Taboola HubSpot Integration: 3 Easy Steps

Shubhnoor Gill • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

The greatest Content Marketing tactics nowadays are all about growing your audience to generate revenue. This has a tonne of moving components, the most essential being the routes to reach the audience through Search and Social Media. In 2018, Taboola, a global pioneer in the field of fitting all these moving pieces, partnered together with HubSpot, a major CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support platform to turn on Content Discovery for 40,000 brands.

So, if you want to integrate HubSpot and Taboola data and wish to analyze this information to better understand your Marketing strategies, then all your queries are answered in this article. Adopting HubSpot for your Taboola is beneficial for performing Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. The best part of Taboola HubSpot Integration is that you get to cover all the Digital Marketing bases from CRM, Marketing, Sales, Campaigns to customer interactions and engagements.

This article introduces you to Taboola and HubSpot. It also discusses the key features of Taboola and HubSpot. You will also understand the importance of Taboola HubSpot Integration. In addition, you will learn how to set up Taboola HubSpot Integration. At the end of the article, you will explore some of the benefits of this Integration. So, read along to gain insights and understand the Taboola HubSpot Integration.

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To successfully set up Taboola HubSpot Integration, you need the following:

  • A Taboola Account.
  • A HubSpot Account.

Introduction to Taboola

Taboola Logo
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Taboola is a Content Discovery and Native Advertising platform that was founded in 2007. It is a self-branded internet “Discovery Platform” that aims to provide consumers with just the right online content based on their preferences. The company achieves targeted content, as well as customized Advertising and Marketing, by recommending other content that customers might enjoy.

Taboola’s rapid growth is due to its ability to strategically arrange Ads so that they are more likely to be clicked by the intended audience. Numerous notable sites, including Bloomberg, BBC, MSN, NBC News, The Weather Channel, and others, display Taboola’s recommendation feeds. Taboola processes enormous amounts of consumer data and determines where your Ad fits using a sophisticated recommendation stack. 

Key Features of Taboola

Taboola has many notable features, that make it so popular. Some of the key features are:

  • Taboola helps companies connect with the correct target audience and foster a stronger relationship with their customers.
  • Companies utilize this service to publicize content and minimize their dependence on Social Networks.
  • Using Taboola’s reporting capabilities, organizations can analyze the performance of their content in real-time across several digital channels.
  • A business may effectively target its Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) audiences, and execute different advertising campaigns for each.
  • To match readers with the type of content they enjoy, Taboola uses an advanced predictive engine that uses Deep Learning to process inputs from several different sources.

To explore more about Taboola, refer here.

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo
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HubSpot is a Marketing, Sales, and Service platform for the collection and analysis of all your Cloud development data, including Management, Contacts, Deals, Activities, etc. This is a one-stop-shop for Content Creation, Management, Social Media Sharing, CRM, Automation of Workflow, Mapping of Sales Funnels, and Performance Tracking. Many companies rely on HubSpot products because of their easy-to-use interface and cost affordability.

HubSpot Analytics was established in 2005 as a Cloud-driven platform for Customer Relation Management (CRM), which helps Businesses to coordinate their Sales and develop efficient Marketing plans. It also increases your company’s Return On Investment (ROI). The application also offers you ideal Marketing solutions and enables you to combine all digital marketing tactics and strategies on one platform, from Blogging to Social Media, to Email Marketing. In brief, HubSpot Analytics is intended to aid firms to effectively promote and sell their Products and Services.

Key Features of HubSpot

HubSpot has achieved a considerable Market share in a previous couple of years. HubSpot offers a lot of key features, some of these are:

  • Social Media Management: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook interfaces from HubSpot allow users to easily connect multiple accounts, and plan and schedule updates across different networks.
  • All-in-One Application: HubSpot brings marketing and sales into one platform to facilitate customer interactions. It also offers features like Sales Funnel Mapping, Tracking Performance, Workflow Automation, and more.
  • Free CRM: The free CRM of HubSpot helps small organizations to grow and flourish without expenditure. It offers features for Selling, Marketing, and Customer Support, as well as core CRM capability. HubSpot is able to save up to a million records and its users are indefinite.
  • Customer Segmentation: Users from HubSpot may split their clients by age, job, hobbies, population, or preferences. You may provide your consumers a personalized experience with Customer Segmentation depending on their preferences.
  • Automated Workflows: The Workflow Automation solution from HubSpot automates your Marketing, Sales, and Service processes, which will make your team more efficient. Setting enrollment criteria lets you register and take action on your contacts, enterprises, deals, quotes, and tickets automatically.

