4 Best Shopify Page Builders for 2023

Osheen Jain • Last Modified: February 20th, 2023

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First impressions matter. Whether you’re launching a new product or a new business, a first impression could make or break your journey. This holds just as true for companies in the digital space as the Customer Buying Journey is constantly evolving, and their attention span has reduced. 

Shopify is an excellent platform for businesses to launch an online store, and Shopify Landing Pages play a significant role in improving your store’s odds of increasing Sales. Your store’s pages need to load quickly because today’s customers want speed. The speed and design of your landing page on a range of devices is directly proportional to your Sales. Using landing page templates allows your pages to strike a delicate balance between catching viewers’ eyes and not bombarding shoppers with too much visual information.

In this article, you will learn about Shopify and the benefits of Landing Pages. We’ll also cover top Shopify Page Builder apps that make creating Landing Pages easy for store owners. 

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Introduction to Shopify

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Shopify is an eCommerce platform for building and running online and offline stores. With Shopify, everyone from beginners to eCommerce experts can sell digitally with an online store and in-person with Shopify POS.

Users can sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Shopify and test out its features. With the free plan, users can try free Shopify apps, build their online store, and make their first sale if you promote hard enough during your trial. Shopify’s first plan is Lite starting at $9 a month, and next is the Basic plan at $29 a month. Depending on their company needs, users can choose between Shopify, Advanced Shopify, or Shopify Plus.

Key Benefits of Shopify

  • Easy To Use: Shopify has a simple and easy-to-navigate UI. Users with little to no coding experience can create their stores and start selling. It’s straightforward to add products, process orders, and create discounts. Even designing web pages and landing pages is user-friendly with Shopify’s apps and drag-and-drop editing tool.
  • Low Startup Cost: Shopify has low monthly fees that make it an affordable platform for everyone. 
  • Beautiful Themes: Users can choose from a vast range of free, mobile-responsive themes. There are various premium (paid) themes also available for merchants who want more options.
  • Good For Dropshipping: Shopify is an excellent platform for many dropshippers. It offers various dropshipping integrations with top names like Oberlo and Spocket.
  • Lots Of Support Options: Shopify has round-the-clock technical support. Users can access technical support through phone, live chat, and email. There are self-help options as well. 

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web element in Digital Marketing, explicitly created for launching a product or advertising a campaign. It’s a page on your website where a visitor “lands” after clicking on ads from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, or a link in an email.

Unlike web pages, which typically encourage exploration and have many goals, Landing Pages are designed with a single focus or purpose, known as a CTA or a call to action. The single purpose makes Landing Pages the best option for improving the conversion rates of your Marketing Campaigns and decreasing the costs of acquiring a Lead or Sale.

Benefits of Shopify Landing Pages

  • Generate Leads and Conversions: Landing Pages help generate more qualified leads and higher conversion rates. Most viewers will swap contact information for a free eBook or unique insights into the most pressing issues facing your industry. 
  • Promote New Products and Services: Landing pages help get the word out when you launch a new product. Creating a Dedicated Shopify Landing Page for your new products will shine a light on the value it adds to your customers.
  • Direct and to the Point:  When it comes to landing pages, there is no beating around the bush since they are concise and lay out the value your brand can offer site visitors. A Shopify Landing Page is the perfect vessel for communicating your core brand messaging.
  • Build Credibility: Design Landing Pages that take a problem/solution approach. This will help demonstrate to website visitors that your store can assist in whatever pain point they’re coping with. 

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  • Connectors: Hevo supports 100+ integrations to SaaS platforms like Shopify, files, Databases, and BI tools. It supports various destinations including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake Data Warehouses; Amazon S3 Data Lakes; and MySQL, SQL Server, TokuDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL Databases to name a few.  
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  • 100% Complete & Accurate Data Transfer: Hevo’s robust infrastructure ensures reliable data transfer with zero data loss.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Hevo has in-built integrations for 100+ sources (including 40+ free sources such as Shopify), that can help you scale your data infrastructure as required.
  • 24/7 Live Support: The Hevo Team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to you through chat, email, and support calls.
  • Schema Management: Hevo takes away the tedious task of schema management & automatically detects the schema of incoming data and maps it to the destination schema.
  • Live Monitoring: Hevo allows you to monitor the data flow so you can check where your data is at a particular point in time.
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Top 4 Shopify Page Builders

Here are the four types of application for Shopify Page Builders:

1) Zipify Page Builder & Editor

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Zipify is the only Shopify Page Builder and editor designed by a team that genuinely understands how to attract customers. With Zipify, customers have access to the Landing Pages of an 8-figure eCommerce store. Users also have access to various native Shopify Integrations, A/B testing, and an ever-growing template library. 

