7 Best Shopify Sites in 2023

Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: January 16th, 2023

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Shopify provides a platform where independent businesses from different industries can create their online stores and sell their products to customers. It makes the work of starting and running an online business easier. Shopify also saves businesses from the need to set up physical infrastructure for their business. This reduces the amount of capital required to start a business. 

Before starting your own Shopify store, there are several successful Shopify Sites where you can get inspiration from. These stores are profitable e-commerce businesses that created their way to success. For each of these Shopify stores, success is defined by different things. Some have executed excellent store ideas, others have high-end clients, and others earn six-figure revenues and multi-million dollar investments. They also became successful by following different approaches. 

Shopify Sites can inspire you on how to start and run your online store. In this article, you will have a brief introduction to Shopify and its features and the top Shopify Sites from which you can take inspiration for your online store and learn how these Shopify Sites are successful. 

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Introduction to Shopify

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Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that provides online store and retail point of sale services to business owners. It helps business owners create an online store without using codes. Users don’t require any technical knowledge to set up their online store because it offers easy to navigate graphical user interface. First-time online business owners can use Shopify to start a small-scale store before expanding to a personal website in the future. 

Shopify allows users to sell physical products, digital products, professional services, and online classes on Shopify. It comes with 5 subscription packages. Shopify charges $29 for the Basic Shopify edition suggested for beginners, $ 79 for Shopify edition, $229 for Advanced Shopify edition, Shopify Plus edition, and Shopify Lite edition.

Key Features of Shopify

Shopify Sites are one of the most used E-Commerce sites on the internet because it provides features essential to run a successful online store. A few features of Shopify are listed below:

  • Easy to Manage: Shopify Sites can be easily managed from anywhere and come with many automation. It helps sellers by automatically taxes and shipping charges. Shopify can send automated reminders to customers.
  • High-Grade Security: Shopify Sites come with 256-bit built-in SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificates. It encrypts data and has PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance to ensure encrypted connection, quick page loads, and a complete hosted solution.
  • Pre-built Themes: Shopify offers hundreds of themes that allow users to set up an online store. You can customize Shopify Sites and make them user-friendly with features such as Product Filters, Live Search, and Drop-Down Menus.

To know more about Shopify, click here.

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Top 7 Shopify Sites

In this section, you will read about the top growing Shopify Sites. You will learn what they did to become successful Shopify sites. The best Shopify sites are listed below:

1) AllBirds

AllBirds - Shopify Sites
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AllBirds started from a Kickstarter campaign to a company worth $1 billion. Their goal was to prove that there is no need to choose between comfort, good footwear, and sustainable options. The company has stayed true to its roots, and very few changes have been made to the company’s mission and brand, and their customers have loved them for that. 

AllBirds has learned to show their unique selling position to set them apart from their competitors. They also remind their visitors that their shoes are eco-friendly and emphasize how they use renewable materials when making their shoes, which has won the hearts of many Shopify shoppers. 

2) BioLite

BioLite - Shopify Sites
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BioLite is a good example of how social proof plays a significant role in building customer trust in a new brand. It focuses on groundbreaking thermoelectric products that help campers to use fire for heating and cooking. It can also be used for charging smartphones and other devices. 

BioLite has put much effort into E-Mail Marketing, and this is one of the reasons why it has recorded success. They deliver nurturing content to their customers and automate exchanges like cart recovery for abandoned carts. Thus, they communicate with their customers frequently. BioLite also leverages the insights gained from analytical reports to stay relevant to them. 

3) Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear - Shopify Sites
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Negative Underwear is one of the top Shopify Sites you can draw inspiration from. Their goal is to help women gain confidence in their bodies. They save women from relying on push-up pads or bowls to feel sexy. This has worked for them because the store’s revenue grew by 150% a few years after it was launched. They have earned recognition from big names like Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes for bridging the gap between appearance and comfort. 

4) Bulletproof

Bulletproof - Shopify Sites
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Bulletproof has established an unshakable name in the eCommerce industry. Its founder, David Asprey, was inspired after visiting Tibet and testing the local drink of tea mixed with yak butter. Today, he sells millions of teacups yearly. 

Bulletproof has learned to collect customer feedback and act on it. They also showcase their content on their website. They use Back in Stock to let customers know when an item they wanted is back in stock. This has helped them to make a lot of Sales from their Shopify site. They send relevant content to their customers in the form of notifications. 

5) Pip Snacks

Pip Snacks - Shopify Sites
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This Shopify site sells popcorn snacks. Their initial investment was $200Kin 2013, and they made a revenue of $800K the following year. They believe that even small things make an impact. 

They have a wide variety of products and combinations to showcase to their customers. Their product titles are descriptive to tell customers the solutions they offer. From Pip Snacks, Shopify store owners can learn that value bundles help customers to find the best deals which are good for increasing the average order value (AOV) of the store. It also shows off customer ratings to enable their customers to move past their choice paralysis. Pip Snacks has also made their checkout easier, which is good for improving the customer experience. 

6) Beardbrand

Beardbrand - Shopify Sites
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Eric Bandholz started Beardbrand for men’s beards care. The online business made monthly Sales worth $120K in its first year. They also managed to get up to 7000 E-Mail subscribers. This can be attributed to the fact that the business invested a lot in content creation. 

Beardbrand also invited visitors to take a quiz to find the right fragrance for beard, skin, and hair. They also provide an instructive video that guides users on how to use their products. This Shopify site has a section for “Top Articles” to shorten the time that customers take to get relevant blog articles. 

The greatest lesson that Shopify store owners can learn from Beardbrand is that content is king. Find the right content for your audience to educate and communicate the benefits of your brand to them. 

7) Skinny Me Tea

Skinny Me Tea - Shopify Sites
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Skinny Me Tea is also one of the top Shopify Sites. It sells all-natural detox teas that can help individuals to achieve their health goals and stay healthy. They managed to hit a monthly revenue of $600K just 9 months after opening the store. They have added a banner below the CTA, and the banner conveys a strong message. 

Their content conveys ease of use, promising their product users to get where they want in 2 easy steps. They also offer free shipping to relieve their customers of most purchasing anxieties. 

Those are some of the top Shopify Sites from where you can draw inspiration when starting and running your Shopify store. 


In this article, you learnt about Shopify and top Shopify Sites that you can take inspiration from to your online store. These Shopify Sites can provide you with unique insights into how to run your online store successfully. Shopify is a widely used E-Commerce platform to sell products. Shopify stores valuable data related to Sales and revenue. Companies need to analyze Shopify data to optimize the store products, increase Sales, run Marketing Campaigns.

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