For further information on HubSpot, visit the official website here.

Significance of Taboola HubSpot Integration

The collaboration with Taboola with HubSpot provides direct access to the content discovery platform of Taboola to over 40,000 marketers. The Self-Service Business Unit of Taboola provides cost-effective and scalable solutions for Marketers that make them reach 1.4 Billion users worldwide outside the Search and Social sphere, making relevant recommendations to some of the world’s leading publishers with a high editorial value and brand security.

Marketers running campaigns will have full control through HubSpot, for example:

  • Target audiences that fit your products.
  • Manage budgets and A/B test designs using the Getty Images Taboola interface.
  • Analyze Real-time Marketing Performance Reports and generate High Conversions.

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Steps to Set Up Taboola HubSpot Integration

Taboola HubSpot Integration
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In this section, you will understand the detailed steps to set up Taboola HubSpot Integration. Follow the steps below to successfully set up this integration:

Step 1: Install Taboola HubSpot Integration Chrome Extension

Taboola provides a Google Chrome extension to connect HubSpot with Taboola. Follow the below steps to install Taboola HubSpot Integration:

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Taboola-Hubspot Integration as shown below. You can even visit this link to directly visit the site for this Integration.
Taboola-Hubspot Integration Chrome Extension
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  • Then log in to your Taboola and HubSpot accounts separately in another tab as shown below.
Login HubSpot
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Step 2: Set Up Taboola HubSpot Integration

After installing the Taboola HubSpot Integration Chrome Extension, follow the below steps to connect Taboola with HubSpot.

  • Click on the Taboola HubSpot Integration Chrome Extension and select Connect to Hubspot as shown below.
Connect to HubSpot
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  • Next, click on Connect with Taboola as shown below and give access to your Taboola account by clicking Accept.
Connect with Taboola
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  • Follow the above step for HubSpot, i.e. click Accept to give access to your HubSpot account.

Step 3: Create your Taboola Campaign

You can launch Taboola Campaigns directly from your HubSpot blog dashboard using the Taboola HubSpot integration. Follow the steps below to create a Taboola Campaign:

  • Go to your HubSpot Dashboard. Next, select the Launch Taboola Campaign button and follow the Taboola Campaign Wizard as shown below.
Launch Taboola Campaign
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  • Now, to start with Campaign details, enter your Target Landing Page and click Next.
Enter Campaign Details
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  • Next, you will be given options to select the Platform used by your Target Audience. So, enter the Country of your Target Audience and select the Platforms used by them as shown below.
Set up Geo Targeting
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  • Next, enter your Campaign Budget in the given field as shown below and click Start Campaign.
Set Campaign Budget
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Hurray!! You have successfully set up the Taboola Campaign with the Taboola HubSpot Integration.

Benefits of Taboola HubSpot Integration 

In this section, we will discuss some of the benefits of Taboola HubSpot Integration. Some of the benefits you can achieve using Taboola HubSpot Integration are:

  • Taboola HubSpot Integration enables you to reach your audience and engage a huge number of approximately 1 billion users across premium publishers.
  • With Taboola’s user behavior data and various creative formats, you can build a personalized Ad experience.
  • The Taboola HubSpot Integration enables you to run Campaigns straight from the Dashboard blog of your HubSpot. 
  • Taboola HubSpot Integration enables you to accomplish your Marketing Goals, such as Building Awareness, generating high-value Leads, and encouraging online action among your consumers.


In this article, you gained a basic understanding of the key features of Taboola and HubSpot. You also learned the significance and steps to set up Taboola HubSpot Integration. Moreover, you understood the various benefits of Taboola HubSpot Integration.

Thus, Taboola and HubSpot partners can now launch content marketing campaigns effortlessly via the Taboola HubSpot Integration. By means of this Integration, HubSpot users who write blog articles may establish and activate a Taboola Campaign directly from the HubSpot platform to reach a new and relevant audience.


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Tell us about your experience of setting up Taboola HubSpot Integration! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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