Best Products To Sell On Shopify: The List Of Top Products in 2024

By: Published: January 4, 2023

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It is critical for eCommerce companies to identify the right products to sell online on Shopify. But, it can become confusing for sellers as they have innumerable options to choose from. Selecting appropriate in-demand products is the key to increasing Sales and Profits. 

This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of Shopify and mention a list of Top Shopify Products to Sell. The article will also list a few key features of Shopify that businesses can use to assist them when working with Shopify Products to Sell

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  • Understanding of eCommerce. 

Introduction to Shopify

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Shopify is a Canada-based Software as a Service providing company founded by Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand, and Tobias Lutke in 2004. It is the world’s most popular Content Management System that businesses use to build eCommerce websites. Unlike other CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify mainly focuses on building, hosting, and managing websites for companies working in the eCommerce industry. 

Users get to choose from various website templates to take their businesses in a digital environment. The templates are fully customizable that let users personalize their websites according to their needs. Online approach of Shopify Products to Sell has helped them increase their reach and online visibility for increasing Sales figures. Shopify users can build, manage, host, and optimize aesthetic-looking websites on Shopify to scale up their retail businesses. 

It is a Cloud-based omnichannel CMS service that small and medium-sized companies mainly use. Shopify comes with various tools and features that cater to every business need including, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Customer Experience. Shopify also maintains a 24/7 support center to help users solve product-related queries via emails, calls, and FAQs.

Key Features of Shopify

Shopify being the most widely used CMS platform in the eCommerce space provides various features that help users achieve their business goals at ease. Below are a few notable Shopify features:

1) Shopify POS

Point of Sale (POS) is a smartphone application developed by Shopify that allows users to see Shopify products to sell in real-world locations like pop-up stores. Users do not need to maintain separate Sales records of online and offline purchases as POS automatically syncs product sales with the company’s online Shopify inventory. Users can accept payments from walk-in customers using card reads, and the record gets updated on Shopify.

Currently, Shopify POS is supported on Apple Devices like iPad and iPhone. Shopify offers this application in two variants, namely Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro. The latter comes with added features like omnichannel selling and better in-app analytics. 

2) Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify Dropshipping allowed users to learn what Shopify Products to sell and connect with wholesale suppliers for selling a wide variety of products on their online store. Dropshipping lets users list third-party products on their websites without worrying about packaging and shipment as suppliers take care of it. This especially helps small businesses as it helps them increase their product range without maintaining a functional warehouse to store items. 

Companies pay wholesale prices to suppliers while having complete control over product pricing on their websites. This feature ensures maximum profits with minimum investment. Users need to forward order information like customer contact number and shipping address to suppliers, who then pack and deliver orders on behalf of users. Shopify has multiple applications available on Shopify App Store that lets users drop ship products. Some of the most popular apps are Oberlo, CJDropshiopping, AliExpress, Printful, Trendsi, and AutoDS. 

3) Shopify App Store

Shopify comes with out-of-the-box support for hundreds of third-party applications that are available on the Shopify App Store. Users can customize and enhance various Shopify capabilities using multiple app integrations according to their business needs. The applications can be used to improve Analytics, create Marketing Campaigns, Dropship Products, customize Shopify themes, and lots more. 

4) Shopify Inbox

Shopify has developed an Inbox feature that tackles the challenge of accessibility to resources for effective business operations. The company merged its ‘ping‘ and ‘chat’ features to launch Shopify Inbox. This feature allows users to stay connected with customers and reply to their queries and see which Shopify Products to Sell, from anywhere in the world using smartphones. 

