Shogun Shopify Simplified: A Comprehensive Guide 101

Dipayan Mitra • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Understanding Shogun Shopify

In this competitive E-commerce market, it has become critical for businesses to effectively design their online stores to increase website Traffic and Sales. To achieve that, companies opt for Content Management Systems like Shopify to manage and personalize their websites. Shopify provides support for various third-party applications that can be used to personalize E-commerce websites as per user requirements. Shogun is one of the best applications available on the Shopify App Store that companies use to provide a better customer experience.

This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of Shopify and Shogun. The article will also mention the key features of Shogun Shopify that help companies design impeccable landing pages. Read along to learn more about Shogun Shopify!

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  • Basic understanding of CMS.

Introduction to Shopify

Shopify Logo
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Shopify is a Cloud-based Software as a Service providing company based in Ottawa, Canada, founded by Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand, and Tobias Lutke. It is the world’s most popular Content Management System. Unlike other CMS like Blogger and WordPress, Shopify solely focuses on the E-commerce industry. The platform allows users to open online stores to sell their products in a digital environment to help them reach out to a broader audience. Users can Build, Manage, Host, and Optimize aesthetic-looking websites on Shopify to scale up their retail businesses.

Shopify offers thousands of fully pre-built website templates for users to choose from. All the templates are entirely customizable, and users can make changes according to their business’ niche. Shopify is a multi-channel CMS platform that is mainly used by small and medium-sized enterprises. As it is a Cloud-based service, users do not have to install any specialized hardware at their workplace to use the software. Shopify has provided many features that cater to all eCommerce needs, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Engagement, Customer Service, and many more. 

Users also do not need to worry about shipments and payments as Shopify has provided solutions to help them effectively carry out every eCommerce operation. Shopify enables users to design and launch Marketing Campaigns and sell products across various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Users can test the functionalities of Shopify for a 15-days trial period for free. Since its launch, Shopify has brought many innovations in the E-commerce industry for helping customers increase their online visibility and boost sales. 

Key Features of Shopify

Features of Shopify
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Shopify offers multiple features that help users effectively carry out all their operations seamlessly. Below are a few notable features of Shopify: 

1) Advanced Web Hosting

Shopify offers limitless traffic to E-commerce websites as it comes with unlimited bandwidth. This eliminates the need for users to buy additional subscriptions in order to increase website traffic. Shopify also lets users host unlimited Email forwarding addresses. One of the benefits of Shopify being a Cloud service is that it automatically gets updated to provide the latest web hosting and other related features to users. 

2) Shopify Analytics

Shopify comes with various pre-built Analytics tools that generate impactful insights. Shopify displays all the metrics in a unified Dashboard that helps users better understand and analyze the performance of their website. Critical data like total Sales, Customer Traffic, Customer Demographics, Website Visits, and many more gets displayed on the Dashboard that enables users to make informed strategic decisions for increasing Sales. Shopify offers out-of-the-box support for hundreds of third-party applications, including Google Analytics, which users can opt for to improve the platform’s analytics capabilities further. Shopify Analytics can also generate various reports, including Marketing, Sales, Inventory, Order, Acquisition, and Profits.

3) Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify Dropshipping allows users to tie up with multiple wholesalers and list third-party products on their E-commerce websites. Users do not need to maintain a warehouse when they opt for the dropshipping business model. This especially helps small businesses by allowing them to sell a wide variety of products in their online stores. Companies need to pay wholesale prices to suppliers while they have the ability to control and tweak the pricing of products on online stores that helps them increase profit. 

Shopify Dropshipping users need to forward shipment and product details to wholesalers, who then, on the company’s behalf, pack and ship products to desired locations. Shopify provides support to numerous applications that help users connect to wholesalers at a global level. Some of the most popular Shopify Dropshipping apps include CJDropshipping, Oberlo, Printful, Trendsi, Syncee, D-Sers AliExpress, AutoDS, and more. 

4) SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is of prime importance for companies when they focus on boosting their online presence and visibility. Shopify comes with multiple SEO tools that help businesses improve their search rankings on various search engines. Shopify also provides support for numerous third-party integrations to help users better optimize their websites. Some of the popular applications are Smart SEO, Booster Image, Plugin SEO, and AVADA SEO.

