integrate Shipping with Reliable and Trustworthy Carriers through Shippo API and Shippo Web Application. 

Shippo can help you to link your E-commerce Business & Sales Channel and provides you access to over sixty Global Carriers so that you can start your Online Store with reliable Shipping Services in no time. The best thing about Shippo is that you don’t require coding or any technical skill to get it integrated with your Online Store.

Shippo provides almost every feature that any Online Business would require to manage Customer Delivery Experience under One Platform with highly accessible and easy to use features.

Key Features of Shippo

Shippo offers amazing features that would make shopping easier both for the Buyer and the Seller. By linking Businesses with Reliable Shipping Services, Shippo ensures safe delivery of a Product from the Warehouse to your hands. 

Shippo streamlines the Shipping Process by providing Businesses with features to effortlessly deliver Orders. It also saves time and cost on shipping by providing quick and faster shipping. It also provides you with the facility to track your Order to make your Shopping Experience a lot smoother. 

Following is the list of features that Shippo offers globally to help Online Businesses grow well and make Customers’ Shopping Experiences more enjoyable.

Shippo provides:

  • Order Syncing from the Storefront.
  • Free Integration with other Online Stores like Shippo Shopify Integration.
  • Synced API Calls.
  • Client API Libraries in all popular languages.
  • International Shipping Support.
  • Access to Power Marketplaces, Applications, and Platforms.
  • White-label Integration support for your Online Store.

Shippo is a dependable Application that ensures the smooth operation of the Shipping Process. This reduces the need to fix things up after they’re up and running. Shippo, in addition to International Shipping help, provides Shipping Services for Local Businesses by connecting them with leading E-commerce Platforms and Carriers; one such being Shippo Shopify Integration which we’ll explore in this article.

Introduction to Shopify

Shopify E-Commerce Logo: Shippo Shopify
Image Source: Logos World

Shopify, like Shippo, is an E-commerce Platform that assists E-commerce Businesses in getting off to a strong start and grow successfully.

In other words, Shopify is a leading E-commerce Platform that helps Merchants to start a Profitable Business by helping them in building their Online Store and providing them with the Business Ideas and Strategies that would work well in the future. 

Shopify is an Ideal Platform for Entrepreneurs, where they can change their Business Idea into reality with Insightful Business Strategies and Trending Ideas provided by Analytics Experts at Shopify.

Shopify Integrations with a variety of third-party Applications make it simple to expand the functionality of your Online E-commerce Store. Shopify integrates with prominent Social Media Channels and Advertising Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tumblr, and Pinterest, with Analytics Tools such as Google Analytics and with Applications enabling Customer Order Fulfilment; examples include Shippo Shopify Integration or ShipStation Shopify Integration. 

From their Shopify App Store, they provide hundreds of Apps covering each feature you’ll want to add to your Shop. Check out our comprehensive post on 16 Awesome Shopify Integrations for additional information on the finest Shopify Integrations.

Key Features of Shopify

Shopify provides a variety of tools and features for Business Growth. One of them is Branding Tools. By using this toolkit, you can make your Online Business look more professional and attract more Customers. It would help you to generate an impressive Business Brand Name as per your Services and Business Idea. Moreover, the Shopify Branding Tool will also generate a free Business Logo for your Online Store based on your Business Vision and Ideas.

Shopify assists you to pick which Products you should put in your Online Store by researching trending concepts. You can decide on a Theme for your Online Store from a wide range of 100+ Classy and Trendy Themes available for free and as premium add-ons from the Shopify Theme Store.

Furthermore, Shopify assists Online Shops in selling their items to anybody and everywhere in the globe by providing Point of Sale Hardware.

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Actions to Follow for Shippo Shopify Integration

Once you are done with building your Online Store on Shopify, it’s time to integrate that Store with Shippo to unlock all the amazing and reliable Shipping Services and get your Online Store recognized in the world of E-commerce. Following are four simple steps through which you can achieve Shippo Shopify Integration:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify Account

Visit the Shopify Store Login Page here- and log in to your Shopify Account.

Shopify Login Page: Shippo Shopify Integration
Image Source: LiquidBox

Step 2: Locate the Shippo App in the Shopify App Store

After logging in to your Shopify Account the next step is to integrate Shippo Shopify using Shopify App Store Integrations. Search and locate the Shippo app in the Shopify App Store. The attached picture shows the description of the Shippo app which you need to locate and download.

Shippo Shopify App: Shippo Shopify Integration
Image Source: Shopify App Store

Step 3: Download and Install Shippo App

After successfully locating the Shippo App on the Shopify App Store, click on the “Add App” button to download and install the Shippo Shopify App and integrate it with your Shopify Online Store.

