Shopify Google Shopping Integration: 6 Easy Steps

• November 2nd, 2021

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Integrating Shopify and Google Shopping is one of the finest ways to reach out to billions of potential customers worldwide. Linking your Shopify Store can help you design highly targeted advertisements that customers are looking for online. You can further enhance these by using product photos and information from the Merchant Center Data for your Shopify Products. Hence, optimum use of Shopify Google Shopping Integration can help you boost Sales and profits immensely.

This article will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to set up your Google Shopping Integration effortlessly. It will also help you gain a holistic understanding of what Shopify and Google Shopping are all about, along with some key features of each of them! Read along to find out more and get started with Google Shopping Integration!

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  • An active Google Merchant Center Account Linked with Google Ads.
  • Google’s Policies on Shopping Advertisements.
  • A Product Data Deed that is up to date.

Introduction to Google Shopping

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Google Shopping, formerly Google Product Search, Google Products, and Froogle, is a Google tool created by Craig Nevill-Manning that allows users to search for and compare products available on online shopping websites. Google announced in May 2019 at its Marketing Live event that the new Google Shopping will incorporate the existing Google Express Marketplace into a revised shopping experience.

On the Website, customers can either enter a search query on the Google Search homepage and then click the Shopping tab from the navigation bar, or go straight to the Google Shopping website to search for specific items, browse departments, and see trending items and promotional deals.

Introduction to Shopify

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Shopify is an E-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create an online store without having to know how to code. Many people do not know how to code, making it difficult for them to create an online store and grow their business. Shopify is the ultimate E-commerce platform, providing all of the tools needed to create a fully functional online store.

Shopify also offers a retail Point of Sale system (Shopify POS) that allows merchants to sell their goods in person. It is suitable for all types of companies, regardless of their size. Users may effortlessly develop their businesses with Shopify’s tools and services, which include Payment Gateways, Shipping, Marketing, and Customer Involvement.

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Steps to Set up Shopify Google Shopping

Here are a few quick ideas to help you set up Shopify Google Shopping faster, easier, and more conveniently.

Step 1: Sign up/Log in to a Google Merchant Center Account

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To get started with Shopify Google Shopping Integration, first, verify your Shopify account and then sign up for the Google Merchant Center using your Gmail account. You must create a Gmail account if you do not have one.

Step 2: Fill up your Tax Information

One of the most important aspects of integrating Google Shopping and Shopify is that you include Tax Information that is specific to your locality. Your tax settings are automatically copied from the Shopify store to the Merchant Center when you use Adnabu for the Google Shopping app.

You can also provide these details manually by going to the Payments Section > Settings > Tax Info > Edit. You can then add on/update the information accordingly.

Step 3: Configure your Shipping

Shopify Google Shopping- Shipping Sevices
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Now is the time to enter the shipping fees or costs. The AdNabu for Google Shopping app can instantly replicate shipping data from a Shopify store to the Merchant Center.

If you wish to do it manually, go to the Merchant Center and create a new Shipping Service. You can do this by selecting the Shipping and Returns option from the Tools section. Here, you can select the countries, their specific currencies and more for your products to get shipped.

Step 4: Confirm and Claim your Website

Shopify Google Shopping- Claiming Website
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Log into your Merchant Center account and select Settings, then Business Information to manually verify your site. Click on Verify and Claim after selecting your website address.

Step 5: Establish a Link between Merchant Center & Google Ads Accounts

Shopify Google Shopping- Linked Accounts
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Now, find all of your “Linked accounts” from the settings tab. Here, you must click on Google Ads. Then go to a different Google Ads account and choose the associated account.

Here, you can attach the Google Ads Customer ID to the account that needs to be linked to Google Ads.

Step 6: Use Product Data Feeds to Add your Products

Shopify Google Shopping- Product Data Feeds
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If you have thousands of items of a hundred distinct kinds, forget about manually entering them all into your Shopify Product Data Feed because it will take thousands of man-hours that you could be spending on other critical Marketing tasks.

You can instead use an automated approach by using a third-party/external automatic feed generator platform such as AdNabu. This will help set up your Product Feeds in a matter of minutes.

Your Shopify Google Shopping Integration is now ready!

Understanding the Benefits of Shopify Google Shopping Integration

The Shopify Google Shopping Integration can assist online businesses in quickly setting up a feed and getting their operations up and running. It can assist you in presenting a diverse choice of products to your customers:

  • Assists in Obtaining Highly-Targeted Traffic: No matter how good your SEO approach is, if your Shopify Google Shopping campaign is successful, your store will receive more traffic from targeted keywords and searches.
  • Higher Reach for Customers: You’ll get a lot more clicks if your products are towards the top of the SERPs.
  • High Returns on Investment: Cost-effectiveness is a common concern for most Marketers and Brands. It goes without saying that when a company invests money in advertising, they want profitable returns. This integration can help you achieve this with a much higher CTR on your ads.
  • Simple to Control: The beautiful thing with Shopify Google Shopping Integration is that you or your Marketer can manage campaigns from start to finish, all in just a few clicks.
  • Accurate Reporting: Your Ad campaigns must provide results, and those outcomes must be quantifiable. You can measure outcomes more precisely with Shopify Google Shopping advertisements.


Using Shopify Google Shopping Integration, you can reach out to millions of buyers who are unaware of your products or brand in the virtual world. Google Shopping Ads are the appropriate instrument to utilize if you want to build your business in the virtual world at a low cost and with a high return on investment. This article provided you with a step-by-step guide to set up this profitable and immensely useful Shopify Google Shopping Integration.

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Share your experience of understanding Shopify Google Shopping Integration in the comment section below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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