5) Shopify POS

Shopify Point Of Sale (POS) is an application offered by Shopify that enables companies to sell their products to customers from pop-up stores. With Shopify POS, users can accept payment from walk-in customers using card readers. All the purchases made offline are directly linked to users’ Shopify inventory, eliminating the need to maintain separate registers for online and offline sales. Shopify POS can also be used to design and launch marketing campaigns for offline customers in physical stores.

Currently, Shopify POS is compatible with Apple devices like iPad and iPhones. Shopify provides the platform in two variants, namely Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro. The latter comes with added features like better in-store analytics, omnichannel selling, and many more. 

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Introduction to Shogun

Shogun Landing Page Builder
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Shogun is an application available on the Shopify App Store that is used to build fast-loading and aesthetic-looking landing pages for storefronts. Shogun Shopify can create custom-built web pages for eCommerce websites built on Shopify to enhance their looks. The application has a reputable rating of 4.7 on the Shopify App Store. Though Shopify teams are fully customizable, the extent of personalization can be increased while using Shogun to create landing pages for E-commerce websites. With Shogun Shopify, users get the ability to customize their websites without having the need for appointing a developer as it comes with drag-and-drop features. 

Shogun Shopify allows users to easily Edit, Customize, Add New Pages to their existing Shopify themes for E-commerce websites. Shogun can also be used to create FAQs and blog pages for websites. Many industry-leading DTC firms like Chubbies, K-Swiss, MVMT, Leesa, FILA, and The Ridge use Shogun Shopify to build their landing pages for providing an unmatched customer experience. Shogun has 24/7 customer service centers located in six different countries to help users provide assistance and solve any product-related query in a short time. 

Key Features of Shogun

Shogun offers numerous features that make the platform stand out from the competition and help users easily design landing pages for improving the looks and functionality of the websites. Below are a few key features that Shogun offers. 

1) Multi-Site Capability

Shogun lets users publish the same content on multiple websites simultaneously, which helps users reduce the time consumed in cloning pages, products, custom elements, and others. It turns out to be very helpful when users plan to move websites to a new domain when it gets ready to go on air. 

2) Mobile Friendly

It is imperative for E-commerce businesses to customize their websites that are optimized for mobile phones. Most of the E-commerce customers tend to shop from their mobiles. All the customization options available on Shogun Shopify can be previewed for mobile view before publishing. This helps businesses get a better understanding of their websites before they go live. It is also essential for search engine optimization as Google ranks mobile responsive websites higher than others. 

3) Shogun Support

As Shogun operates 24/7 customer support centers, it becomes easy for users to quickly resolve their queries. Shogun provides a free email support feature for all of its subscription plans. Along with email support, Shogun also includes access to FAQs that customers can use to solve their issues independently. Users get access to a large inventory of video tutorials that they can use to better understand the capabilities and functionalities of the platform. The video tutorials help users to reduce the training time and increase productivity drastically. 

4) Better for Developers

Shogun allows developers to write their own codes and host them on websites using Shogun. The feature named Custom Templating lets developers create custom elements by writing HTML, CSS, and Liquid codes.

5) Split Testing

Shogun Shopify allows users to split test their websites to help them select the best available options for designs. This feature is also known as A/B testing that enables users to make data-driven decisions regarding website design. Shogun creates variants of web pages for testing purposes to let users decide which design works better for their businesses. This feature makes Shogun Shopify stand out from its competitors.  

6) Better Customization Options

Though Shopify provides several customization tools, Shogun takes that to a whole new level. With Shogun, users get access to various page elements for images, videos, blogs, and many more. Shogun offers many high-end personalization options that let users design their websites the way they want. 

Shopify Shogun Pricing

Shogun offers a 10-days free trial to users to better understand the platform before making a commitment. Shogun is available in four subscription options starting from $39 per month. The high-end subscription is priced at $299 per month that comes with added features like Data Collection, Bookable Video Support, and many more.

Pricing Plans for Shogun Shopify
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Shogun is an excellent application available on the Shopify App Store that can increase the customization capabilities of Shopify websites exponentially. It is an easy-to-use software that can be operated by individuals who do not have any technical knowledge. Using Shogun, companies can make their websites look cleaner and better optimized for mobile phones that helps them provide a better customer experience.

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