Understanding Taboola Feeds: 4 Comprehensive Aspects

Abhinav Chola • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Since the past decade, getting your user’s attention is of utmost importance for Digital Marketing companies and they have been developing innovative solutions to engage users on various Digital Platforms. Taboola is one such Web Platform designed to create solutions for the online Content Market. Taboola is a popular proprietary internet Discovery Platform that tries to provide content to people on the internet automatically based on their interests instead of finding search results for them. The company provides targeted content and personalized Advertising and Marketing and makes recommendations on content that users might like. 

This approach, although sophisticated, usually loses out to Social Media Platforms like Facebook which can engage users for longer periods and thus are an ideal choice for content creators to promote their work. In fact, at a point, Facebook commanded 20% of the whole Digital Advertisement business! 

To counter that, companies like Taboola are now renovating their platforms using the Social Media design model to enhance the user experience and thus assemble more clients on their Website and Mobile Applications. Taboola Feeds is one such tool that has been working wonders for Taboola. It provides continuous scrolling feeds that bring a whole new search experience for advertisers and publishers. Users can now scroll endlessly after reading the article to find all kinds of information, including content, incoming videos, products, application downloads, etc. This has increased user engagement on Taboola and thus the demand for Taboola Feeds Ads is increasing exponentially.

This article will introduce you to Taboola and its game-changing innovation, Taboola Feeds. Also, the article will explain the various aspects of Taboola Feeds which are revolutionizing the Digital Marketing space. Furthermore, it will list down the pros and cons of Taboola Feeds. Read along to learn more about this exemplary tool!

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Introduction to Taboola

Taboola Logo
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Taboola is one of the most popular Cloud-based online Content Marketing Platforms used by publishers of all fields ranging from authors to large media corporations. Taboola is used by major web publishers such as USA Today, Mail Online, and Business Insiders to track reader acquisition and content sharing on popular websites. It acts as a solution that helps Business Development, Advertising Management, Event Management, Network Traffic Tracking, and Reader Behavior Analysis. 

Taboola helps increase brand awareness of companies by sharing their content with the right target audience on all online platforms. Furthermore, companies can use Social Media tools to generate content views and actively interact with their Social Media audiences. Readers who spend time on each piece of content can themselves help companies find and provide the content they want. Taboola uses a recommendation algorithm for this purpose.

Key Features of Taboola

The following features have made Taboola so popular in today’s market:

  • Taboola attracts your target audience and drives them to your websites with the help of engaging content material. The content material is positioned on diverse websites to interact with clients irrespective of their location or field of work. It follows a formalized method wherein the focus is on familiarising the readers with your brand. Taboola makes use of incredibly relatable content which fits the visitor’s hobbies for this process.
  • Taboola has converted the task of beginning and ending campaigns into a smooth experience. Also, it enables you to reach 100% transparency into the overall campaigning performance. Taboola additionally aids customers in coming across your logo from different platforms like Facebook.
  • Once the visitor’s interest has peaked, Taboola then retargets them to your website. From there, you can then endorse more of your content material to clients that resonate with their interests.
  • Taboola is widely recognized for its functionality to increase your brand throughout all platforms. With this, your company’s brand is capable of gaining a massive proportion of your target audience immediately.

To learn more about Taboola, visit here.

Introduction to Taboola Feeds

Taboola Feeds Image
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Taboola Feeds, a Taboola invention, recreates Social Media’s infinite scrolling feature and implements it to publisher websites on the open web. A familiar user experience helps publishers attract readers, reduce bounce rates, and improve their Content Marketing process. Taboola Feeds provides users with Cards that contain content relevant to the user’s taste and liking similar to the News Feed feature in apps like Facebook or Instagram,

Taboola Feeds essentially combines many of the widgets you already have on your website and links( especially of the publisher’s website) in a broader Social Media-like experience. In addition to links to other articles on your Facebook-like website and articles from other publications on the Taboola network, you will also see Cards for other services, For example, Weather, Videos, and Marketing Cards to purchase in the app-sponsored content, etc.

To learn more about Taboola Feeds, visit here.

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Major Aspects of Taboola Feeds

Consumers who view articles on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, especially on mobile devices, are less likely to visit any publisher’s website. Taboola Feeds uses instant articles, mainly to attract readers in the familiar Facebook-like dynamic environment. Taboola Feeds combines some of the widgets and links you already have on the website (especially the publishers) into a more comprehensive news source. 

Taboola Feeds with all its features can enhance your business in the following ways:

1) The Infinite Feed Experience

Image of Infinite Scrolling
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Taboola, which currently serves a billion monthly users worldwide, introduced this Feeds technology to imitate the consumer habits developed from Social Media. Taboola Feeds are of great value to consumers who are accustomed to the infinite scrolling experiences. 