Users can also automate the process of sending customized messages to customers when they raise a query. Shopify allows users to manage customer conversations across multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger and SMS, with the help of Shopify Inbox. The application is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

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Top Shopify Products to Sell

In this dynamic market, it is pretty common to see various purchasing trends of online shoppers. Companies need to handpick the products they want to list on their websites to remain in the competition. Below are a few popular Shopify Products to Sell that can help businesses increase their Sales revenue:

1) Yoga Mats

Shopify Products to Sell - Yoga mat
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The increasing popularity of yoga across the world has caused a surge in demand for yoga mattresses. Google trends show us a spike in demand for yoga mats over the last few years, and it can be expected that the yoga mat industry will reach over $17 billion by 2025. Companies selling yoga mats will have a stable rate of order due to the increased demand. The average retail price of a yoga mat is around $15. Hence, making its spot on the Top Shopify Products to Sell.

2) Vegan Products

Shopify Products to Sell - Vegan Product
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The increasing number of the vegan population makes it a recommendable item to sell products online. Vegan products are not limited to consumables. Companies can sell vegan beauty products that are getting quite popular in recent years. Effective Marketing on social media can considerably impact the Sales of Vegan products. 

3) Furniture 

Shopify Products to Sell - Furniture
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According to Google Trends, a spike in searches for keywords like “Kitchen Furniture” has been seen that indicates the increasing demand for furniture. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to spend more time at home that has caused this surge in demand for furniture. Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and advertisement campaigns can pool in high volumes of traffic that result in more Sales. 

4) Laptop Skins

Shopify Products to Sell- Laptop skin
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Laptops have become a necessity for working individuals as many industries across the globe are adopting work from home culture. Online buyers tend to buy products to make their laptops look aesthetically pleasing. The laptop skin is one such product that can churn a lot of profit. Google Trends shows that more than 33,000 searches are made every month regarding laptop skins. 

5) Smartphone Accessories

Shopify Products to Sell - Smartphone Accessories
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Like laptops, smartphones have also become an integral part of our lives. Customers shop a lot of mobile accessories online to make their smartphones more usable and rugged. Accessories like mobile covers and screen protectors are in very high demand. Selling such products online ensures a stable rate of Sales. Also, some buyers love to heavily accessorize their mobile phones in order to stand out from the rest. Companies can earn huge profits by offering Top Shopify Products to Sell online. 

6) Face Mask

Shopify Products to Sell- Face mask
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In this post-pandemic world, face masks have become mandatory in many parts of the world, because of which there has been a sharp increase in demand for the last few years. Face masks being on the Top Shopify Products to Sell, helped companies boost their businesses as it has a target audience of all demographics. 

7) Car and Bike Accessories

Shopify Products to Sell - Vehicle Accessories
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It is quite popular among youngsters to accessorize their automobiles to make them look unique and increase the performance of their vehicles. Selling automobile accessories like mobile holders, headlamps, fog lights, seat covers, steering covers, and car perfumes is a good option for companies as they are in high demand. It also ensures a constant inflow of revenue as the products are popular throughout the year. 

8) Glocalized Products

Shopify Products to Sell0 - Clothing
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It is not always necessary that every product gains the same popularity across different regions of the world. Companies nowadays are opting for region-specific products that help them grow in their area of operation. For instance, companies can sell customized products with trending dialogues and slogans printed on them. Target Marketing on social media platforms can help increase Sales of localized products drastically. 

9) Reusable Water Bottles

Shopify Products to Sell - Water bottle
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After the pandemic, individuals across the globe have become more conscious regarding personal hygiene. Google Trends show that over 100,000 searches are made monthly regarding water bottles that prove their popularity, so selling them in online stores will ensure more sales. 

10) E-sports Accessories 

Shopify Products to Sell - Gaming Accessories
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Over the last few years, online gaming has gained immense popularity globally. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube allowing gamers to live stream their gameplays have caused a surge in demand for various gaming accessories. Online store owners can choose from a wide range of products like gaming headsets, gaming chairs, consoles, keyboards, and many more Top Shopify Products to Sell on their eCommerce platforms. 


Shopify is a robust platform that makes selling online an effortless task. Users get to choose products of different niches according to their needs to sell on their websites. The aforementioned products are trending, and sellers will generate remarkable sales figures by knowing what Shopify Products to Sell.

This blog talks about the Shopify Products to Sell for your business use case. It also gives a brief introduction to the various features of Shopify.

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