Understanding Taboola Publishers: 5 Comprehensive Aspects

Ofem Eteng • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Native Advertising is a way of pushing boundaries by companies and getting their brands more visible to a worldwide audience. Advertising is a useful way of keeping your company’s head and shoulders above competitors as users are constantly in the know about the strides you make, your new products, and updated services.

Every advertising is geared towards a specific goal, be it gaining new customers, driving traffic, expanding reach, advertising a new product, exposing users to an upcoming event, facilitating user experience, etc. Whatever your goal may be, you will have to be creative in putting out effective and catchy content and create avenues to measure how efficient your campaigns are to get the best performance from them and optimize each campaign for a high Return on Investment.

This article will expose you to Taboola Publishers. Taboola Publishers is a competent and visible tool that can be used in the creation of Native Advertising. It is used by major publishers to propagate their business by showcasing what they have on offer and how users can access them by simply clicking on the advert.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of Taboola Publishers. It will also provide you with steps to create a new campaign on Taboola Publishers and tips to manage and monitor your campaign. It will also provide you tips to create titles and thumbnails on Taboola Publishers and its pricing models.

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Introduction to Taboola

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Taboola is one of the world’s leading Content Discovery and Native Advertising platforms for Publishers and Advertisers. Its Grid Advertising usually comes in widgets known as Chum Box, a form of Online Advertising that uses a grid of thumbnails as captions to drive traffic to other sites and webpages using advert titles such as “Around the Web”, “Recommended For You”, and “Videos You May Like”  mostly found at the bottom, top, or side of online news articles. Taboola’s recommendation feeds can be seen on many leading sites like Bloomberg, BBC, MSN, NBC News, The Weather Channel, and many more.

The company was founded in 2007 and since then has grown in prominence among Advertisers as it encourages users to view more articles on the same website or drag traffic to other sites through referrals, thereby, increasing revenue. 

Taboola provides about 360 billion content recommendations to over 1 billion people across the web monthly as they work with more than 10,000 Premium Publishers and Brands, a large percentage of content curation technologies advertise with Taboola, and Taboola’s Native Ads reach about 44.5% of the world’s internet population making it a favorite and popular Native Adverts platform.

For more information on Taboola, visit here.

Introduction to Taboola Publishers

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Since its inception, Taboola has emerged as a go-to solution for sponsored content on websites by Advertisers, and to grasp a full understanding of how this straightforward process works, you will be introduced to Taboola Publishers and will be given a comprehensive overview of how Taboola Publishers function, how to sign up, create a campaign, manage a campaign, etc. in subsequent sections of this article.

Defining your goals and purpose of using Taboola Publishers before proceeding will help to get the best possible results from each of your campaigns, be it to Drive Traffic, Gain New Users, Increase Brand Awareness, Generate Leads, Increase Online Purchases, Newsletter Sign-Ups, etc. Doing this will ensure that your efforts are geared towards achieving your goals and getting optimal results from your campaigns.

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Working with Taboola Publishers

As has been stated earlier, Taboola Publishers is a leading Content Discovery platform through its association with many of the world’s top Publishers, and as such, its recommendations can be seen on many sites through widgets helping Advertisers to reach their audience.

It uses Massive Scaling, Unique Content Consumption Data, and world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create effective awareness of your brands and products with compelling Native Ads that will be found on 1000s of top websites and apps, increases engagements across a wide variety of ad formats, helps you in discovering new audiences by providing powerful insights and targeted options to reach them and gives you an avenue to see what is working as well as improve on what is not.

Taboola Publishers’ world-class AI technology is powered by Deep Learning that uses data about people’s preferences and information to recommend the right type of content to the right person at the right time. Its algorithm analyses each campaign content and extracts signals that will match it to people for which the campaign is best suited as they are more likely to engage and take action. Taboola Publishers’ algorithm learns about each audience based on their reading preferences, browsing history, devices used when browsing, time of the day they like browsing, browsing location, etc. to increase the accuracy of your performance to reach your preferred audience faster.