Shippo Installation in Shopify: Shippo Shopify Integration
Image Source: Shopify App Store

Step 4: Authorize Shippo App

Now, to get started with your Shippo App, authorize it by providing all the necessary credentials and information including your Username, Email Account, and Password.

Authorising Shippo Account in Shopify: Shippo Shopify Integration
Image Source: Endurance International

You are now ready to utilise Shippo Shopify Integration right from your Shopify Dashboard.

Understanding the Advantages of Shippo Shopify Integration

We’ve already seen how splendid each of these E-commerce Platforms- Shippo Shopify are. Now we’ll talk about the magic they can produce if we combine them.

The Shippo Shopify Integration will bring the strengths of Shippo API with that of Shopify that will greatly enhance the management of your Online Store and will also improve your Customer Interactions.

Following are some of the major advantages of Shippo Shopify Integration:

Increased Productivity

Shippo significantly increases the productivity of your Shopify Store by providing a seamless and effortless Shipping Facility saving you Shipping Time and Cost. 

Optimized Information Management

The Shippo Shopify Integration provides the facility to directly share the Customer Information through your CRM or other Programs you are using; this would save time and effort of sharing and managing the Customer’s Information on multiple Platforms. 

Automated Information Transfer

If your Shopify Store is integrated with Shippo you don’t need to be worried about Customer Information Transfer at the time of Shipping. With Shippo you don’t need any Manual Information Transfer, all the Customer Information would be transferred automatically hence saving time and money along with increased accuracy of transferred information.

Generation of Tracking Numbers

To make the Shipping Process smooth and reliable the Shippo Shopify Integration generates and sends Tracking Numbers and Email Notifications to Customers for every Order. The Shippo Shopify Integration automates this generation of these tracking numbers and updates through Emails automated to the Customer. 

Improved Customer Service

To ensure a seamless and dependable Shipping Process, the Shippo Shopify Integration creates and delivers Tracking Numbers and Email Notifications to Customers for each Order. The Shippo Shopify Integration automates the production of these Tracking Numbers as well as performs automatic delivery of update Emails to the Customer.

Shippo along with Smooth and Reliable Shipping also keeps Records of Customers’ Feedback, Complaints, Concerns, and Queries regarding Shipping Information and makes this data automatically available through your Customer Relationship Management Software or any other Management Tool that you are using to manage your Customer’s Account.

Working with Shopify Shippo Integration

The Shopify Merchant may handle Customer Order Fulfillment with the Shippo Shopify Integration. When you connect your Shopify Store to Shippo, it will immediately import all of your Shopify Orders into your Shippo Account, where you may subsequently generate labels. Shippo will immediately provide a Tracking Number and Fulfilment update to these labels via Shopify.

Enabling Auto-Fulfilment

In Shopify, you have two options for fulfilling orders: Manual Fulfilment and Auto-Fulfillment.

In this section, we’ll go through how to activate Auto-Fulfillment in Shopify.

In Shopify, the default Fulfilment Mode is set to Manual Fulfillment, but to make it Automatic you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Shippo Shopify App.
  2. Navigate to the Shippo General Settings page by clicking on Settings.
  3. Then go to Account in the left navigation panel.
  4. Then click the General section along the toolbar.
  5. In general, you will see the Settings to:
  • Fulfil Orders on Shopify.
  • Send notifications to Customers through Shopify.
  • Include POS orders from Shopify.
Shippo Shopify Settings: Shippo Shopify Integration
Image Source: GoShippo Support

Select the option “Fulfill Order on Shopify” and click the “Save Changes” button after finishing your configuration. This will make Shopify automatically fulfil your Customer Order.


Shippo and Shopify are unquestionably fantastic E-commerce Platforms for growing your E-commerce Business. Both Platforms provide dependable and simple-to-use capabilities that allow Merchants to swiftly expand their Businesses.

The Shippo Shopify Integration brings the strength of Shippo’s API with Shopify that would enhance your Business Performance, optimize your growth rate and help you to build a positive and reliable image in the world of E-commerce.

Furthermore, the Shippo Shopify Integration provides automated mechanisms for providing updates to Customers, keeping track of Orders, Records of Customers’ Feedback, Complaints, and Concerns, and Direct Sharing of Information to CRM or any other Management Program used, saving you time and resources.

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We hope that you found this tutorial helpful. Let us know in the comments your opinions or experiences of Shippo Shopify Data Integration.

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