Taboola Trends: 4 Comprehensive Aspects

Vishal Agrawal • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Digital events provide a unique opportunity to engage directly with your target group and test your experimental ideas. Taboola is the leading platform for native Advertising and Discovery. It analyzes the ongoing content activities on its platform to understand which ideas are effective and which are not. Taboola Trends is a data tool developed by Taboola for Marketers that gives up-to-date developments to create successful Marketing Campaigns for their emblem in real-time.

This blog will introduce you to Taboola Trends and discuss its various benefits. It will also provide a detailed explanation of its features and the pros and cons of using this tool. Furthermore, the blog will list down the best practices that you should implement while using Taboola Trends. Read along to grasp the major aspects of this popular tool!

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Introduction to Taboola Trends

Taboola Trends Logo
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Taboola Trends is one of the world’s leading substance disclosure arrangements that associates clients with related videos, articles, and slideshows both outside the site. It can predict the visitors’ interests and offer sponsored content that may interest the reader. The contents offered by the system are engaging and fascinating, with joins found toward the finish of the page withdrawing in inscriptions. The system is utilized to expand site traffic and client base by captivating clients and to get familiar with the clients’ administrations and advertised items.

Taboola Trends has numerous characteristics which make it such a popular tool in today’s market. Following are some examples of its most important characteristics:

  • Retargeting
  • Predictive Engine
  • Always In Control
  • Revenue From Native Advertising
  • Maintains Editorial Control
  • Targeting
  • Monetizes Your Site
  • Reporting
  • Reaches Massive Audiences

To learn more about Taboola Trends, visit here.

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Key Benefits of Taboola Trends

The primary advantages of Taboola Trends are the expanded traffic it brings to clients’ sites, peruser retargeting highlights, a speedy and straightforward mission for the executives, and its ability to viably and rapidly extend brands. Here are some more subtleties: 

1) Increased Web Traffic

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Taboola Trends stands out enough to notice clients’ intended interest group and afterwards drives them to their sites by utilizing the engaging and fascinating substance. It follows a formalized methodology where the initial step is offering guests or perusers brand mindfulness. The framework utilizes a profoundly captivating substance that matches the guest’s advantages for this cycle. The substance is put on different sites to connect with clients paying little thought to where they are located.

2) Visitor Retargeting

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Visitor Retargeting is a form of Online Advertisement that helps you maintain your brand in the face of traffic leaving your Website. It is a method of reminding your audience who visited your Website but didn’t purchase anything, about your services and products.

In Taboola Trends, when the guest’s advantage has heightened, the framework retargets them outside and to the clients’ site. From that point, clients would then suggest a greater amount of their substance or different substances to clients that show interest in the administrations and items that they provide.

3) Campaign Management

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The Taboola Trends Framework has made the beginning and halting efforts for a Marketing Campaign extremely simple. It may be utilized to accomplish 100% straightforwardness in the presentation of the crusade and change its focus on alternatives depending on how good it’s right now doing. Taboola Trends also helps individuals find the clients’ image when they read about the administrations offered on news sources, and afterwards, it targets them again from different stages like Facebook.

4) Brand Expansion

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Taboola Trends is notable for its ability to spread familiarity with the clients’ image across each stage. With this, the organization’s image can acquire a significant portion of its Objective Market right away.

Analyzing Taboola Trends

You as a user must explore a software tool from all angles before putting it to use. Similarly, in the case of Taboola Trends, you must understand what are the major features that it has to offer and what are the advantages and drawbacks of using it. So, to analyze Taboola Trends it is necessary to understand the following 2 factors:

1) Features of Taboola Trends

Taboola Trends offers the following features which sets it apart from other tools available in the market:

  • Direct Access to Data: Taboola Trends regularly receives sizable quantities of data, and now the customers have direct access with the intention to share those insights as they trade. Moreover, Taboola Trends is observing approximately 75 million clicks across 50 billion impressions to bring you something specific.
  • Various Filters: Taboola Trends is a helpful record resource analyzing the image and keyword variables every week with the potential to filter by Country, Language, Vertical, and Platform.
  • Platform for Innovation: Taboola Trends aspire to become aware of the early ranges of behavioural traits. Although these insights are not a guarantee of forthcoming behaviour, it’s a perfect start line for everybody searching to test new innovative methods that can grow their click-through rate (CTRs) or decrease their cost per acquisition (CPAs).
  • Real-Time Studies: Now you can do the studies in actual time and it starts when you run your new Taboola Trends Marketing Campaign.
  • Regular Updates: The tool is updated weekly and presents data on image and keyword traits that may be filtered with the Marketing Campaign Category, Platform Kind, Language, and Country. Analysis at the web page is based totally on items that get at least 25 clicks and 25,000 impressions per week.