The idea behind this is that every page on the Taboola Platform should display a wide range of engaging and personalized experiences in a single User Interface (UI) that consumers can stay on, scroll, and enjoy. Social Media Platforms have normalized the habit of continuous scrolling for the users. The Taboola Feeds is inspired by this trend and provides a similar experience to its user. This kind of fascinating experience which was earlier limited to Social Media only is now available to all the Marketing Teams who want to promote their content on Taboola.

2) Engaging User Interface

Taboola Feeds Cards
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The Taboola Feeds interface displays Cards with different content and formats. Moreover, the publishers have full control over these Cards and they decide in which of the following 2 categories the Card must belong:

  • Organic Cards: These Cards recycle their editorial content.
  • Sponsored Cards: These Cards are paid for by Marketers and provide sponsored content, video submissions, products, applications, etc, and change according to the Marketing Teams.

The purpose of these Cards is to encourage readers to spend more time on the publisher’s website and environment while enabling the publishers to provide content that may be of interest to the users in the future. Due to these Cards, Taboola Feeds Ads are hugely popular among the companies.

3) Taking Advantage of User Habits

Mobile Phone Addiction
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Most smartphone users seem to feel stressed or frustrated when they cannot use their phones, mainly because they have established a strong emotional bond with them. As they spend more and more time on their mobile phones, this strong emotional connection has developed and is now said to be as high as 2 hours and 51 minutes a day. Researches indicate that it makes you feel like an extension of yourselves because it is so personal. According to an analysis, consumers generally prefer to consume content on mobile phones, especially when it comes to personal topics, such as Health, Motivation, and Dating categories.

The Taboola Feeds just like Social Media Applications, take advantage of the bond between users and their mobile phones. Since an average user spends a considerable time on their Smartphones, Marketing Teams using Taboola Feeds can engage these users and increase their customer base exponentially.

4) Higher Visibility of your Content with Taboola Feeds

Taboola Feeds Ads
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Placing the Taboola Feeds directly below the article can increase its visibility and help users find new and interesting content. Also, this will prevent the users from leaving the platform only after reading a single article. A common factor that affects the visibility of the Taboola Feeds Ads is the use of the recommendation widget present above the Taboola Feeds. Through the organic recycling feature, Taboola Feeds can also recommend your content as Similar Items. These kinds of recommendations are part of how the Taboola Feeds algorithm works, so it enables you to promote more of your content as recommendations for the user.

Advantages of Taboola Feeds

Taboola Feeds have revolutionized the field of Content Marketing. Following are the main advantages of using Taboola Feeds for your content:

  • Increased User Engagement: Taboola Feeds has a purposefully designed infinite scroll feature that encourages visitors to stay and continue reading your site’s content and also get to explore the Taboola Feeds Ads. It enables you to scroll endlessly to quickly load naturally addictive content modules. Taboola tracks billions of clicks every month and can similarly track people’s content preferences. Taboola Feeds is a tool that enables publishers to turn their mobile website into a lightweight Facebook environment with a steady stream of personalized content.
  • Strong Network for Brands: As a mature platform for Native Advertising, Taboola provides a strong and stable network of publishers. The new Taboola Feeds interface will enable brands to send messages to their valued customers on desktop and mobile devices and participate in a secure brand environment. Taboola Feeds provides an integrated experience, which includes data for a global target audience, but also hosts high-quality editorial content and brand safety.
  • Better Promotion of Videos: Although publishers have traditionally been able to embed videos on the top, middle, or right side of the page, the Taboola Feeds provide a more sophisticated way by adding videos as a part of the continuous scrolling. With this users have a good opportunity to enjoy various videos and editors to create real-world content. It is also important to promote the mobile monetization of publishers. Therefore, Taboola Feeds provides a much-needed platform where people can watch videos regularly.

Limitations of Taboola Feeds

Although Taboola Feeds offers a great boost to your Marketing Campaigns, it also comes along with certain limitations which are as follows:

  • There are no comments, reactions, or likes feature in Taboola Feeds. Although infinite scrolling is a good experience, Taboola Feeds is more similar to traditional Native Advertising rather than a Social Media Platform. 
  • Taboola Feeds do not provide a free trial for the users. So, users are required to pay for a plan just by trusting the Taboola brand.
  • Taboola Feeds is only integrated with the publisher’s website, which means all you can do is customize the interaction with site visitors. Publishers who still feel exhausted by “walled gardens” such as Facebook may not want to switch to another closed platform like Taboola Feeds.
  • You have to always rely on Taboola’s support team because even for simple tasks such as creating tags, you need to contact your account manager before the tags will be passed on to you.


The article introduced you to the popular Taboola Feeds which is a Card-based system that enables Marketers to create a steady stream of content under articles published online. The article also explained the importance of Taboola Feeds in the current business context. Furthermore, it discussed the pros and cons associated with this Advertisement tool.

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Share your understanding of Taboola Feeds in the comments below!

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