Signing Up with Taboola Publishers

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Taboola signup offers 2 options, the first is by contacting Taboola Publishers and the second is using the self-service signup through Taboola Publishers’ setup wizard.

Contacting Taboola Publishers: To signup using this method, you will have to send a note to www.taboola.com/contact. After completing the form, Taboola Publishers will get back to you within 1-2 business days with further instructions.

Self-service signup: This method of signup involves using Taboola Publishers’ wizard. You will first click on the signup page then carry out the following steps:

  • Fill in your details such as name, email, country, company size, etc. on the Account Details page then click on Next.
  • On the next page Create Campaign, fill in the name of your campaign and campaign items. The campaign name you type in should be a name that best describes your product, the platform you will use, and the country where you will run the campaign from while the campaign items refer to what you want users to see and click on that will direct them to a page, a blog, video page, etc. A URL should be added to these items and this is generated automatically by Taboola Publishers and you can add up to 10 items. When you are done, click on Next.
  • The final page is the Checkout page where your full Contact Details and Payment Details will be required.

Steps to Create a New Campaign on Taboola Publishers

A campaign can be defined as a group of campaign items focused on a particular target, and usually have the same budget. There are various campaign settings you have to take note of before setting up a campaign and they can also be adjusted at any time. A few are described below:

  • Name: This is where you put a name that accurately describes the content of your campaign for easy identification.
  • Branding Text: This is used to reflect the name of your website, product, service, or brand. It displays under your campaign item’s title and image and cannot be edited after completing your campaign setup.
  • Marketing Objective: This is the goal for your campaign to help you analyze if you are hitting your desired targets.
  • Start: This is used to select a start date in which your campaign will go live by selecting a date using From, otherwise, the default start time of as soon as the review will be used.
  • End: This is used to specify the end of a campaign by selecting a date from Until, otherwise, the default setting will be used.
  • Platform: This is used to target any combination of desktop, smartphones, and tablet traffic.

Other campaign settings include Campaign Scheduling, Location, Operating System, Block Publishers, CPC Bid, Spending Limit, Daily Ad Delivery, and others.  For further reading and a better understanding of all the campaign settings and descriptions, you can visit here.

To set up a new campaign, carry out the following steps:

  • Go to the Campaign Management page and click +New Campaign.
  • Enter the name you want your campaign to have on the Name field found on the New Campaign page as shown in the image below.
New Campaign image
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  • Add your campaign Branding Text. This is a visible text that will be placed under your campaign item’s title and images by Taboola Publishers.
  • Fill up the rest of your campaign settings.
  • Click on Continue after completion of your settings and click on Submit Campaign.
  • Add your campaign items to the Campaign Inventory page. The campaign items are then reviewed by Taboola Publishers before going live as shown in the image below.
Campaign Inventory Page image
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Manage Campaigns on Taboola Publishers

Taboola Publishers gives you the leverage to manage and take full control of your campaigns by seeing how well they perform and editing existing campaigns settings and items. All of this is done on the Campaign Management page.

The Campaign Management page displays the following which can be edited:

  • Campaign ID: This is the unique ID of the campaign.
  • Campaign: This is the name given to your campaign during setup.
  • Status: This is used to view the current status of your campaign and it has the following options: Pending, Running, Paused, Depleted, Depleted for Current Month, Pending Start Date, Rejected, Expired, Frozen, and Terminated.
  • Spending Model: This is used to see if your budget is set for a monthly recurrence known as Monthly Flight or a total budget spend is set known as Entire Campaign.
  • Spending Limit: This indicates the budget for your campaign, it is the amount you are willing to spend either monthly or for the entire campaign.
  • Daily Ad Delivery: This highlights how your campaign will spend its budget daily. It has Balanced and Strict options.
  • CPC: This shows the amount of money you are willing to pay whenever a user clicks on your campaign.
  • Start and End Dates: This shows the start and end dates of your campaign.
  • Spent: This gives you the amount your campaign has spent so far either monthly or the full spend depending on the spending model you chose.