2) Pros and Cons of Taboola Trends

Every tool or technology has certain advantages and limitations. The pros and cons of Taboola Trends are as follows:

Pros of Taboola Trends

  • Layouts appropriate for mobile web adaptation. 
  • Audience targeting, division, and retargeting. 
  • The public can track conversion rates and traffic.
  • Thorough reporting.
  • Massive audience reach and accentuation on brand awareness.
  • Permits clients to channel and block content. 

Cons of Taboola Trends

  • Disorderly UI. 
  • No free trial.
  • Single instalment strategy.

Generating Content Ideas using Taboola Trends

Taboola Trends Dashboard Image
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You realize you need to publish consistent, high-quality content to develop and hold your audience. Yet, thinking of new, relevant content ideas can be extreme, mainly when you’re doing it on a week-by-week or even month-to-month basis.

The great news is that there’s a tool that can help!

Taboola Trends Analyzes 75 million ticks across 50 billion impressions every week so distributors and publicists can see which content missions drive the most engagement. 

Data can likewise be sifted by Country, Language, Stage, and Vertical so they can get to the bits of knowledge and best practices that are generally applicable to their crowds as shown in the below image.

Taboola Trends Region Selection Image
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Here’s a walkthrough of how you can utilize Taboola Trends to discover new, modified thoughts for your substance Subjects, Watchwords, and Titles. 

  • You can get new content topics. The “Subjects” tab on Taboola Trends takes you to a graph of moving story thoughts every week.
  • You can get trending Keywords and Phrases. 
  • You can get the best-performing Titles.

Best Practices for Working with Taboola Trends

This section will provide an overview of the creative practices that you can implement using Taboola Trends on your Marketing Campaign items. These high-quality practices include the following:

1) Best Practices for Thumbnails

Image of Improving your Thumbnail
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Taboola Trends utilizes an automated cropping option to tailor every image to custom-designed placement sizes throughout Taboola’s community. Therefore, using 16:9, 4:3, or 1:1 radiometric ratios for Panoramic Photography is a good practice. All locations require a minimum width of 1000 pixels, a minimum peak width of 600 pixels, and a maximum report size of 2.5MB.

Following are some guidelines to make sure your photograph is cropped efficiently:

  • Choose an Image with a clean, single factor of recognition and an exceedingly plain history. Avoid shooting multiple objects or busy backgrounds to avoid cutting out important elements in the photo.
  • Ensure that the image receives a reduction in a 4:3 thumbnail.
  • Avoid pictures that encompass brand logos or layers of text. These may not crop properly and come to be off-middle.
  • Ensure that the text is cut off in a 2:1 placement.

Pointers for Riding Higher Engagement out of your Thumbnail Snapshots

  • Use a photo where the concern of the picture is looking into the Digital Camera. This mimics the way we use eye contact to draw people’s attention to real lifestyles and results in an average increase in click-through rates of 40.2%.
  • If you are using your advert to promote a product, be sure to consist of that product within the photograph, as this will help to qualify shopping purposes. Other advertisers who use this strategy see a mean Conversion Rate boom of 11.3%

2) Best Practices for Titles

You can optimize your Titles by using the following practices in Taboola Trends:

  • The limits for individual subtitles in the Taboola community vary based on publisher settings and site size. For this reason, Taboola recommends running a Title of up to 50 characters. This will save your Title from being cut quickly, which reduces the likelihood that you will get accidental clicks from users who want to read the overall name or get blocked using publishers to the item to incomplete Titles acting in their feed.
  • It is additionally advised to front-load the main point of your Title, that manner, within the unlikely occasion that your best-practice Title is reduced off, your Target Market won’t be lacking essential statistics, consisting of the results of strolling a Title that exceeds the character limit of 50.
  • Another nice practice to ensure your identity gets top-of-the-line distribution on Taboola’s platform is to comply with all localized capitalization regulations for Titles inside the region in which your advert is running. This varies depending upon the language used for your region, so take note of your Target Market and what will resonate with the Target Audience there.

3) Best Practices for Higher Engagement from Ad Titles

Word Preference is your first and exceptional device for focusing on your audience. Not only does this assist in qualifying your publish-click experience and align the user along with your KPI, but it could honestly make your ad extra clickable for the humans you are trying to attain.

As you could see from the chart below representing an analysis of pinnacle-appearing creatives on Taboola’s platform, keywords that talk at once to products and services being offered like Credit Score Card, Smartwatch, or ‘listening to resource’ power better Conversion Rates, at the same time as Target Market qualifiers including Seniors or calling out the consumer’s area with Dynamic Keyword Insertion can drive higher CTRs.

Keyword Map
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The article gave a brief introduction to Taboola Trends and its benefits. Furthermore, it provided a detailed analysis of this tool with respect to its key features and the pros and cons associated with using Taboola Trends. Also, the article discussed the best practices that you should follow while working with this tool.

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Tell us about your experience with Taboola Trends. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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