Each page in Zipify’s template library comes from a strategy that has been tested to produce leads, interest, and millions in revenue. Users can easily customize their Shopify Landing Pages with its powerful drag & drop Shopify Page Builder.

Pricing: Zipify has three pricing structures: Basic at $67/mo, Plus $97/mo, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with a library of proven winning templates, custom countdown timers, live chat & email support, Shopify dynamic product connection, 1-click lightboxes, unlimited pages, mobile-only pages, sticky headers, and native Shopify theme header/footer.

2) PageFly Fast Page Builder

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PageFly has earned a standing as one of the best Shopify Page Builder apps because of its all-around user experience. With PageFly, users can easily create web pages for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. 

PageFly offers 60+ Page Templates to ensure every customer can find a template that fits their needs. Users can also choose from 50+ elements and monitor their page’s performance with its built-in analytics tool. One of the remarkable things about PageFly is its 24/7 support, which ensures that customers from any time zone can count on a responsive team when building their online store. 

Pricing: Pagefly has a Free Plan, a Silver Plan ($19/month), a Gold Plan ($39/month), and a Platinum Plan ($99/month). 

3) Shogun Landing Page Builder

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Shogun is another Shopify Page Builder and Editor app. It’s handy for users that want to optimize their pre-existing pages. Shogun is compatible with every current Shopify theme. The drag-and-drop editor allows users to edit their page elements without needing to create new pages from scratch.

It’s worth noting Shogun also comes with an A/B testing feature. It is a powerful Marketing tool that allows users to run different versions of their Landing Pages to identify which pages convert the most viewers. All Shogun elements are built with SEO in mind, and the app allows you to edit elements like page title and meta description inside Shogun.

Pricing: Shogun doesn’t have a free plan but offers a 10-day free trial. There are three plans: Build ($39/month), Measure ($99/month), and Optimize ($149/month) that allow users to publish up to 25, 100, and 200 pages, respectively. 

4) LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

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LayoutHub is an alternative for designing attractive Landing Pages, and it’s worth considering if you want to quickly build your Shopify store’s page. This “Shopify Page Builder” app focuses on simplicity, allowing you to create everything with its drag-and-drop editor with ease.

You may decide to try LayoutHub because its creators state they plan to release 30 to 50 layouts per month. Thus, it may become an even more helpful tool for businesses that often need new templates. This Shopify Page Builder has a clean UI and ensures that users don’t need to know coding to design appealing pages. UX/UI specialists and designers design all layouts/sections in LayoutHub to provide a high conversion rate for your Shopify store.

Pricing: After a 14-day free trial, users can choose from three plans. The first plan is Basic at $14.99/month, allowing users to create ten pages. Next, is the Pro Plan costing $29.99/month that allows for up to 50 pages, and the last is Premium Plan at $59.99/month, which provides for up to 100 pages.  

Tips for Designing a Shopify Landing Page

  • Conduct A/B Tests: Most Shopify Page Builders offer A/B testing options that remove the guesswork from designing pages that convert. With A/B testing, users can gather valuable insights about which page elements resonate with their buyers. To serve products and pages that work best for your target market, continue to refine your Shopify Landing Pages.
  • Speak to a Specific Audience: Use Shopify Page Builders to design Targeted Landing Pages for a particular audience that highlights features for every customer segment that will help your visitors know they’ve reached the right place. It will prompt buying decisions.
  • Captivating Headline: A significant portion of having the right Landing Page that boosts conversions is getting the headline. The headline of Landing Pages matters because it’s the first thing viewers focus on when they reach your Landing Page. Use headlines that tell users the importance of having your product in their lives.
  • Focus on One Main Call-to-Action (CTA): The purpose of Shopify Landing Pages is to empower visitors to take the intended actions. Your page and its elements must have all the product details and offers, which overloads the landing page with too much information. According to WordStream, 48% of effective Landing Pages contain multiple offers, which is not a best practice. Instead, your Shopify landing page must focus on a single CTA throughout the page that encourages users to take one specific action.


You don’t need coding experience for using Shopify Pages Builder to create Landing Pages that attract your customers and boost conversions. Shopify offers integrations with various Shopify Pages Builders that allow you to easily and quickly create stunning Landing pages. You also don’t have to hire a developer to create your store’s landing pages.

While all the listed Shopify Page Builder apps share many qualities and offer key benefits, each is unique in cost, templates, and features. Hopefully, this guide about the Shopify Page Builders helped you better understand which Shopify Page Builder is right for your goals. However, it would be best to research one or two of these apps in greater detail before deciding it’s the best potential choice.

You might wish to take your business growth a step further after learning about the Shopify Page Builder by employing Data Analytics techniques on your Shopify data. This will necessitate the deployment of different complex ETL techniques to transfer data from Shopify to a Data Warehouse.

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Share your experience of learning about Shopify Page Builders in the comment section below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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