You can quickly edit your campaign settings using inline controls as they are available for Spending Model, Spending  Limit, Daily Ad Delivery, CPC, and End Date fields or by using the campaign management page.

To edit campaign settings and items on the Campaign Management page, you can simply do the following:

  • Go to the Campaign Management page as shown in the image below.
Campaign Management page image
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  • Identify the campaign you will like to edit.
  • Click on the Pencil Button to edit the campaign settings.
  • Click on the Inventory Button to edit the campaign items.

For more information about the Campaign Management page, how to edit campaign settings or campaign items, and to get a broad view of the options found on the Campaign Management page, visit here.

Monitoring Campaigns and Optimizing Performance on Taboola Publishers

To monitor your campaigns and analyze how well they are performing, Taboola allows you to view your Campaign Reports and make adjustments where necessary to get a better understanding of what is happening and how to optimize your campaigns. To access your Campaign Reporting, go to the Campaign Summary page and you will be able to see your data at the campaign level for the last 7 days. Also, you can view the data by Time, Campaign, Site, Location, Platform, Campaign Item, and Day of the Week.  

For every report on Taboola Publishers, the following metrics can be indicated depending on if you check them: 

  • Spent
  • Viewable Impressions
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Viewable CTR
  • CTR
  • Actual CPC
  • Conversion rate
  • Conversions
  • CPA
  • Viewable CPM
  • CPM
  • Value

Visit here for more information on how to get the most out of Taboola Publishers’ Reporting and here for Optimizing Performance.

Tips to Create Titles and Thumbnails on Taboola Publishers

This section focuses on Taboola Publishers’ best practices for creating great titles and images for campaign items. A great Image Ad on Tabool Publishers’ thumbnail should be a file of maximum file size 2.5 MB, preferably JPEG or JMP, PNG, and WEBP with a preferred ratio of 16:9, or 4:3, and 1:1 of 1000px minimum width and 600px minimum height to serve on all placements on Taboola Publishers’ network. The recommended title character length is 50 characters or less and 30 characters for Branding Text.

For Branding Videos to achieve brand awareness, the media type should be MP4 or MOV, with 3rd party tag specifications of VAST 2.0, Vast 2.0 with VPAID 2.0 JS, VAST 3.0, a preferred aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3, 1:1, video size of 100MB, bitrate of >=2500 kbps, and a preferred video length of 6-30 seconds, with 3 minutes being the maximum.

For more important tips on Taboola Publishers images and video’s best practices, visit here.

Pricing Models in Taboola Publishers

Taboola has a Pricing Model and 3 Billing Basics. The Pricing Model is CPC (Cost per Click), or CPM (Cost per mill) while the Billing Basics include Automatic billing, Monthly invoice billing, and Prepayment billing.

CPC or CPM Pricing model is the bid you will be charged for every click or view on one of your ads respectively, you only pay when someone clicks on the ads in your campaign, and the higher your CPC, the more competitive your campaign items will be on the network because they will be shown more often thereby increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) which is an indication of how interested users are in your content.

Under Billing Basics, Automatic billing is used when you set a billing increment normally $100 which is the total amount your campaign can spend before payment is made again. Monthly Invoice Billing as the name implies involves being charged via invoice every month and Prepayment Billing is when payment is required before your campaign can run.


The purpose of advertising cannot be over-emphasized as it helps your organization to be out there creating a wider reach for your product and services. This article gave you a comprehensive analysis of Taboola Publishers. It showed you different aspects of Taboola Publishers and how you can effectively carry out a campaign to increase your visibility and get a good Return on Investment (ROI).

To achieve all of this, you have to constantly build a successful Native Advertising Campaign, spend time on creating quality content to attract visitors, adjust CPC controls by targeting specific audiences, as well as testing your campaigns to improve performance and this is where a platform like Hevo Data can be of immense value. Hevo Data will help simplify the Web Analysis using No-Code Data Pipeline. It allows you to integrate data from 100+ data sources (including Taboola and other 30+ free data sources) to any desired location in real-time.

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Share your experience of understanding the Taboola Publishers in the comments section below!

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